Episode 377 | July 2, 2024

Living From Your Essence, Inner Wisdom, and True Abundance With Cru Von Holtzendorff-Fehling

A Personal Note From Orion

Hey there, stellar souls! I’m so excited to bring you another empowering episode of Stellar Life. Today, we’re diving deep into self-love, abundance, and understanding our children’s unique needs with the incredible Cru von Holtzendorff-Fehling.

Cru is a truly remarkable soul reader and healer who has been an inspiration to women worldwide. From a young age, she’s had the extraordinary gift of reading complex energy systems and seeing the best solutions for her client’s challenges. For over 20 years, Cru has been creating healing spaces filled with unconditional love and acceptance, whether through one-on-one sessions, private retreats around the world, or energy healing training.

Her down-to-earth approach and ability to uplift and transform lives have made a lasting impact globally. In this episode, Cru shares her invaluable insights on reconnecting with your true self, understanding the universe’s mirror system, and attracting abundance in all forms.

If you’re looking to embrace self-acceptance, self-love, and the belief that abundance is your birthright, you won’t want to miss this episode. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [03:13] – Orion has a warm, heartfelt chat with Cru von Holtzendorff-Fehling, exploring her life’s purpose and the journey that shaped her.
  • [14:12] – Cru opens up about her unique journey of self-discovery, deeply influenced by her mother’s spiritual practices and hands-on healing.
  • [18:32] – Cru shares her transformative experience with training that enabled her to access her 8th chakra, helping her receive information beyond personal biases.
  • [20:42] – Cru discusses the profound importance of connecting to one’s true essence, a connection that goes beyond personality and upbringing, encouraging us to reflect on our own paths.
  • [27:26] – Cru talks about the power of attracting abundance through internal experiences and self-acceptance.
  • [30:26] – Orion and Cru delve into the concept of attracting abundance by prioritizing self-love and self-care.
  • [37:20] – Orion asks Cru for advice on practicing self-love and maintaining a sense of security and connection despite life’s challenges.
  • [44:14] – Cru shares her top three tips for living a stellar and fulfilling life.

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About Today’s Show

Hi Cru. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Hi, thank you for having me.

Before diving in, can you share a little about yourself and your life purpose?

I work and live basically the same thing. I am me, and with this being me, I empower people to be what they’re really meant to be and maybe also be happier. My work revolves around understanding life and oneself more deeply. This is also who I am. I have always been on this journey, understanding life’s essence and how to create a beautiful life. It’s really me being me. It’s my work, and it’s me in privacy, too. 

We don’t have to search so far for purpose because purpose is just created through living, and it will automatically form.

I love to live life. I think the purpose of my life is actually to live. We don’t have to search so far for purpose because purpose is just created through living, and it will automatically form. We don’t have to chase that so hard. It’s like in the living that we find what truly brings our own inspiration into the world. The purpose of my life is to live to the fullest and be me in every possible way.

Nice. I know you had a different childhood, one in which you could see things others couldn’t. Can you share a bit about that?

I was born with an awakened mind—awakened consciousness, the best way to say it. I always had access to what was before and what will be. It’s almost like a simultaneous existence of three different states—present, future, and past. That unique experience allowed me to understand more than just five sensory experiences. I could see people’s aura, essences, and the being behind every wonderful soul. I could also see nature completely different from how most people see it. Honestly, I don’t even know if we all know what somebody else sees because we have never looked through somebody else’s eyes.

However, how I perceived what I saw differed from what others said. When you start talking about things other children would say that are not true, what you’re saying, or this is just a fantasy, or you wish it to be there, I realized fairly fast that there were very few people who saw what I saw, who experienced the world in such a multi-sensory dimension. That was a blessing and a curse at the same time. 

