Episode 254 | July 6, 2021

Messages from Above with Sheila Gillette and THEO

A Personal Note From Orion

You have angels waiting to assist you, all you need to do is to call upon them. In this journey of spiritual awakening, the hardest step will always be letting go of resistance. But once you do, you’ll find your psychic abilities empowering. 

Sheila Gillette joins me on today’s episode as she shares her journey of becoming the direct voice channel for 12 archangels known as THEO. I’ve also had the opportunity to ask THEO questions about angels, humanity’s origins, and the 5th dimension.  

By being the voice channel of THEO, Sheila has helped countless people awaken their psychic abilities and answer their questions. Be open as she tells us how we can improve our psychic abilities and as THEO shares how changing our perspective can turn us from victims to a growing people.

She’s the author of The 5th Dimension: Channels to a New Reality and co-author of The Soul Truth: A Guide to Inner Peace. Tune in to today’s episode if you want to know her story and how you can let go of your self-doubt.


In this Episode

  • [01:18] – Orion introduces Sheila Gillette, the direct voice channel for a collective of 12 archangels known as THEO. She’s also the author of The 5th Dimension – Channels to a New Reality and the co-author of The Soul Truth – A Guide to Inner peace. 
  • [06:29] – Sheila shares her family’s reactions in the early years of her psychic journey. 
  • [13:05] – Orion asks Sheila about the first time she encountered THEO. 
  • [19:22]  – Sheila shares how people can be more open and prepared to receive psychic energy and messages.
  • [24:07] – Orion shares how empowered she feels when she uses her psychic ability to coach people. 
  • [30:22] – How working together as a collaborative species can bring forth a greater world during this time of change which is referred to as The Fifth Dimension by THEO—a time of greater awakening and awareness. 
  • [35:31] – Orion askes THEO about the origin of humanity.
  • [41:15] – THEO explains the Soul Integration Process which is a program they have created that releases the limiting beliefs that make a person doubt themselves.
  • [47:57] – Orion asks THEO how she can give her son the best upbringing as a mom. 
  • [52:25] – Visit Sheila and THEO’s website at askTHEO.com to learn from and know more about THEO and the gift they share with the world. 

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About Today’s Show

The Fifth Dimension by Sheila Gillette

Hey, Sheila. Welcome to Stellar Life podcast. It’s truly an honor having you here. Thank you so much for being here.

S: It’s my pleasure, Orion, to be with you and with your listeners. 

Before we begin, can you share a little bit about your mission and passion in life, and how did you find it?

S: Well, I found it through having a near-death experience in 1969, which was a catalyst for me opening up to be a direct voice medium for angelic beings known as THEO. I’ve been doing this work for five decades since 1969. It became my passion to share the wisdom and the teachings of THEO to all who have ears to hear in this time of a tremendous consciousness shift that’s happening for our human species.

Wow. Did you have any specific spiritual beliefs that led you to that, or did it happen just like that, all of a sudden, you became a channel?

S: During my near-death experience, I had a miraculous healing. That opened me up because I was in intensive care saying, “Hey, God, give me a job, I’ll do anything.” What occurred then after I got better, my family was being prepared for my imminent death. I had a pulmonary embolism. I could not breathe, my lungs were non-functional. It was after the birth of one of my children. I felt as if I had an elephant sitting on my chest. I couldn’t take a deep breath, but I knew if I closed my eyes, I would never open them again. 

I just stayed there and kept saying, “I want to stay and be the mother to my children and just give me a job.” Six months after I got out of the hospital, the doctors were amazed. I had Jesus standing at the end of my bed in intensive care, and I heard him say to me in my inner mind in a very distinct male voice, Remember my child, you are loved.” At that point, I felt this warmth surge through my body. As it went through the trunk of my body, I felt as if I could take a deep breath. 

It’s as vivid to me right now talking about it as when it happened, and I started getting better. Like I said, I was in the hospital for a month. Then six months after I was released, I started having all kinds of psychic things happening to me—internally, externally. 

