Episode 352 | January 9, 2024

Brilliant Soulful Science: Exploring Quantum Biology and Breakthrough Nutraceuticals with Ian Mitchell

A Personal Note From Orion

I’m thrilled to welcome you to my fascinating discussion on quantum biology and breakthrough nutraceuticals with wizard scientist, Ian Mitchell. As an inventor and polymath in multiple scientific disciplines, Ian pushes the boundaries of possibility. Together, we’ll explore hacking reality through science and spirit.

Ian holds multiple patents in nanomedicine, materials science, and biochemistry. He’s the founder of Wizard Sciences, scientific advisor to Satori Neuro, Polymath in Residence at Austin-based investment firm, Ecliptic Capital, Chief Scientific Advisor for Leela Quantum, and CSO at Redbud Brands. His breadth of expertise gives him rare, exciting, and integrative insights that he shares with us on Stellar Life.

This mind-expanding episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to explore consciousness expansion, quantum experiments, inventions for optimization, and key tenets for living more fully. Ian distills complex concepts into applicable wisdom. Tune in to level up your consciousness and abilities. Without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [02:49] – Orion welcomes Ian Mitchell, a multifaceted scientist and entrepreneur.
  • [03:35] – Ian discusses the importance of broadening one’s perspective and exploring new ideas to become more proficient in various domains.
  • [13:27] – Ian describes his biggest spiritual experience.
  • [17:03] – Ian reflects on his meditation journey, frustrated by others’ claims of enlightenment without a clear path.
  • [22:33] – Ian speaks about his belief in consciousness as the fundamental aspect of existence and experiences as manifestations of this consciousness.
  • [28:51] – Ian emphasizes the importance of kindness and love, suggesting that everything in the universe operates from the baseline frequency of love.
  • [31:31] – Ian talks about Wizard Sciences and his inventions, focusing on carbon 60 as a vibrational and quantum molecule.
  • [47:18] – Orion asks Ian for his top tips for living a stellar life.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Ian. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for being here. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have you on the show.

Hey, Orion. Thank you. I’m very happy to be here.

I’m looking forward to it.

What’s your best childhood memory or one of them?

That would be running through City Park in New Orleans with my dad while it’s raining, throwing a tennis ball back and forth, bouncing it off the concrete as we ran through the botanical gardens in City Park in New Orleans—the single best childhood memory.

Beautiful. How did you turn from that little boy chasing a ball in the rain to the magnificent scientist you are today?

Your imagination isn’t limited by anything; time isn’t a constraint.

It’s by being very, very curious. I owe a debt of gratitude to my parents, particularly my dad. Primarily, my mom was the driving part behind things, which is, in this day and age, probably equally, if not more important. My dad, just because he would do these mental exercises with me as a kid and ask questions that weren’t common, is truly, by the numbers, one of the sharpest guys in the world and a brilliant man.

He would always vex me with these really difficult questions. What he would do is if I couldn’t answer it, he’d say, “Well, look, will they solve this puzzle in 500 years?” If I’d say no, he’d go, “Okay, well, how about a thousand years? Will this be solved in a thousand years?” And I go, “Yeah, I’m sure.” He’d go, “Okay, well, if that’s the case, then project your mind forward a thousand years, see what they did, and bring it back.”


Yeah, it was a brilliantly insightful approach because your imagination isn’t limited by anything. Time isn’t a constraint, so temporality goes out the window, and you can do a lot more than you would normally do under the given constraints you find yourself in from day to day.

When you free yourself from the limits you place on yourself every day, you become capable of seeing things differently. The things that are standard, confining, and routine for most people go out the window. You just broaden the aperture a little bit; you open it up and can see more. I consistently do that over time.

One of the other critical things was my favorite show of all time: Connections with James Burke, who amazingly has a new one out as of 2023. But when I was a kid, he had this series made in the 80s. It was taking inventions that we have in modern times and following the trajectory of how they came to be.

Much like your question, how did I become the scientist I am? It wasn’t one definitive thing; a lot of little components additively moved me in that direction. Likewise, when you take anything that we have in modern society, if you look at its inception, it’s not generally one big event. There are lots of little pieces.

For the people who’ve seen Oppenheimer, that’s one name slapped on something that took thousands of people to put together. If you break down all of those individual components, that’s what is required to arrive at the point of having that particular thing.

Like anything else, a lot of times, life gets obfuscated by complexity. We have a tendency as people. In fact, neurally, the way we’re wired, we go through synaptic pruning so we can pare down reality to perceive things, when in fact, the reality is far more complex, layered, and beautiful than I think most people can see just because they’ve pared down what reality is to them.