Being like that duckling that doesn’t fit can sometimes be very hard. But then also, it was such a blessing because I was never really held back by what people showed me. It’s as if people acted ugly towards me. I knew why they would do that because it was visible. I knew it had nothing to do with me, so I didn’t have to take that personally. That was in childhood, right? I had a very good sense of understanding group dynamics, which can create a lot of safety. 

Eight of ten children born today are entrepreneurs and no longer followers or workers. However, the problem is that the school system does not create entrepreneurs; it creates workers.

But then, on the other hand, if you are always the duckling that doesn’t fit, there’s a lot of insecurity in another way. It was always quite a ride to see. When people lied to me, I knew they were lying. You can see that in the aura. The aura changes completely when somebody lies. So, of course, if you are in this situation, somebody is lying to you, you know the truth. That’s so awkward.

From one misfit duckling to another—I felt like a misfit duckling many times. I feel like there is a sense of being different.

Yes. That is a part of being awakened. Awakened cells are just different. If you think that you’re the only sheep awake in the whole herd and everybody else is still sleeping, you’re different, and that will never change until the others wake up. But it doesn’t matter. Different is not worse. That’s what my mom always told me my whole childhood. Different does not mean worse. Different just means different, and it’s just as good as the masses, even though it’s just a small little thing. She later explained that it was very special and that I should use this gift and not think of it as a curse. Thank God for her; I never forgot. 

I think a lot of people are born with disabilities and with a more awakened consciousness and memory of past lives, and maybe even have a lot of knowledge about how the creation works. It’s just that they don’t have somebody to tell them that, “This is okay.” These are not just ideas they have; they can further develop those senses. A lot of children stop being that way at the age of seven because that’s when the cognitive brain starts to develop, but they just don’t have that person or maybe the surroundings that would support and help keep the soul. 

There’s a lot more like us right now in this world. It’s just that they’re still raised by people who don’t understand what that is, and so they cannot support this style of awakeness. This is a really big problem right now because we have a world that does not cater to these new generations. Like the school system, how kids are being raised, and how they’re being supervised, all of these things are still very old. These new children need completely different things. I’m telling you, eight of ten children born today are entrepreneurs and no longer followers or workers. However, the problem is that the school system does not create entrepreneurs; it creates workers.

As you know, my son was homeschooled for three years, and now, at school, he’s becoming more of a follower. I feel he’s more obedient, in a way, not to me but to his teachers. Every time they go out, they put all the kids against the wall. It’s like you’re a number within a class. Even though they preach a lot of individual attention, it still feels really strict. And at least for my little one, they see him, but they don’t see him-see him.

How could they if you don’t see yourself? It’s very hard to see someone else. I’m German, and we moved to the US later on. My children went to a Montessori school, and Montessori is from Europe. Then, I discovered that even in the Montessori school, teachers are still American and have a completely different upbringing. They don’t even handle that concept the way it is designed because they just can’t get out of whatever they were brought up within the Waldorf school. Leela went to Waldorf later, and I’m from Stuttgart. That’s the birthplace of Waldorf education. In many ways, they still do their American style teaching, even though they’re in a completely different concept—not the regular concept, like Waldorf and Montessori, which are very different from the others. 

When you go to a place like America, you will always get what this culture brings forth. And that is the same thing with parents. For example, when you give birth to children who are completely new, they need something completely different, but you don’t know how to answer that because nobody has ever taught you. So you will raise them in the way you were raised or how society may tell you how to raise children, and you will not answer to what this child really needs. And so we see this. 

We have a lot of ADHD diagnoses and then medication, but it’s not these children. There’s nothing wrong with them. They are actually amazing children. They have their senses so wide open that they feel everything. That makes them confused because they have third-eye chakras that are so expanded. So they have the perception that this is unrelatable to any person who doesn’t know how to perceive on that level. They get so much influence that it needs to be processed the whole time, at a time when you also have to learn how to live life. It’s a lot. 