What kind of psychic things?

I had phenomenal experiences.

S: Well, I had phenomenal experiences. I could hear the information being given to me just like I heard Jesus’ voice in my inner mind, not externally as we hear each other. Then I could do automatic writing, which I got messages from. I had my bed levitate in the middle of the night. 

Really? Wow. 

S: I had things that were off-putting and a little scary, but I always had confidence that this was part of the job I asked for. Then I trance spontaneously and began being a direct voice to the term that now everybody uses a direct voice channel for the group called THEO.

What was the reaction of your kids, your family, your husband when all this happened?

S: My children’s father, we were really young and it frightened him. To having his wife almost die in a brand new baby, and then have all of this psychic stuff started happening, it was frightening for him. 

My children were really small. All they pretty much know about me is this is what I do for a living. They’ve grown up with it. My two oldest, they were so small or young. They’ve never said really, other than this is something I’ve done all their lives. And then, of course, my youngest daughter was the one that was born when I had my near-death experience. My two daughters worked in our company with us.

Are they psychic as well? 

S: Yes, they’re very intuitive. You see, Orion, I believe everybody is. I think we may call it by different names, or we may be afraid of it. But we all are connected intuitively, and it just blossoms within us when we can let go of our resistance to it.

I believe we're all psychic, and we're all connected to our intuition. We all receive information by the way we learn. Share on X

You’ve been very true to yourself and very honest with your request and your conversation with God willing to take on this, which is not an easy task. It’s so difficult. There are so many naysayers. There is so much judgment (I’m sure) that is coming from the outside world. How was your journey of dealing with all that and literally exposing yourself as a medium, which is not an easy thing to do?

S: Well, now it’s much easier than when I started. If you can imagine 50 years ago talking about this, it wasn’t even openly discussed as it is today, and there were very few books. There were books. Edgar Cayce was the most famous medium at that time and had a book, but people didn’t talk about this. If they did, it was in hushed conversations because people were fearful of it. The word psyche conjured up gypsies and mediums, the people that talk with the dead, cult, and people were frightened of it. 

It wasn’t something I would go into as a party or social situation and say, “well, guess what I can do,” because people were afraid to discuss it. Over the years, I’ve watched these waves of spiritual awakening happening where people are having their own experiences and wanting to know more about them. It’s more acceptable today than it was back then. 

I was tested for my psychic ability by scientists, physicists that were researching metaphysics and parapsychology. That was really a wonderful experience for me because what it did was validate my abilities, but more importantly, to say you’re not crazy, you’re psychic. 

It validated my abilities to say I’m not crazy, I’m a psychic.

Nice. Can you give me an example of that? 

S: I worked with these doctors who have been testing psychics in different ways. We did telepathy testing, remote viewing, which replaced the ESP, extrasensory perceptivity. They did these kinds of tests about psychokinesis touching and knowing something about them. But they had done many tests and what it basically said is people are psychic. I am a psychic, but others as well. 

The greatest thing was that I gave personal sessions to them individually, and that was more affirming for them than anything because they heard things about themselves and about their future that I couldn’t possibly have known. It was given to them that validated them and me. That was pretty exciting. Over the years, I was given information I couldn’t know that then was later on confirmed and affirmed.

I got information about the Watergate situation of President Nixon two years before it was made public. Things like that kept happening, so I trusted implicitly. Now to your question about the commitment to God that has kept me going when things got a little shaky. There are moments in time—with any work that anybody does—that you go, oh, I don’t know if I want to do this anymore. But I’ve made that commitment, and that kept me focused on it. 

No matter what was happening, I knew what my experience of it was. For example, I had several interviews on TV and on radio, in which the naysayers who used to say and skeptical people would, “Well, how do you know that and why do you know that?” I said, “I’m not here to convince you. I’m just here to share my experience and my experience I know is true. What you think of it really is none of my business.”