When you look at a little kid or when babies are born, their brains are far more active. Neurally, their synapses are wide open. They’re making all the neuronal connections people don’t make when they’re older. Hence, everybody’s always keyed up about neuroplasticity. You want to have the brain of a little bitty kid so that you can learn more rapidly and do things. As you get older, the rapidity with which you can pick things up diminishes.

I think it’s 700x in the first year or something like that.

It’s pretty quick. If you can keep that going for your entire life, you can learn all things across all different domains and become insanely proficient at all of them. But I don’t think that’s something that’s commonly stressed. In modern society, as you age, the little kids are open, and then it slows down, and you pare down reality to see less and less and less.

One of the funny things is that it’s interesting if you’re ever around a kid who’s maybe less than two years old. When you walk up to them, if you look at them, they look at someone, and then they typically look above someone. They’ll look squarely above a person’s head. I’ve seen it so many times that I don’t even need to posit what it is, but I’ll just say hypothetically, my guess is they’re seeing more than we normally see.

When you take anything we have in modern society, it’s not generally one big event. There are lots of little pieces.

Our eyes can mechanistically see a lot more in terms of the visible spectra. For humans, typically, you see between 400-700 nanometers. That’s what we consider the visible spectrum. But the army did an experiment where they took chlorophyll derivative drops and put them in people’s eyes so they could see at night like a cat. So, you open up the infrared spectrum.

Another research group did a similar experiment on the other side of the spectrum, using retinol A derivative drops. They opened it up to see the ultraviolet side of the spectrum. You can almost triple the capacity you normally perceive and see from the energy and the light around things like an insect would see, trying to navigate towards flowers up to see in pitch black like a cat.

We have the physical components; we just don’t normally have all the compounds. If your consciousness elevates to a certain degree energetically, you’re flowing more than the average person would. You have enough energy to jump across the spark gap when that happens. Your perceptions shift, and you’re able to literally see more than most people are visually perceiving.

I think that’s why little kids have a tendency to look above people because you can pick up a whole lot of information just by looking above someone’s head if you can see it. Little kids can probably see it.

Do you have the ability to look at people and see them?

I do, actually. That’s speaking from personal experience. I tamp down that capacity because it’s distracting. When it started happening consistently, I looked, I’m sure, from the outside like a crazy person because I was constantly just looking at things and going, “Oh, my God, oh, my God.”

The one thing that’s the most interesting about it is when you’re in that state, you perceive beauty because you will never see a person or a creature that you don’t find literally radiant. It’s an awe-inspiring phenomenon because you can’t look at another living thing without being just in awe of how beautiful they are. It does change how you interact when you see that in your first perception of anyone or anything with life force. It’s just beauty. It changes how you want to interact with them.

What do you think are the best ways to open your consciousness? Obviously, meditations, but are there other things?

The beauty of meditation is that it’s a self-paced sport.

Sure. You can do the penny in the fuse box, and you can use drugs. I can say matter of factly because I’ve had the experience that there’s no experience you can elicit with drugs that you can’t have. I’d say you aren’t designed to have organically just by virtue of your own consciousness expanding. It’s one of my concerns with a lot of synthetic drugs, primarily.

Usually, the natural stuff isn’t so tricky. But synthetic drugs like LSD it’s like putting a penny in the fuse box. It allows you to see things already there, but you are not typically capable or ready to handle that much capacity. That’s, I think, why it fries people. Your circuitry isn’t built up enough.

The beauty of meditation is that it’s a self-paced sport. You get to build up over time, and where you have deficiencies and blockages, they get worked out, or you simply don’t develop the capacity. That’s far safer than if you artificially bypass the safety mechanisms, and suddenly you’re flowing a tremendous amount of energy, and you’re seeing all sorts of things, and you don’t have the capacity to regulate it. That’s dangerous, so I don’t typically recommend that thing.

Plant medicine is just that, medicine. This will probably seem strange for a scientist to say, but I’m pretty sure God’s not an idiot. He’s not going to give toddlers pistols. If you have access to those things, and they find their way into your field, as long as you’re using them safely and judiciously, it’s beneficial.

Anything can be done to excess and detrimentally; I certainly don’t advocate for anything. But a lot of times, there are things that people can find. Kambo is a great one, and that’s quite literally from venom. Bufo is another from venom. All those things, one from a frog and one from a toad have beneficial effects. One is a toxin, where that particular toxin has a whole host of bioactive peptides.