And what else to do when you have so much energy? They come with an amount of energy that is unheard of because they have all these abilities, and they bring in so much awakening. There’s so much energy that needs to go somewhere. But the school system wants you to sit down and be nice and be quiet.

And be a robot, basically.Shut down your critical thinking. Answer the questions that we ask you to answer. Just be a little part of the system. You’re just a part of the system.” There is less individuality. What was your journey to finding, learning, and discovering yourself? How do you think one can find themselves?

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My journey was unique and not so easily replicable because of how I was brought up with my mother. That was very spiritual from the beginning. I had a carpal tunnel, and she is like, “What do you not want to do? Give it action. Because with hands you give action. So when your hand is not well, there is a deeper sense behind it.” Or when I had knee pain and couldn’t walk, she’s like, “Where do you not want to walk to?” So she was always very reflective with me, making me try to understand myself and understand the deeper meaning behind the things that I’m doing. I was very self-reflected early on. That has definitely been my past. 

Then, for a while, I wanted nothing to do with this serious business in the world. I went climbing and skiing, and that’s all I did for years. In the mountains, it’s quiet. There’s just me and the rock. It’s also quiet on skis. There’s just me and the snow. I love those two things because they gave me a break from feeling everything, from seeing everything all the time.

I started pursuing a career in the health system and immediately noticed that I couldn’t do it. I was so young, and I had no clue how to shut down these abilities or put a switch in so I could switch it on and off. So I ran away from that very fast and went into doing nothing but climbing and skiing. And then I got pregnant with my first son. Very surprisingly, I was about to be a mountain guide in Chamonix, which is in France. That was clear to me when I got pregnant, “I will not put myself in a risky place. Now, it’s time for me to be a mom.” And so I started already in my pregnancy to really work on understanding how I can live with these abilities within the community without always having to help and carry and do all these things.

The eighth chakra is the chakra of the universal law. So, when you’re at this level, you can perceive information that does not go through your filters, opinions, or ideas.

It’s almost like there is no boundary between you and other people there. Sometimes, even you’re like, “Oh, I just want to be there for everyone.” It’s overwhelming. It’s being so expanded all the time that there are no boundaries between who you are and other people’s psyche or even different dimensions.

Yes, the psyche. That’s just people. There’s a lot more than just people in the world. Then there are also all these thoughts. If I’m not in a very good place, then I can hear everything now. I know how to switch it off. But then, even when my boyfriend and I were fighting, and he was saying internally in his head things to me that were very hurtful, I could not distinguish any word. “Was that in his head, or was that spoken?” I cannot distinguish between those things because both things sound the same to me. 

I love people more than anything in this world, and I love my community. I’m half Turkish, so I ask, “Can we all pile on top of one another? I just love everybody together always.” But that was so hard for me. I have this deep love, but then I have this overwhelming experience with everybody and feel responsible the whole time. Lou, my son, now 21, brought me on a path where I started to train with these abilities. I also participated in different trainings all over the world, and all of them were really just designed for me to know how to turn it on and off.

What type of training have you done?

Well, one of the most important training I’ve ever done was the one where you reconnected to your 8th chakra. The 8th chakra is the chakra of the universal law. So from there, when you’re at this level, you can perceive information that does not go through your filters, opinions, ideas, or whatever you like. If I have you as a client and you come to me with questions, I might have an opinion about those questions, but that’s not important to you. 

What’s important for you is that I can see the answers you need to hear. And sometimes, when we have gone far enough, I think that all of us who work in this field can eventually distinguish between our own opinion and somebody else’s truth. But in the beginning, this helps a lot of chakras stay in a very truthful, authentic space during your consultation, the healing process, or whatever it is. 

I’d always know how to access this level, but I didn’t have the technique. So, in this training, I learned the technique, how to get there, and what that means actively, not just, “Oh, this is me, and I can do this. I can do everything that I’m doing today. I have already done this as a little child. I know now how it works. I know how my system works. I’m like a machine, like everybody else, but I’m a little machine with lots and lots of wheels.” And if you turn on one, then this one will turn another one or get more complex than just a few wheels. But so now, knowing that taught me how to shut it down. I can now walk through town and not see a thing if I don’t want to, which is wonderful.