Unless somebody has similar experiences, they can’t relate to it. Unless they have an experience with THEO that is validated, they can’t relate to it. I just stayed the course with sharing the information and sharing my experience of it. It’s just grown with people interested in hearing the guidance and the information, and then also working in our mentoring programs and so forth to expand their own awareness and their own gifts.

When was the first time you encountered THEO and you knew, “Oh, this is THEO, this is what they are, and this is their name”?

They came into my body and it was a very intense high-energy thing.

S: Actually, I had a first spokesman by the name of Orlos, and that was two years before THEO came in. Orlos, very soft-spoken and kept saying, we’re here to prepare your body for higher teachers because they come into my body and it’s a very intense high-energy thing. 

I was doing a small group session and Orlos said, “The higher teachers are here, it’s time for us to leave.” Then THEO came in and they were very loud, very computer-esque sounding. They’ve softened over the years working with me to more soft dialogue, but they came in and they said, “We are 12 archangels here for the shift of consciousness for humanity. We will be known collectively by the name THEO.” They said, “We will not identify singularly because the message is what is important, not the messenger.” 

They told me to look up the name in the dictionary, which I did. It said the beginning or God is THEO. I’ve got to tell you, Orion, I guess I’m a slow learner. For several years, I thought, why when they come in they always say, “This is the beginning, is it not?”

This is what my question was. I asked Stephan, I was like, why do they always say that? 

S: Because it’s the definition of THEO. This is the beginning, is it not? That was the first definition, the beginning or God. It was about five years, Orion, and finally, I went, oh my gosh, they are introducing themselves. But I (like you) went, why don’t they just say it’s THEO? Until I realized that’s what they were doing.

When I see you in your mentoring program with my husband, it’s wonderful. When you are you, you’re very elegant and soft-spoken. The moment you channel THEO or allow them to (as you say) take over your body, it changes. It’s harder, it’s more masculine, it’s like you’re somebody else.

I’ve had visions, prophetic dreams, and different things have happened as I’ve welcomed the angels and let go of resistance.

S: That was what was frightening for my children’s father when it all happened because my whole demeanor changes because it’s a different energy. As you probably notice, of course, it sounds more masculine and there is an accent. It’s interesting, I asked, “Where is the accent from?” They said that it’s not a particular place that they come through the vibrational frequencies of sound of all of our speaking and so forth. 

It’s a combination of the vibrational frequency of all languages when they speak through me. It does have a different kind of accent. It’s less pronounced today than it was originally because they’ve softened and blended more with my energy because we’ve been doing this for several decades, so we’ve become very comfortable with each other.

If you look several decades ago, did you have to go through some kind of a spiritual boot camp in order to be able to receive this super high frequency in your body? Did he give you headaches or did you have any side effects?

S: There has been an up-leveling of vibrational frequencies throughout the years. I can’t specifically remember any headaches. What did happen when they came in, you know how when you hit your elbow and you have that tingling nerve energy that goes through your body, it’s a different kind of pain, it’s just uncomfortable? I had that happening in my shoulders, my neck, and my head for the first probably 4–5 days whenever they would come in. I thought to myself, if this continues, I’m not going to do it because it was so uncomfortable. 

It’s like when you’re listening to the old AM radio.

They said it won’t last and that was just an adjustment on the cellular structure of my body to meet with their energy. In the beginning, there were those feelings, and then over time, there have been adjustments. It’s like when you’re listening to the radio if you’re listening to terrestrial radio, not cable radio, but terrestrial, which is the old AM radio. If you’re not right on the station, you get static. You can’t hear it as well, and so that’s what they liken what was happening to my body was in the alignment of the frequencies and the vibration so that there could be a match to communicate. 

Sheila, you said that everyone can be a psychic. Now you also talked about frequency and preparing the vessel to receive this light, this energy, this frequency. What can one do to be more open to that frequency and condition their hearts, minds, bodies to receive that?