With reference to Kambo, from the frog venom, those peptides do all things: upregulate different components, downregulate different components, and purge a lot of parasitic load in your system. It’s really great. Bufo, the same thing. It’s 5-MeO-DMT. It has a lot of really pronounced psychological impact and can relieve trauma, the same thing with Psilocybin. It’s serotonergic. It does all beneficial things.

When you’re filled with love, you can affect change. Everything positive flows through you.

I’m a big fan of medicines and things like that, but not so much just drug use. I don’t see the benefit to methamphetamines other than making soldiers march faster and farther. It was a bad idea in the 40s; it’s still a bad idea now.

What was one of your biggest spiritual experiences? What happened, and how did it open you up? Or was it gradually that since you’re a child, you are having those because you can see auras and stuff?

No. Actually, I 100% did not see any of that stuff. It was funny because I was leaving my lab driving to Austin a couple of years ago. I was listening to a book by David Hawkins, and I was listening to the Audible, so the book on tape is effective for the older generation, or just Audible for the younger people.

I was listening to David Hawkins narrate his book, which is critical now that I, on the other side of the coin, understand what’s happening more than I did then. I was driving down the road listening to Power vs. Force. When I was somewhere outside of Dallas, my right arm involuntarily whipped up into this position, my thumb and forefinger clasped, and my hand pointing straight up like this. It suddenly felt like the top of my head was exploding, and then tears just started streaming down my face.

I thought I was having a stroke. I didn’t know what was going on because it was so bizarre to suddenly not be in control of my own appendages. My arm was doing its own thing. The top of my head felt like sparklers had gone off.

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While you were driving?

Yeah, while I was driving. I am cruising down I-35, and the whole top of my head goes off. I promptly pulled off of the roadway because it was intense. That was just the start of it. That happened once that day, and then it started happening once, then twice, three times, then four, then five, then six, then seven, and then it just became a persistent state. It was an interesting experience, but it was the single most profound component of opening me up.

What I didn’t realize at the time that I get now is Hawkins is brilliant. For anybody who hasn’t listened to Power vs. Force, I recommend getting the Audible, even if you have to subscribe to Audible and listen to it.

It’s better than reading the book. The reason for that is his whole book is about levels of consciousness. You don’t understand that you become coherent once you hit that threshold where your consciousness transitions across in his writing at 600. Your thoughts, your words, your vision—you express energy coherently.

I always say it’s the difference between being a lightbulb and a laser. You can have the same number of emissive photons. One will warm a hotdog, or you can do it entirely in a coherent fashion, and you can punch a hole through steel. Once you’ve crossed over that threshold, your voice becomes coherent. There’s a certain beauty to it that, normally, people don’t have.

Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

People are drawn to listen to that person speak. You want to be around it; it’s compelling. It’s enticing because you can feel the coherence. For me, it was very impactful that I was listening to him narrate his book because it was putting the chisel at the right spot on the stone and going, kink, and it just cracks things open a bit. I will be forever indebted for that.

I definitely have this experience listening to you. It’s so nice to listen to you.

Thank you. It’s paying it forward. I appreciate that. Part of that is that the other thing that transpires when you have those points is that there are inflection points in your life. Beyond that, I don’t think you can do much other than feel a profound love for everyone and everything you come into contact with. That comes across, too.

I have yet to walk into a room with people who are grumbly, angry, and not feel it. Likewise, I have yet to interact with my mom, where I don’t feel suddenly, completely amidst a loving vibe. It’s great. It’s like a warm hug and just a gentle caress. It makes you feel far better.

The same thing translates when you won’t meet anyone that you don’t genuinely love. That’s the funny part. Buddha said that, and I always thought it was profound. He said, “By the time you’re enlightened, you will never fully meet someone you don’t love.” I remember reading that and not really getting it. I’ll be damned if he wasn’t right. It’s one of those things.

There are quite a lot of those things that are really funny. I used to read a ton of stuff. I was a diehard meditator for about 28 years. I did TM, the base thing. I did it really, really intently and very intensely as well for the better part of three decades.

Some things used to frustrate me. One of these was people who had gotten to the other side of the stream and would say things like, “You must just know yourself to be enlightened.” It always used to frustrate me because I was like, “Look, that’s great and all, but if you could just give me a map. Do I need to climb a mountain and meditate in the snow? Do I need to be naked, meditating in the snow? Do I need to be naked, standing on one leg, meditating in the snow? Whatever it is, I’m going to do that thing if you could just tell me.”

They’re always like, “No, it’s not about that. You have to just know yourself to be in that state.” As much as it annoys me, they were right. There’s a very specific moment, and those moments are locked in time.