Is there a shortcut, or does one need to go through very deep training to learn that?

You must find somebody who can connect you to that place. That is usually in training because, for instance, in my training with people, they learn their essence and how to bring it to fruition or manifestation in their lives. For some, this is a career, and for others, it is very personal. But every one of us has a deep essence that has nothing to do with how we were born and raised. 

Empower people to be what they really are and not what they learn to believe they are.

When you live from that essence, it’s very good when you have no intention, in your own opinion. So, I inaugurated the participants in the first block of this training. It’s not an inauguration, really. It’s more like a reconnection to their age chakra. But we prepare this for two days before they get into essence. And then they can work with this in a much cleaner way. There’s not so much intention. Yeah, I want to get results. We only want to get results when we’re having this personal experience. If we go to the eighth chakra, universal law, we have no intentions anymore. It’s very free, whatever it is, and even if we can only go 1 cm instead of 1 meter, which should be done, then there’s no push. There is just what is. So it’s very important. Maybe it’s good when there is something surrounding it. 

For example, training that helps you know what to do with an eight chakra gives you time to practice the switch between here and there and understand that. We do so many exercises for people to understand how to get there and how to get out of it again. You can be in your personal experience, too. Eventually, this will all meld together. But in the beginning, it’s still good to see what is me and what is everything.

Do you have your own training for people to do that?

Yes. That was always something I wanted to do: empower people to be what they are and not what they learn to believe they are because almost everybody grows up to believe that they’re not the amazing beings they are.

True. Then, we have glimpses of awakening and see our full expansion. We’re like, “Oh, my God, that’s amazing.” Then, we can drop down back to earth and deal with everything external, including life and everything that happens. 

Life’s like a big mirror – what you put out there is what comes back to you. So give yourself all that good stuff you’re hoping to get from others.

I feel like my journey is always in a place of expansion, but every once in a while, I go up and down and all around with the intention of being bigger and more expanded. There are some moments where life, external, and even other people’s energy fields can merge with mine and affect. And that journey of self-discovery is never-ending because we have infinite potential.

Yes, that is so true. There’s nothing more true than that.

Let’s talk about abundance. Did you grow up in an abundant house? Because you created a lot of abundance in your life. What was your childhood like? How did you attract abundance? What are some tips for others to attract more abundance into their lives?

Let’s start with mine. I grew up in a household where money was safety, so money was not spent for a pleasureful life. For instance, when we went skiing, the ticket was from 8.30 to 4.30. So we skied from 8.30 to 4.30, even if we were cold or didn’t want to anymore. It was very restricted. Even though there was money in the household, it was not spent. Sometimes, I always wore hand-me-downs and things like this because I didn’t have what everybody else had. Money was not spent in my household, even though money was there. It’s a very interesting concept of humans holding on.

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Yeah, some people love that.

For a later point, that never comes, really, because when is that later point? When you are ready to give up your safety. Because in their mind, this is all about safety. I’m coming also from Germany. Germans are very much like that. On top of that, where I grew up, they are even more famous in Germany for being like those savers. I had a lot of abundance in my life because of my experience. The buzzing of the bee or the red of the tomato in my mom’s garden are just simple little things, but they have so much wealth. I always recognized those things.

I was so 360 aware of everything. “That red of that tomato just vibrated so strongly, and it made me feel like the richest person.” The same thing happens when you see all the beauty in the world. At the same time, everybody talks about what is shitty all the time like that. I also saw the stuff that was not so pretty, but I saw so much beauty, and I could feel the love that is truly there in everyone, even though it’s not always projected and more kept, especially in Germany, where people are very reserved when it comes to emotional expression. 

Our birthright is to be abundant.