S: To the statement you just made, I believe we’re all psychic, we’re all connected to our intuition. We may call it something else. We all receive information by the way we learn. If we’re auditory learners, that’s how you take in information, you will hear messages. If you’re a visual person, you learn best visually, then you’ll get dreams, pictures, and visions. But we all have the capability to receive in different ways. 

First of all, we’re sentient beings. Our bodies are our best receivers because we have all those sensory things going on. The first thing we learn is how to discern if we’re safe in our environment. The basic fright, flight, freeze, or fear thing happens immediately in the sense of feeling in our body and knowing if we’re safe or not. That’s very defined over years of time because that’s our first sensory perceptor. Then we develop other things. 

Some people say, well, I just knew it. They call it a gut feeling. Well, that’s a psychic experience. Where is that coming from? It’s coming from all your senses. I’m an auditory learner, so I started getting the messages as I heard Jesus in intensive care speak to me. Auditorily, but it’s like hearing your own thoughts. 

I started getting the messages as I heard Jesus, while in intensive care, speak to me.

I heard him because I heard a distinct male voice, not my own female voice in my head. Then it developed into these other things, these other preceptors that we have. I’ve had visions, I’ve had prophetic dreams, I’ve had different things that have happened as I made it a welcome in my experience, as I let go of resistance.

That’s the hardest—letting go of resistance. I’m taking the course with you. Yesterday, we had an exercise where we just closed our eyes and tried to—we worked in pairs, and we needed to listen in and see what we got about the other person. I got words that did not make sense at all. Then when I spoke with her, actually, it did make sense, which helped me trust my psychic ability a little bit more. You said that it’s like going to the gym. The more you do it, the better you get at it.

S: That’s true. Anything that you practice and you use consistently, you naturally would get better at it. I speak of it as your psychic muscle. You said going to the gym, if you go to the gym regularly, you will get fit and strong. Well, that’s what you do with your psychic muscle, the more you use it, it gets stronger and more available. The more confirmed you are in your knowing, the more you trust it. Then you do it again and again and the more trust you build, then it just becomes your normal.

I use my psychic ability every day. I play with it too. It’s really fun. For example, you’re at the market and you’re waiting in line, of course, with COVID, we couldn’t do that, but now things are opening up. You can do that, you can go to the market. You just stand there and you hear people having a conversation. I would think to myself, what’s the next word that person’s going to say in this conversation? 

I just tested myself and I was able to do that. I just made it fun. It makes it magical when you start using your abilities and experimenting with them. As you know from yesterday when we experimented in class with each other, it’s empowering, isn’t it, to think, “gosh, I really did that.”

I use my psychic ability every day.

Yes, it was empowering. It was super empowering. I also noticed that even though I had many psychic experiences in my life and I coach—when I coach people, even though I learned so many methodologies, what I believe is it’s like nothing in comparison to the universal Google and all the information I can get from there. Every time I coach someone, I feel like I’m trying to push. It’s pushing versus allowing.

I just stop, and it just allows the information to come through me. I will say the right thing, even if it doesn’t make sense to me, and it will help that person. I have that, and also lately, I noticed that I have so much resistance. It’s almost like an inner conflict. On one hand, I really want it; on the other hand, I’m really scared of it.

S: That’s the human condition. What is there to be afraid of other than if you think you’re going to see something that’s uncomfortable?

I’m afraid of dead people. I’m afraid of ghosts. I’m afraid of dark entities. I come from a Jewish background and I studied some Kabbalah, and in Kabbalah, there is the belief of light and dark entities. Maybe I watch too many Hollywood movies. 

S: Many of us have.

That is the fear of encountering something that I cannot handle, or that it’s going to hurt me or my family.

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S: That’s giving our power away when we do that. THEO has taught me from the very beginning that nothing can do anything to you that is not allowed. It’s all in a belief area. You may have energy that comes around you that makes you uncomfortable, but it won’t harm you. You have the power to say no, you’re not allowed here. Spirit abides by that because you’re a divine being having a human experience and that we tend to think that we aren’t that powerful, but your soul is much larger than your physical body. 