The moment where your consciousness sublimates is a fixed point in the journey of your consciousness.

Like the moment where your consciousness sublimates, it’s a fixed point in the journey of your consciousness. It is no different than being born or dying. Certain things are just fixed points. It’s a little easier for me because I’m a jazz musician by training. I’ve got a whole stack of saxophones over here sitting in my office.

One interesting thing about jazz is that you have a very defined structure, and then you noodle around and move through that, and you try to do it artfully. Whatever your personal expression is, you try to do it well within the confines of that structure and give people the meaning of what you’re feeling when you do that. If you do it artfully, it’s really beautiful.

Knowing what I know now, life is very similar. You have the start of the song and the end of the song. There are fixed points, and then you have a few chord changes or interesting things. Your consciousness jumping is one of those. There’s a definitive inflection point, and it’s as important as those other points. It’s actually more important than being born or dying. Those things are irrelevant and transitory, but your consciousness is where it’s at.

Right. I had moments of coherence in my life, but they were only moments. I don’t stay there. I would love just to be there forever, but I feel like life, for me, is like a roller coaster. It’s up and down and all around. I am climbing up steadily, but you’re moving one step forward, two steps backward. I want to be there, but I don’t know where there is, and there is no there.

I think you’re right that there is no ‘there.’ Once your consciousness stabilizes in a space like that, it’s not like life stops. You’re still in the midst of everything. Your vantage point is a little different. It’s like a personality. The biggest shift there is you see where all of the different components of your personality came from.

I can interact with someone and realize, “Oh, this was from my friend Wyatt in seventh grade. This is where I picked up this attribute of how to interact with this person. Or this is from my friend John in high school, and he would deal with people like this.” It’s no longer just on autopilot. You can look at the lens through which the light moves and see where the different components come together.

You can look at the lens through which the light moves and see where the different components come together.

As a person, you’re this big amalgam of all of the interactions that you’ve had with other people. That defines, for you, who Orion is and how you interact. The shift there is, it’s still like that. You’re still moving through the world. You still have to interact with people but are not so much attached to the persona. You realize, like, “I’m Ian, I’m a scientist, I have a persona, I deal with people like this.” So you continue to do that.

For me, there were some profound changes. I hadn’t had any meat for 28 years. I started having to eat meat again, which was different. I wasn’t terribly thrilled with it, but it was a necessity, so I just shifted over and did it. Oddly enough, I did that all in one day. I had had none for 28 years, and then, one day, I started doing it again.

Wow. Do you feel like it lowered your consciousness, or you’re the same?

No. Definitely, it lowered my physical. It’s more like my physical manifestation. It slows it down, and that’s why I had to do it. You’re not just digesting the meat; you’re digesting the energetics behind the meat.

People might grumble if you said, “Well, you’re digesting something’s being or its soul.” But I think I could make a case across any religious or scientific domain in saying, well, you’re actually digesting the energetics behind the tangible physical expression of those energetic forms. You can pretty much back that up with physics.

Certain things vibrate more rapidly, while certain things vibrate more slowly. Meat, like in Ayurvedic cooking or something like that, would be very Tamasic and very slow. Fruits and vegetables are very Sattvic and fast, and your average stuff is just Rajasic, middle of the road.

If your vibe is high and quick, and you want to slow down your meat suit, you eat meat. I’m sure you’ve seen people like this, people who are diehard vegetarians, fruitarians, breatharians, or whatever they’re doing to try and make themselves more refined. Very often, they become uber-spacey. You can’t depend on them to get a damn thing done because they’re just love and light, which is great. That’s terrific, and I get that that’s part of the process, but it’s hard to focus on love and light, actually getting things done, being a valuable person in society, and moving the culture a little bit.

Our lives reflect an amalgam of all our past, present, and future interactions with others.

It’s like trying to jump a train if the train is going a hundred miles an hour; it’s far easier to do if you’re moving. If you just try to jump on, it’s going a hundred miles an hour, and you’re standing still, it will have really untoward consequences. Bad, not good. You have to pace up or slow down to interact with what you’re trying to interact with.

What’s your life’s mission?

Honestly, it’s pretty clear when I’m literally just here to try and help move humanity forward. That’s my sole purpose. I usually do it through technological or spiritual things, helping people individually or technologically on a larger scale and moving things forward.

The unfortunate part of that is I’m not so much tied to things. I get concerned when I see humanity going the way it’s going right now. I think we’re not doing such a great job. That being said, it may need a reset. One of the strange things is to be something like a member of society and a happy part of humanity. Look at it and go, “Yeah, if we don’t get this right, and we don’t hone things down a little bit and become more equitable with the rest of humanity, it will go away, and there will be another reset.”