I felt very abundant. I always felt like my pockets were full, no matter how little I had. Sometimes, I did not even have a penny to buy myself breakfast. I was so happy because I felt like I always had everything that I needed. Those were the times when I was just climbing and skiing and didn’t want to work so much. Sometimes, I had no money left for breakfast. So then I had to work a little again before I had fun.

But it was not a problem in my life. I also remember times when it became a little stressful, but I always found a way.

That’s always been me. I knew that abundance is our birthright. That is something we really need to understand. Creation is manifested in abundance. Abundance means there’s everything in completion, that is, creation. So, of course, we are these abundant beings because we’re part of this creation. Our birthright is to be abundant. It’s just that we have forgotten that we don’t get raised with this sensation. 

I think a part of me was in this experience with myself that I always felt rich, even though sometimes I only left till here because I didn’t have fresh clothes that fit. Stuff like that never really influenced this feeling of me being abundant. I always felt like I was rich because of everything surrounding me, and everything is rich, and I was one with all of these things. So, of course, I must be rich, too, right? If everything is rich and I’m rich, not in the way of money, like rich in fullness. It’s there, it’s available. So, sometimes, the dissonance between what was reality in my household and what I experienced was very big.

You have always felt abundance, but that feeling doesn’t take you to the grocery store, buy you a home, or allow you to buy a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Love is infinite and always existing. It’s only when we start judging that we put up walls and make it feel absent.

Yes, that is what lets you do all those things. In the end, I always created circumstances in which, later in life, I had more power over what happened to me and how the money came in. I am always attracted to things that would give me this ability to be abundant. Also, in an outside lifestyle, go to the grocery store, whatever. Sometimes, I didn’t have enough money, but then money came again. 

I had never had trouble finding a job because it was so natural to me that I would have this if I needed it. This deep rooting in this abundant internal experience didn’t even give me the option that I couldn’t get a job that would pay me well, or I didn’t even have that in mind. For example, when I decided I wanted this job, I always had this job. If I decided to do something else, then there was that. I think that this is also the tip here. 

At the same time, if you just accept only abundance as your experience and that accepting is a path, of course. But if that path is walked and there is more and more of this, of course, I will have everything that I need. You will attract everything that you need because a projection of fullness is a reflection of fullness.

In the presence of acceptance, there’s always love.

Let’s go deeper. Talk about the path to connecting to such a deep sense of abundance that it manifests in the real world as cash.

Yes. This may be important because most people think what they do to others will bring wealth or abundance in every way. It’s not just cash, right? It’s also love, recognition, acceptance, and all sorts of things. They all belong to this abundant life.

Yes. I love how you frame it because whenever we talk about abundance, people think of just money. I just love what you said about the red color of the tomato, and I really appreciate every moment. I do feel that when I’m in such an expanded state, it’s almost like life is forming around me, and things like miracles just happen, things fall into places, and stuff happens that I didn’t even imagine in my most beautiful dreams.

That is exactly how it works.

My logical brain right now wants to go into the system of how.

So, how do we start with understanding how it works? The universe is always a mirror. And this mirror has no opinion—zero. Whatever you project is what you get reflected. If you project giving away a lot of things from you to others in order to get back, you will experience a world that will take from you the whole time, and it won’t give back to you. If I stand in front of a mirror and give things away, the mirror will reflect things going away from me. You will create a world in which we’ve heard this a million times, “She was such a good person. She gave everything she had to her family.” And then, in the end, “It was so tragic, and nobody was there for her.” 

Here's the thing: if you want the world to have your back, you've got to have your own back first. It's like being your own best friend. Share on X

If you are always there for others, the mirror sees how things go away from you, and this is what the mirror reflects. It doesn’t think, “Oh, she’s such a good person. I should give her all of this rich.” That’s not how it works. How it works is projection equals reflection. If I give myself appreciation and self-value, release myself from all performance thinking, and say, “I am perfect the way how I am, whether I function right now or I don’t,” those are the things that you start with. If you want an abundant lifestyle, this is the very, very beginning. “I have to give myself what I expect from others, or maybe I just give others but don’t include myself.” So before you do anything to anybody, you have to do it yourself. If you want the world to stand by you, you have to stand by you first.