Of course, on Earth, there are two polarities, the positive and negative energies. That doesn’t mean light, dark, good, bad, it’s just energy. Everything’s got energy. There have been people who have misused their power in trying to control others by telling them that some dark force is going to take them over. Movies have been great—horror movies and all of those things. 

I hate horror movies. I never come close to horror movies. Every once in a while, it just seems like all the new TV shows, even kids’ TV shows are becoming just darker and darker. Even if you watch Harry Potter. The first movie is all sunshine and rainbows, and then as they grow, it becomes darker and darker and darker, darkest, dark, dark, dark. It’s that way. Even if you watch TV and you watch some kids’ shows, it becomes really, really dark. I think it affects our subconscious mind.

S: It does, except if we can talk. Speak to our children or talk amongst ourselves because typically in stories like Harry Potter, there’s a message underlying all of that stuff about positive thinking and negative thinking. Good versus evil things. It’s all about growing us emotionally to know that emotions are just on a spectrum like a rainbow. In the different hues of color in a rainbow, as you look at it, it goes from light to darker, not the colors, but in the color itself. There are different gradients. 

Everything’s got energy.

In emotions, we have the same thing, but most of us are trying to avoid feeling uncomfortable. We take the good stuff for granted (most of the time), and the bad stuff we keep trying to push away or what we call bad. It’s not really bad, it’s just an emotional experience. But because we’re uncomfortable with it, we think it’s bad. Some of the richest experiences to understand are on that part of the spectrum of the emotional rainbow. How would we not understand joy if we don’t understand grief? 

Yes, it’s so true. 

S: It’s all there for the richness of our human experience. When we start learning how not to avoid uncomfortable feelings, we can really find that sense of joy fully by embracing all of them. They don’t have to be negative. That’s what I think in terms of teaching the different gradients emotionally. Also, what is consciousness to us? How can we recognize how to uplevel our species, our world with compassion, collaboration, and understanding rather than I have to protect myself from you?

We’re all the same. We all want the same things. We want to be healthy, we want to love and be loved, we want to have a good life—whatever a good life means to each and every one of us. But everybody wants the same thing. They want to enjoy life and the people they love. I think that’s where we’re going with this whole evolution of consciousness is to have an understanding that we are collaborative species, we’re stronger together than we are apart, and that if we work together, we can bring forth a greater world than if we divide ourselves. 

That’s what we’re getting to look at in the world today is with this extreme chaos and change that it’s happening, is by each and every one of us saying what they want and demanding what they want. THEO has been talking about this time we’re living in right now for four decades. That there would be this time of change because it’s the fifth dimension energy that’s here now, which is a greater awakening and awareness of who we truly are as souls and powerful beings, and that we can live harmoniously on the planet. 

We’re experienced and we’re being part of that change.

We’re experienced and we’re being part of that change; you and your family, me and my family, our extended families and our extended friends, and all of that about our species to bring about a better world. It’s an exciting time to be alive, stressful sometimes. But if we’re willing to do our part individually, we’re all going to be okay.

Yes, we will. Beautiful. Thank you so much. 

S: You’re welcome. 

Sheila, can I ask you to invite THEO? Also, do I just tell them, THEO, we’re done and then you come back? 

S: Yes. It’s as simple as that. You can say, I’m complete with my questions, then they’ll give you a salutation, and they’ll leave and I’ll be back. 

Okay. Wow. 

S: It takes just a few seconds and as you’ve experienced, and then I’ll see you in a little while.

Thank you. 

S: You’re welcome. Here we go. 

THEO: It is the beginning, is it not? 

It is. Thank you, THEO.

THEO has taught me from the very beginning that nothing can do anything to you that is not allowed. It’s all in a belief.

THEO: We are appreciative of the opportunity to be of service to you. You may ask. 

Thank you so much. THEO, what are angels?