It’s unfortunate, but at least I won’t be alone in my chair at the end of the world. It sounds like I’m being the harbinger of doom, and I’m not trying to, but by the same token, there’s a necessity to be a realist and to state pretty plainly.

Certain things vibrate more rapidly, while certain things vibrate more slowly.

My mission is contingent upon people being here to help them and what I’d like to do to that end. If people go away because we’ve done such a really poor job of being kind to one another, it won’t do much for me to try to help. It won’t do much for people trying to move themselves forward.

My particular take on much of this is that we try to figure out what consciousness is and how we manifest consciousness. That’s backward. My particular perspective now is very different than it used to be. We’re conscious, and everything around us is just a manifestation of our consciousness trying to expand.

In that process, we go through all these different things, one of which is trying to relate to other people and grow in that capacity. If we do it well, it’s a great setup. We can learn a lot, do everything, and progress rapidly here. If we don’t do it so well, then things may go back to a  much smaller stage. I worry that that’s how we’re tending right now.

Right. The world can look scary if you look at the reality of the world, but where do we get that reality? It’s usually from the news. Even in the back channels, even on YouTube. It’s whatever the algorithm is putting in front of you. It’s easy to think, “Oh, this planet needs a reset.” But for every doom and gloom story and traumatic news report, ten acts of kindness are not being reported on. There are good people out there.

I completely agree with that.

There are good things that happen, and there are habitats that were gone that are coming back to life, and animals are coming back to those habitats. I heard Hiroshima and Nagasaki now; the nature is insanely amazing and beautiful there. Earth has the capacity to heal completely.

Some days, I wake up, and I’m like, “What the freak is this reality? This sucks. I don’t like how people hate each other. I don’t like wars. I don’t like it. It’s terrible, it’s awful.” And yet, I hear stories of kindness. I see communities coming together. Our true nature is love when we’re past the fear.

That’s true.

I think we’re not doing such a great job with humanity; it may need a reset.

If the world is like a big yin-yang, and we see the darkness expanding, the light expands just as much. Maybe this is just a big expansion of that planetary consciousness.

Perhaps so. I don’t know that I know. 

What I know is that I don’t know what I don’t know.

I always tell people that life is a beautifully self-paced game. As long as you move through with kindness, it doesn’t matter if the people next to you are blowing things up. You can’t control their particular thing. If you’re a 12th grader and you’re working on calculus, you’re not going to get angry at the 2nd graders who are working on basic arithmetic. That’s what they’re supposed to learn.

The idea that you can be upset with someone who doesn’t grasp kindness is silly. There’s no reason to be upset with them. You can try to propagate the wave that will make it easier for them to understand.

There’s a principle in science that we use a lot. When you’re trying to synthesize something, people have seen this called crystal seeding. You use a crystal to help synthesize other crystals. The very first time you synthesize something, it’s very difficult. The second time, much easier. The third time is much simpler. Once it’s routine that other people around the world have synthesized it, it becomes just a very simple process.

The reason for that is the field, if you will, that connects everything has that pattern on record. It’s something that exists. Once something exists and is tangible and manifest, it’s much easier for other things to pick up that vibration.

Likewise, if kindness exists within yourself, the best thing to do to make it recognizable to others everywhere is to just become a big beacon of it. Just pump out as much love, light, and energy as possible. Don’t worry about the things that are going on so much. Just focus on them.

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I want to see the kid come back from the back and win the game. I’m rooting for the home team like, “Come on, pull it together, come from the back.” There’s such a capacity for love. I, too, think that’s inherently what everybody is—at your very core, that’s what you are.

I would say that everything in this manifest universe is operating from the baseline frequency of love, so if you have enough love, you can pretty much do anything—no real governors on that. It’s like having a bank account that’s entirely flush. If you are filled with a ton of love, there doesn’t need to be any check valve. Everything flows through you.

I bet everything you created is out of that state of love for humanity and the need to help them. You could share a bit about Wizard Sciences and your inventions.

Wizard Sciences is my baby. I make a lot of different serums. The crux of most things we’ve developed to date is centered around Carbon 60, an allotropic form of carbon. You have one element, in this case, carbon, and you have multiple forms. There’s graphite, graphene, fullerenes, and diamonds. There are different forms of the same basic element.