If you want love, give more love to yourself and others. Right?

First, to yourself, not others. Others don’t matter in the mirror. Others don’t matter at all.

That’s so powerful. I was about to ask you about a friend of mine. She keeps attracting guys who are so cheap with her. She attracted a man who bought his ex-fiance a house, a car, and diamonds. He spent nothing on her. So, I guess this is just a mirror.

Yes, it’s a mirror. If she doesn’t spend time on herself, if she’s not good to herself, you attract people who do those things for you. The mirror is always true. It’s never what you do with others that matters. That’s how we are taught. We are taught if you’re a good person to someone, then the world will be good to you. But that’s not true. So many good people get treated nasty and attract nasty circumstances because the mirror has no opinion, and they don’t understand what they’re doing wrong. They don’t do anything wrong. 

Love is infinite and always existing. It’s only when we start judging that we put up walls and make it feel absent.

Let’s go deeper into this. We are now serving ourselves with the right things, not fulfilling needs, substance, porn, sex, or whatever. That’s not what I’m talking about, giving to yourself. Those are needs and fulfillment of needs that are always momentary only, and they will never create a lasting effect. You have to learn to distinguish between your needs and what is truly important for you to have. 

The main runners in what is truly important are self-recognition and self-acceptance, resulting in self-love. Because of these recognition and acceptance pieces, people often ask, “Yeah, but how can I love myself?” This is not so hard. If we just think of love, how does it work now that it overwhelms us? But when we understand, recognition and acceptance bring us into the space of love for ourselves. Because in the presence of acceptance, there’s always love. 

Love is infinite, always existing. And only judgment makes love feel like it’s absent. I don’t have to explain this to anybody. Humans are really good at judgment and self-judgment in the worst way. So, as soon as I have self-judgment, I can’t feel that love for myself anymore. What do I have to do? I have to eliminate the judgment part and start to accept. Accept everything as perfect and divine as it is. Even though I make mistakes? Yes, we make mistakes. That’s okay. That doesn’t make us any less valuable, even though we don’t have a Louis Vuitton suitcase. I have one from Ross. We are still equally worthy as people with more expensive things, more fame, or maybe even something to eat and not eat. 

The most important person that you need to win and convince of your own beauty, no matter what it looks like on the outside, is you.

We all have the same worth, and we can all feel that again, when we release ourselves from all this, we need to be something and understand that we’re already everything. Just because we don’t know how to perform doesn’t mean we’re not it. It’s like when the sun is behind clouds. It’s not that the sun isn’t there. The sun is there. It’s just we can’t see it. And so this is a tricky path, finding out, “Okay, what is it really?” But what always goes is recognition and acceptance of self. That is a very good self-nourishment.

I understand what you’re saying. People who wear designer clothes are the same as people who don’t wear designer clothes. We’re all naked underneath, right? So, this is spiritual thinking and evolved thinking. When one is in a mega super state, they feel abundant and just listen to you, and they feel amazing and yummy. Then let’s say a woman with hand-me-down clothes goes into a room where everybody else wears those super expensive clothes. How can you be so self-loving and secure within yourself that you can detach from this illusion of separation? And one is better than the other when you’re in a room like that? Because that’s not an easy task.

That’s not an easy task. That’s why we have to practice and practice and practice this task already when we’re not in this room. It’s like this. When I start practicing tennis, when I’m already on the match court, it’s a bit late. I have to practice tennis a lot before I can go to matches. It’s something that we should start practicing. Then, what somebody else thinks will become less and less important. 