THEO: They are energies just as you are, vibrational frequencies. He has mentors and teachers for the evolving consciousness of the human species.

How can we communicate with angels? Does everyone have angels?

THEO: Yes. They do, and in the asking, it is given. You may call upon the angelic realm at all times. They’re just waiting to assist you. 

How many angels are there? 

THEO: There are millions, it’s beyond comprehension in the conscious mind because the human conscious mind thinks in pictures. If you have not had an experience or pictures of what it is, it’s difficult to describe. 

Yes. What is the multiverse? 

THEO: That’s talking about the multi universes and systems.

What does that mean? 

There are many universes and even universes within universes.

THEO: It means that there are many universes and even universes within universes.

Does that mean that it’s the same as Earth, but in a different universe, things happen with a different outcome?

THEO: Yes, but there’s a myopicness about thinking that the Earth is the only place of experience and it’s not. There are billions of choices that a soul could make to experience. The Earth is only one. Even in your universe, there are thousands of planets that have not been found yet or seen that are available for an inhabitant. 

Where did humanity come from? 

THEO: Humanity is connected to this earthly plane. Souls are eternal. You could even call it the Big Bang that created your universe. In that sense, that energy is constant. It is the only form that is changed.

Are human beings mixed with alien DNA?

THEO: Yes. 

How did that happen? Do we come from different planets? 

THEO: Yes.

Can you tell me more about that?

THEO: Again, there’s a myopic idea about this in the sense that the good form of the human being is aligned to the Earth. The earthly body is your Earth suit that your soul engages in to travel and experience the Earth. Yes, it’s like a spacesuit if you’re on a rocket ship. You’re born into this human expression or human body. When it’s time to leave it at the end of that incarnation, you are birthed into the multi-dimensional essence, of which you are once again fully.

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Who are the aliens that our DNA is mixed with?

THEO: There are many. When you speak of aliens, could you imagine that you are one? Why we say this is because you could have chosen another planet or universe to be experiencing. Now you’re a human on Earth, but you’ve had all those other experiences as well. We could say, as one of your leaders spoke many years past, that we have met the enemy and it is us. We have met the aliens and it is us. 

Are aliens only energy forums or do they have a physical form? 

THEO: Some have physical form.

Some physical form beings came to the Earth and mixed with human beings?

THEO: No. What they have done is they’ve been in physical form as what you call aliens, which is an interesting word in and of itself. Of course, you speak of people from other countries as aliens as well.

I know, that’s funny. 

THEO: What it is, is you’re just a different species now. You’re a human species, not as you call aliens. With your name Orion, that’s a constellation. That’s a universe.

What are the different dimensions, and what does the fifth dimension look and feel like?

The 5th dimension is a fuller expression of your divine mastery.

THEO: You’re experiencing it. You’re experiencing this greater openness to this frequency, no longer the density between the dimensions as there has been in the past. The third dimension is your physical reality. The fourth has been a spiritual awakening, the fifth is a fuller expression of your divine mastery, the six will be experienced in the physical as well with a total knowing as what you might call the masters who have come before that have had that greater awareness and abilities. 

You all come from a Shamanic background, the ability to manipulate vibration and frequencies in the earthly plane. But there are 12 dimensions about the earth, six to be expressed in the physical, the rest are etheric that you are connected to but not limited to.

Is everyone on the planet now elevated into the fifth dimension?

THEO: Yes, it’s surrounding your planet. It’s the vibration, the frequency, the energy that is all around that’s unseen. It exists just like electricity has always existed, yes?

Yes. How is it going to affect humanity? 

THEO: It’s changing consciousness right now. The refinement of the energy and the awareness upon one’s soul allows an alignment on a soul level of recognition and awareness that is beyond the physical.

Do we manifest more from a place of the fifth dimension? 

THEO: It’s easier, yes. 

The purpose of the evolution of consciousness is to understand that we are collaborative species. We’re stronger together than we are apart, and that if we work together, we can bring forth a greater world.