In this case, it’s a truncated icosahedron, a soccer ball made of carbon atoms. You’ve got 20 little hexagons and 12 pentagons all clustered together to create a soccer ball out of carbon atoms. It does amazing things inside the body. If you bind it to a lipid, you can get it to move through your cell membranes. Once it does that, it delocalizes from the lipid, moves to your mitochondrial membranes, and acts as an oxidative buffer.

This is just the standard scientific stuff. It’s an antioxidant; it’s the strongest antioxidant. That’s great. Does it do those things? Yeah, it does. That’s not the crux of how it’s working, but it does do all those things.

As long as you move through with kindness, it doesn’t matter if the people next to you are blowing things up.

A lot of times, in science, we see things where we register what the physical attribute of something is because that’s the level that we’re moving from. In reality, all things are energetic before they’re tangible and physical.

If you look at how the carbon interacts, it actually has more of an interaction on a subtle level than a physical level. You can see what’s happening as an after-effect and then register the biochemistry behind it, but it’s not the impetus for that thing. First, you have some sort of vibrational expression, and then you have an energetic expression, which becomes tangible.

Carbon 60, the reason I focus on it is because it operates at the vibratory level, and it’s the largest tangible molecule that you can see that exhibits quantum and macroscopic behavior. It’s the transition state between things that are quantum, tangible, and manifest. I’m able to get a lot of effects out of that. I combine it with different things. Nicotinamide mononucleotide is for energetics, so it’s NAD precursors and things like that. But even with all of those things, I’m just trying to help.

The Olympic serum is one of the products. It has all these great benefits for people who are doing athletics, but, at its core, it’s super good for inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. If you don’t have those, like the Captain America sauce, it allows you to do all things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do.

The same thing with Neural Rx is another product, and it’s specifically for people with Alzheimer’s. That’s what it was developed for. But if you don’t have some mass cognitive deficit, it’s a phenomenal nootropic. When I tested the evoked neural potential with and without it, there was such a remarkably profound difference. Your brain has so much more energy when you’re on it than when you’re off it that it’s a night-and-day disparity.

Does it have a long-term effect, where your brain keeps expanding the more you take the supplement?

It’s not the more you take the supplement. You have the energy the more you take the supplement, but the long-term effect only kicks in if you push your brain while you’re taking the supplement. It’s like working out or taking healthy things. You can take a supplement that gives you more energy. But if you don’t try to change your physiology so that you’re more efficient, personally, it will not change your baseline.

Carbon 60 operates at the vibratory level, and it’s the largest tangible molecule that exhibits quantum and macroscopic behavior.

The beauty of taking Neural is that you start to have this massive shift in neurogenesis about the third or fourth week in. Your brain starts pumping out lots of new neurons. It outpaces BDNF and NGF1, your endogenous compounds that would trigger neurogenesis.

Are there any side effects or supplements you can’t take with it?

You don’t want to do anything like photobiomodulation with blue light. You don’t want to get your blood exposed to blue light. Other than that, not really.

I just have this cosmetic blue light machine that my husband decided to purchase because there are really good salespeople at the conference. We never used it.

As long as you’re doing it on the outside, you’re fine, but you don’t want to pull your blood. If you’re doing some ozone therapy or something like that, and you’re pulling your blood and then pumping it through light to detoxify it or catch viruses, that’s where you can have issues.

Externally, it’s fine.

Yeah, externally, you’re fine.

Maybe one day I’ll use that device.

Actually, blue light’s great for that. It kills all sorts of things. Red light is healing and beneficial, but blue light is great if you’re trying to wipe out bacteria, viruses, or something like that. It works like a champ.

Wow. What other things do you have there on Wizard Sciences? You said something for the brain, something for athletic people, and one for Alzheimer’s. What else?

We’ve got a new product called MitoCure, which is Urolithin A mixed with Methylene blue and PQQ, which is pyrroloquinoline quinone. The idea here is I wanted something that would act as a contrast agent. for people.

Urolithin A triggers mitophagy. It goes in and has your body purge the mitochondria that are not functioning well, but the methylene blue component is there. Methylene blue is great, but I try not to use a ton of it because it has some other complicated features that it elicits physiologically.

When you graduate to a new level of consciousness, it becomes difficult to be unkind to others.

In small doses, it’s great because it’s a contrast agent. It bumps up the mitochondria’s output. But if the mitochondria aren’t functioning well, your body can recognize the dip in some versus others. It highlights the ones that aren’t working well, then the urolithin cleaves them, and then the PQQ is there because it upregulates mitochondrial biogenesis. It promotes your body to make new mitochondria.