Because the most important person that you need to win and convince of your own beauty, no matter what it looks like on the outside, is you. That’s the only person that you need to win. Everybody else does not matter. When you get that confidence throughout practice, you will walk into this room and be magnetizing. What everybody wants is not designer clothes. Everybody wants to feel that way, to feel so confident and radiant—being in tune with self. Nobody wants designer clothes. They just use those to cover something. Maybe they don’t feel radiant enough without this stuff, but that’s not what they really want. They want to feel safe and secure, like that person with the hand-me-downs.

You need to believe that you can do it because if you don’t, you get into this defeated state.

How does one get to a point where they feel so deeply rooted within themselves and so self-secure and connected, with self-love and radiance, that they can go? It’s very easy if you have the money to buy designers and stuff like that, and then you can go into a room wearing a little, like, a simple shirt. You often see billionaires wearing nothing that has anything designer on them because they’re so secure with their money. 

But when a person is on the other side, when they don’t have it, and then they go into an environment like that, what are some everyday exercises that they can do to get to that point that they don’t care? And, of course, when they get to that point where they don’t care, the abundance will happen regardless. But what in-between everyday exercise can one do to achieve that state of being so secure and anchored in self-love and acceptance?

The first and very important thing is that we understand that we are divine beings. No matter what it looks like on the outside, we are fully complete. Nothing is missing in us. Even though we may experience a lot of lack, in many ways, that is just an illusion. Understanding that that is all an illusion is the first step because we can ask the question. “Now I can tell myself all these things that I am really. And I have to continue to do that every single day. I have to catch myself in self-reflection.” 

Being truly honest with oneself is very helpful. Of course, that happens to me often in my practice, and people respond to it, but I know I’m not like that to myself. You drink ten cups of coffee every single day. That is one of the most destructive things to your energy system. So here we see already violence to itself. Or I eat at McDonald’s every day because I can’t afford anything else, like then you already kind of surrendered to a system. There are ways how you can do it. It’s much more effort.

But you also need to believe that you can actually do it. If you don’t believe you can do it, then you get into this defeated state and go to McDonald’s again. This is a “Maybe I shouldn’t name anybody but fast food or whatever. I can name McDonald’s.”

Believe that you deserve to be abundant.

Horrible, terrible food. It’s not even food. It’s just chemicals in a bun. I think, in Iceland, they banned McDonald’s or one of those chains. And in a museum, they have that bun for about a year or two.

I think that’s Amsterdam.

Maybe. I don’t remember where it was.

I don’t know, but I know about that. It is still sitting there.

So you said that the first self-practice is what you put in your body and how you treat your body. I guess the second one is how you treat your mind and the conversation in your mind.

Yes. Think of yourself as a space. If you think of, like, you want to make your house nice, you don’t shit in every corner of your house, right? You don’t want to live in a house that you shit in every corner. If you think of yourself as a space, as a house, that’s what you are. I can explain further why this is that we have as much space as we matter, but we don’t need to go in there too deep. What you need to understand is you are a space. And all these negative thoughts, “Oh, I’m so ugly,” or “My butt is way too big—”

I want it bigger, but I’m working on it now. When I used to train more, it was more like two cute little buns. I want to work on it. 

I want to be respectful of your time, and I would love to have you on the show again because we didn’t even get into the magic you do with Leela Quantum Tech and the quantum bloc, the infinity bloc, and all the energies that go into that. So, before we say goodbye for now, what are your three top tips for living a stellar life, and where can people find you?

Believing that you deserve it is the number one tip for living a stellar life. Really believe that no matter what it looks like, you deserve to be abundant and have a stellar life. 

Second, you should never take what you see for reality on the surface because things are so much deeper. Just because it looks one way does not mean it has to be that way. If we allow ourselves to see ourselves that way, we will also be able to see others that way. Many things will fall away again, although so much judgment will fall away, creating the presence of love. So it’s really not that big of a deal. Just stop all the judging, all the good and bad and moral stuff. And then there will be the presence of love. Love is always in universal law with everything. Let yourself be surprised by the infinite love in this world. If you open yourself and have hollow judgment to go away, then love will be present and bring forth the most beautiful things. So that’s number two. 