How can we manifest more good in our lives? I’ll just take myself as an example. I sometimes feel like, oh, I feel spiritual, open, and everything is comfortable and all, but then I also have other experiences where I don’t feel like I can move forward or manifest anything. What should me or somebody that is listening to us do to balance those energies and manifest better things?

THEO: We have created a program that we have called the soul integration process. What that is, is releasing beliefs, limiting beliefs. Those beliefs have been passed along genetically and societally for thousands of years, and they don’t work anymore. 

When one recognizes that they’re blocking the flow in their lives, for it’s your birthright to have all your dreams and desires met because you’re a master creator. You have evidence in your life, where that’s been true. That you have created something, you’ve thought about it, you’ve made it a must in your life, and it all worked out. But then there are those moments when you doubt. Who is the doubter? It’s part of this fragmented aspect of the soul that has a belief that one is not worthy of that outcome.

Do limiting beliefs come from previous lives?

THEO: They can, but they come predominantly in the present incarnation through events and circumstances in which beliefs about the self are adopted from outside influences, opinions of others, or the event itself. Events won’t change because that’s history, but perception about the event can assist in changing the belief of not being worthy to be worthy.

Can you share some tips and techniques on how to clear unworthiness and how to shatter limiting beliefs? 

The more you use your psychic ability, the more it gets stronger and available. The more confirmed you are in your knowledge, the more you trust it. Share on X

THEO: Notice what you’re noticing. Where’s the resistance? Where are you reactive in life? For if you’re reacting to a certain stimulus that’s happening in your life—you’re upset, you’re angry, there’s an emotional charge, you’re in reaction—who is reacting? The adult you is not a reactor, it is one of these aspects of self that is defensive and defending the self that holds a belief. 

What is a belief? It comes from not believing one is worthy, lovable, not enough. You become familiar where that began, where the belief was adopted or created, which is simply untrue. You can reframe that belief and not reframe the event. You see it, you experience the event, but your perception can change by looking for the blessings and the gifts that made you the person you are today. If you had not had that experience, it wouldn’t have influenced you in the now. There’s great power in shifting from victimization to the challenge of growing you, yes? 

Yes. Sometimes I feel like I can see my limiting beliefs. I can see the source or what I assume is the source of those limiting beliefs. Even though I have the knowledge of it, it doesn’t seem to change.

THEO: That’s because you hold on to being victimized by whatever the event was. 

How does one release that?

The Soul Truth by Sheila Gillette and Marcus Gillette

THEO: By looking through different lenses. The event happened, that’s not going to change. How you view it and experience it, now, you experienced it in one way, which that part of self became frozen at that moment. What we encourage doing is the present you, the adult you speak to this part of self at whatever age it is, where it became frozen at that moment, and let it know that it’s loved and worthy. You’re bringing it with you into the now, into the present. You’re bringing it home into your heart with love. 

In essence, you’re reparenting it. You’re becoming the best parent. You have a child. What would you say to this part of yourself as if it’s your child to give it comfort, love, and a feeling of trust to come forward?

Nice. What can I do to become a better mother to my son?

THEO: Listen, boundaries are important. A parent is there to protect the child from physical harm but to encourage growth. When your child speaks of their knowing, most young children, they’re so close to their soul’s essence and knowing that they may speak about the angels that are there. They may speak about things that they know, encourage that. That empowers them to continue to use their greater awareness and listening and speaking the truth to them, yes?

Yes. I feel like I always have the need to—I want to protect them from the world. I want to protect them from getting hurt physically, mentally, emotionally. I don’t want to expose them to screens, TV, and everything that’s going on in the world right now. I know that it’s not something that I can control. How can I release this in me and make sure that he’s having the best upbringing ever?

THEO: As we said, speak the truth to him in age-appropriate truths, of course. But don’t protect him from his own learning. Yes, you want to protect him from harm, but don’t protect him from his own emotions because that’s what he’s here to learn, just as you are. Each soul draws under themselves perfectly what’s appropriate for their expansion and growth. Protect him physically so he doesn’t harm himself like running in a street full of traffic, that type of thing. 