I joke that it’s like an oil change for your mitochondria. You go in, take the bad ones out and replace them. There are so many things that are mitochondrially mediated in health that if you can address that, you’ll make an impact.

I have said it a billion times. It’s that Henry David Thoreau thing. For every thousand hacking at the branches of evil, there’s one hacking at the root. You want to be the guy hacking at the root. Find what the issue is and address it.

There are a lot of diseases that, if you fix the mitochondria, the diseases go away. There are a ton of autoimmune conditions that, if you can fix, you’re fine. I’m sure that will become more and more common thought as time progresses.

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the reach of Big Pharma. But yeah, why not? We said that the light is expanding, so yes.

There are a lot of scientists beating the drum. The beauty of expanding and contracting is sometimes you’re expanding; sometimes you’re contracting. I’m a big fan of expansion, but I also realized that contraction is a necessary component, too. When the accordion gets closed, I don’t get upset because for it to make music, it has to move both ways.

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Beautiful metaphor.

I have my preference, but I’m not going to be terribly upset with things if they don’t go the way I hope they will.

Can kids take the supplements, and should they?

All of mine do. I would definitively say yes, especially if they have ADHD or something like that. That’s actually for the neural serum. It’s so beneficial.

A lot of times, part of the issue there is just baseline energetics, neurally. If kids don’t have enough capacity, they tend to become anxious, overwhelmed, distracted, and unable to focus. Handling just the energetics allows them to be in a much better space.

Beautiful. Do you have anything for gut health?

No, I don’t, actually. There are a couple of companies that I think do really great things. Microbiome Labs is really good. They have a lot of things, some of which I take like MegaGuard. If you’re going to eat wheat and have some gluten, take MegaGuard; it’s great stuff. There are plenty of guys out there doing that. At some point, I might do something for the gut, but right now, I don’t have anything.

I’m sure you will.

I’d like to, actually. I’d like a much larger offering to people, where they can find things they can’t find elsewhere that will move the needle for them.

The beauty of expanding and contracting is sometimes you’re expanding; sometimes you’re contracting. Contraction is a necessary component.

It feels like it will complete your series because everything you touched on is necessary, but I know that the brain and the gut have such a direct connection, and we have so many neurons. Sometimes when you heal your gut, you heal your brain.

I may do something with Irish sea moss.

I heard of it.

It’s phenomenal. For one of my kids, I make sure that they take Irish sea moss all the time because they had gut issues historically, which eliminates gut issues. It’s fantastic.

How old are your kids?

That would be 26, 24, 20, and 18.

Wow, you look pretty very young. Very accomplished.

Thank you. I appreciate that. I lucked out in the kid department. I have awesome kids. They’re all very kind and very hilarious.

I can see where they got it. I think they got it from you, and you got it from your parents.

I would like to think that that had something to do with it because they’re hilarious. My favorite part about them is that they are absolutely hysterical. They leave me just laughing so hard I can barely catch my breath.

That’s so cool. That’s wonderful. Before starting our discussion, you said you love talking about quantum biology. Maybe you can expand on that.

Yeah. Quantum biology is my favorite topic these days because science is finally starting to catch up so that we can demonstrably show that things are connected and have an impact at a distance, nonlocality. We’ve done a lot of experiments for a company that I’m the chief science advisor for called Leela Quantum. I know you know the guys over there.

I know them personally, and I love them. They’re great. We have two infinity blocks. They’re amazing. Cru and Philipp were on the show.

I’ve worked with them for quite a few years. The thing that I like is we’ve been rigorous on the science with everything. I’ve done double-blinded experiments, and they’re pretty fantastic.

One of the experiments we did on the quantum front to show that things were non-local was taking cells and plating four different Petri dishes. I had a professor plate four different Petri dishes, fill them with cells, grow them to confluence, cut them, and then see how quickly the wounds recover after taking a picture of just two of them and sending it to the guys at Leela. They will treat the pictures but don’t know which cells are which. The professor doesn’t know which cells are which. The shift in the speed of healing is ridiculous.

Sometimes, people need a certain message. You can be harsh, but you can do it from a loving state.

The same thing with just cell cultures. We did the same thing with 96 wall plates, where you fill literally millions of cells out, and then you run them through a luminometer to see the output of ATP. You’re looking at the energy generation of the cells. We did the same thing, and it was a double-blinded experiment. The cellular output jumped 29% in the cells that had been treated.

It’s such a profound hockey stick shift that the other cells do stochastic, random distribution. The cells that were treated quantumly at a distance of 700 miles away jumped between 20% and 29% in their energy output instantly.