Number three is to be very aware of that mirror system—the projection and reflection. What you put out is what you will get reflected. It’s never somebody else’s foot. This is always something that you can choose to change inside of you. You don’t have to wait for someone else to change. If you don’t like what you see in your surroundings, then change yourself. Change the projection and find out what the projection is like praying. For instance, praying like, “I don’t have it. Please give it to me.” That is the very first projection of lack. What does the mirror do? It won’t give it to me. It will not be there because I already projected. 

You don’t have to wait for someone else to change. If you don’t like what you see in your surroundings, then change yourself.

But if I just meditate on the fact that I’m an abundant being and everything I need is within me right now, what is a projection of abundance and a reflection of abundance? So it’s very tricky to understand all the undercurrents and the things we’re saying because we’re praying for support. So we say, “I don’t have it—” lack. Or, “We are saving. I’m saving my money for later times.” I’m saying that in later times, I won’t have money—again, there’s a lack. 

The projection of lack never brings wealth. “I’m not there. I need to get better.” What you’re saying is you’re not good enough. You’re not saying, “I am better.” Like you’re saying, “I’m not good enough. I need to get better. Like I need to do whatever,” so this is a very tricky thing to understand, especially the way we think.

Where can people find you? Your companies, your personal website, and where can they find you and learn more about you? 

People can find me on Instagram at cruessence. The website is also cru-essence.com. Then we have leelaq.com. Leela Quantum Tech is very active on Telegram. We haven’t spoken so much about this now, but it’s still probably interesting for everybody. Just look into the website; there’s so much stuff and so many videos of my husband talking about the quantum realm. Maybe next time, we can look at it from a more spiritual side and go into the quantum realm. 

Yeah, I would love that. I love talking to you. You know that. And also, I really appreciate you here. I appreciate your light. I appreciate the love that you share with the world. And thank you so much for being here on the podcast and sharing your wisdom with us. 

And thank you, listeners. Remember to believe you deserve it, no matter what it looks like. Stop judgment and connect to love. What you put out there will be reflected in you. So reflect love and abundance and have a stellar life. This is Orion, till next time. 

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Take a moment to appreciate yourself every day. Try keeping a gratitude journal where you jot down your growth and the little victories you achieve.

{✓}Pay attention to how you nourish yourself. Mindful eating and habits can make a big difference. Listen to your body’s signals and honor what it needs.

{✓}Be mindful of your inner dialogue. When negative thoughts pop up, gently steer them toward positivity. It’s all about being aware of how you speak to yourself throughout the day.

{✓}Imagine yourself as a sacred space that deserves care and respect. Create a nurturing environment at home and at work that reflects this belief.

{✓}Try to let go of judging yourself and others. Replace criticism with curiosity and understanding. It’s amazing how much lighter life feels this way.

{✓}Remember to take care of yourself first. Make sure your own cup is full before you give it to others. When you feel abundant, you can give so much more.

{✓}Believe that abundance is your birthright. Trust that the universe will provide for your needs. Let go of scarcity mindsets and limiting beliefs.

{✓}Align your actions with the “mirror principle” – project what you want to receive. Understand that your outer world often reflects your inner state.

{✓}Look deeper into the essence of people. Seek to understand their stories and experiences. It’s a beautiful way to connect on a more profound level.

{✓}Explore the wisdom and quantum tech insights of Cru von Holtzendorff-Fehling by visiting her personal site at cru-essence.com. Dive into her unique offerings and see how her work can inspire you. Also, don’t miss out on checking leelaq.com to learn more about Leela Quantum Tech. It’s all about finding resources that resonate with you on your journey.

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