But when you have interesting conversations, protecting him from a world that he’s to live in, he doesn’t have to see all the chaos. You can have conversations with him that allow for him to have his curiosity and learn at the same time, yes?

Yes. Thank you. I really appreciate you talking to me. Right now I am complete.

THEO: We are complete for this moment as well. We assist you in your asking, and in the asking, it is given. God’s love on to you. Good day.

The refinement of the energy and awareness of one's soul allows recognition and awareness that is beyond the physical. Share on X

Good day.

S: Hi, Orion. 

Hi. How are you doing?

S: I’m doing well. How are you doing? 

Oh, good. Great. Wow, when you have those conversations with THEO, do you remember everything? 

S: I don’t remember everything, but I do hear it. I know they’re speaking, but I don’t retain all the information. 

Wow. Do you ever relisten to THEO?

S: Yes, I do. Oftentimes, when I relisten to it, I’ll go, oh, I know that. It’s in there somewhere where it’s retained, but it’s not a conscious recall.

Wow, that was a fabulous experience. I felt like a little girl being really excited in front of a big teacher. 

S: Oh, good.

That was really cool. Wow. Sheila, what are your three top tips to live a stellar life?

S: Saying yes to life. Most of the time we’re thinking, what if something goes wrong? That’s the old way of thinking. What I’d say, shift that, flip that what if to what if something really great is happening for me now? That’s how I live, what if something great is happening for me now?

Believe in something yet unseen.

It’s changing those neural pathways from the default to fright, flight, fear, or freeze, and the shoes going to drop or however people think about it is, fear asks the same thing of us. Fear and faith ask the same thing about us. 

What do they ask? 

S: To believe in something that’s yet unseen. 

I love that. That is so powerful. Wow. 

S: Why not have faith? 

I love that. Wow, that is so powerful.

S: That’s why what if something great is happening for me now? That’s an expectancy of great things.

Wow. Thank you so much for your time, your generosity, your kindness, and the gift that you are to the world. Before we say goodbye for now, where can people find you, learn from you, and learn from THEO?

S: We have a great website. It’s called askTHEO.com.

Wonderful. Thank you so much, Sheila. 

S: You’re so welcome. It’s been my privilege to talk with you today, Orion, and I look forward to seeing you again. 


S:  Bye for now. 

Thank you and thank you, listeners. Remember to say yes to life and ask yourself, what if something great is happening for me now? And have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Be open to receiving information from above through dreams, pictures, and messages. You’re capable of accepting guidance by the way you learn. 
{✓} Trust the psychic gift you have and practice to become better at it. The more you use your ability, the stronger you are when using it. 
{✓} Do not fear psychic experiences. You have the power to say no when it gets uncomfortable, so use it if you have to. Nothing can harm you if you won’t allow it. 
{✓} Collaborate with people for a better planet. People with similar views can work together to bring forth a greater world. You can reach out to others and collectively work towards a better future.
{✓} Ask for your angels to help you. Everyone has an angel waiting to assist them, just simply call upon the angelic realm at any time. 
{✓} Don’t let your doubts stop you from achieving your purpose in life. You can manifest and achieve all your dreams and desires because you’re a master creator. 
{✓} Focus on changing how you perceive situations rather than giving attention to outside influences and others’ opinions. Believe you’re worthy of the success you’ll experience. 
{✓} Love yourself and get rid of the victim mindset. By looking for blessings and gifts, you’re able to shift the power from being a victim to being a growing person. 
{✓} Say yes to life. Instead of looking forward to what could go wrong, be excited for the great things happening now. Flipping your thinking can change how you act. 
{✓} Visit Sheila Gillette’s website at AskTHEO to learn from her and THEO. You can also grab her books, The 5th Dimension and The Soul Truth – A Guide to Inner Peace, to learn more about spirituality.

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