When you said treated quantumly, do you mean were put in the infinity or quantum blocks?

No, actually, it was the quantum upgrade program. I sent the pictures, and they use the quantum upgrade—really pronounced effect. It’s funny because, again, that tells you in a very demonstrable way with solid scientific validation that everything is connected.

Not only is everything connected, it’s nonlocal. You can have an effect from hundreds of miles away. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the other side of the universe. You have an effect on something. Normally, people would say, “Well, you can only have that thing if things are entangled.” I would say that if the concept of a Big Bang is even remotely viable, then there’s a high probability that everything in the entire universe is entangled. It’s only people’s perception that makes them think that it isn’t.

That’s for the positive. Do you think if people think negative thoughts of you on the other side of the world, it can affect you?

I do think that it’s just a waveform. Yeah, I think you can. The beauty of that particular program is that I jokingly said this once when Philipp and I were being interviewed. I was going to do the quantum voodoo thing, the quantum coconut, where you put the names of the people you want to smite in it a lot. I think I called it the quantum hex or something like that. That’s impossible because it’s actually gated off, so you can’t do those negative things.

That’s not to say that you couldn’t do that. It’s just that the quantum upgrade in the Leela blocks is all set up so that you can’t. Can that be done? Yeah, absolutely. Just as much as you can be nice to someone, you can be unkind and kind. It’s up to you.

That gets back to the idea that people are going to be people. The closer you get to graduation of your own consciousness, the harder it would be to be unkind to somebody. It literally wouldn’t make sense, like, “Why would you do that thing?” It would seem strange.

Sometimes, being unkind to somebody is what they need for their elevation, so sometimes you need to be unkind.

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My dad did enforcement work for a while, amongst other things. He was a professor in all sorts of stuff. Again, a truly brilliant guy. I remember him telling me when I was a kid to always be genteel. Even if you’re throwing someone against the side of a squad car, be genteel. I agree sometimes people need a certain message, but I disagree that it should still be kind. You can be harsh, but you can do it from a loving state.

My intention matters.

Yeah, absolutely. It’s like somebody stabbed me. Right, but it was a hypodermic needle, and we were trying to give you a vaccine that was going to save your life. Right, but you still stabbed me. Yeah, the intent obviously matters. You can perceive it in a couple of different ways. If you get fixated on something, you might not realize that there’s a lot better intent behind it.

Right. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

Be kind, eat well, and meditate. Those are the three.

I love it. Short and sweet. Where can people find out more about your technology, more about the products for Wizard Sciences, more about you, contact you?

You can go to wizardsciences.com. You can reach out via support at wizardsciences.com, or you can just ping me on Instagram. It’s @ianmitchell1. It’s nice because people are actually doing this. A lot of people are doing this.

I feel like I have a reasonably specific skill set that allows me to help people biologically with problems and things they may not be able to solve otherwise. If you’re in that situation, reach out. I’ll help. It takes me a while because there’s a litany of people who reach out, but I definitely will get back to every single person and have and will continue to do so to help. Again, truly, it’s not hyperbolic. I’m literally here to help.

Thank you, Ian. You are amazing. Thank you for being here.

I’m happy to be here.

Thank you, listeners. Remember, be kind, eat well, meditate, and have a stellar life. This is Orion till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Be kind to everyone. Practicing kindness boosts overall well-being, reduces stress and fosters a sense of fulfillment.

{✓}Eat healthy, natural foods. Healthy eating habits contribute to your long-term health, prevent chronic diseases, and promote longevity.

{✓}Meditate regularly. Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress. It relaxes your body and calms your mind, which can lead to improved mental clarity and emotional stability.

{✓}Question assumptions and think about the long-term. Develop critical thinking, cultivate a deeper understanding of situations, and avoid making decisions based on faulty or outdated beliefs.

{✓}Identify and address the root causes of your issues to effectively problem-solve. Solutions that target root causes often have far-reaching positive outcomes.

{✓}Help humanity progress. Every positive contribution, no matter how small, contributes to the collective advancement of humanity and builds a better future for generations to come.

{✓}Focus on expanding your consciousness. This involves a continuous journey of self-awareness, which develops empathy, connection, and a sense of unity with others.

{✓}Radiate love and light. Uplift others and create a positive environment for others. This can have a profound impact on relationships, communities, and the overall social fabric.

{✓}Utilize plant medicines with a mindful and responsible approach to their therapeutic properties. Ensure you use these medicines for healing purposes.

{✓}Go to Ian Mitchell’s website, wizardsciences.com, to discover the technology, products, and services offered by Wizard Sciences.

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