Episode 232 | December 29, 2020

Unlock the Mysteries Stored in Your Akashic Records

A Personal Note From Orion

Today’s episode is unique and eye-opening at the same time. Join me with Anne Marie Pizarro as we deep dive into the world of Akasha. According to Anne Marie, Akasha is the source’s essence, and the Akashic Records is the source’s way of collecting information through each soul’s consciousness. 

We access the Akashic Records to guide us in life and our decision-making process. Many people use it for business, career, finances, health, even relationships. In this interview, Anne Marie will give you a glimpse of how to access the universal Google. She explains how everything your soul has experienced over time affects your past, present, and future.

Anne Marie is a holistic practitioner specializing in helping entrepreneurs, creative agents, and healers receive answers and tools for their life’s most pressing questions through the Akashic Records and the Human Energy Field. She also offers live classes, digital courses, and private sessions. And now, without further ado, on with the show!


In this Episode

  • [00:41] – Orion introduces Anne Marie Pizarro, a holistic practitioner specializing in helping entrepreneurs, creative agents, and healers receive answers and tools for their life’s most pressing questions through the Akashic Records and the Human Energy Field. 
  • [05:23] – Anne discusses the history of the Akasha and the Akashic Records.
  • [11:34] – Anne describes what she sees and feels when people ask her about their past lives.
  • [19:47] – Orion asks Anne if she was able to get information or messages from the Record Keepers about the pandemic before it happened.
  • [26:25] – Orion’s Akashic Records are now open, and the Record Keepers start by giving general information that is waiting for her.
  • [32:48] – The Record Keepers tell Orion how many lifetimes she’s lived in and what forms they were in their mission in life.
  • [37:39] – What kind of ritual can you do to get into the Akashic Records to ask questions?
  • [45:20] – Orion asks the Record Keepers when will people stop wearing protective masks.
  • [49:16] – The Record Keepers remind Orion why the whales showed up predominantly for her in the Akashic Records.
  • [51:41] – Visit Anne Marie Pizarro’s website at bodyenergyconnection.com to reach out to her and learn more on how to open your Akashic Records.

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About Today’s Show

Hey Anne, and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. It’s good to have you here.

Thank you. Very happy to be here.

I am very honored that you’re here. You’ve been my guide for a while and have always given me incredible advice. Also, we’re going to talk about the Akashic Records today. I got many readings from you, and they were spot on, super helpful. It just gives me so much comfort to have those conversations with you and with the guides.

I feel the same way, Orion. I do. Thank you.

Thank you. We’re talking Akashic Records or Akasha? What is Akasha? And what are the Akashic Records?

I love this question so much because when I think about what the Akasha is, I immediately get this image of the spiral effect of the universe. When we look at that spiral effect of the universe, the Akasha is all that space that’s in between. That space that’s in between actually collects all kinds of information and data. I feel like the Akasha is an essence of source and the Akashic Records is sources’ way of collecting information through each individual consciousness – soul consciousness – so that it can have this databank, this personal as well as collective library that allows the source to know itself through all these different souls. As well as gives all these different souls access to this infinite bank of information that helps them know themselves on a deeper level. I think of the Akashic Records as the universal computer. It’s always recording. It’s always keeping information. And I feel like that energy of the Akasha is that essence, that is the field that absorbs and attracts that information. And what’s interesting is because we’re surrounded by the Akasha, it’s like we’re with the entire element of source around us all the time.

When we look at that spiral effect of the Universe, the Akasha is all that space that's in between. That space that's in between actually collects all kinds of information and data. Click To Tweet

Who found it? Who was the first person that discovered the Akashic Records and the Akasha?

I think that the Akasha and the Akashic Records have been around since man has been around. But to have a way to connect to the Akashic records, we go back in time, we hear certain names like Edgar Cayce, or Madame Blavatsky, or the founder of the Waldorf School, Rudolf Steiner. But I’ve felt like it goes even further, back in time, I think about the Egyptians and their access to celestial knowledge, or even the Greeks and how they were able to access so much information. I don’t think that there is one particular person that may have said, “This is what this is,” and, “This is how you get into it.” Because there are a lot of doors that can access the Akashic Records. There are a lot of different lineages that can access the Akashic Records. But there are different ways to get in. Maybe certain prayers allow you to go into one door, but perhaps not another door. So I’m not sure who exactly founded the actual word or the term, Akashic Records, or that term, Akasha. Because when you look at some videos that come from India, they talk about that field of Akasha. And they bring it back to even thousands of years ago. That’s a great question because I’m going to do a little bit of investigation to see how far back that phrase has been coined.

It’s not common knowledge, not too many people, if you look at the whole world population, not many people know about the Akashic records. How were you exposed to that knowledge?

So I was exposed to this knowledge because when I was about 27 years old, I went to this store here in Austin, Texas, which is where I live and it was called The Herb Bar. The Herb Bar was this quaint little store that sold herbs, teas, all kinds of natural products, and they would also offer these workshops and classes. So I happened to go in one day, I saw that they were teaching a class about the Akashic Records. I had never heard of it and I decided to attend this class. What drew me to that class was, I was going through a really difficult situation in my marriage – my first marriage, and it was really painful. I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall, trying to figure out how to make it work. And I just couldn’t, I just felt like it was so difficult. 

So I got my first Akashic Record reading when I was about 29, 30. And they revealed to me just exactly why the pattern was never going to work in the first place. It was a dynamic mismatch. That first reading triggered such resonance and curiosity that I pretty much dove in to learn how to read the Akashic Records. And then after I learned it, I spent about three or four years running away from it. I spent three or four years trying to run away from it, because I was like, “This is way more than I need,” and it’s way too much. But the record keepers kept calling me back. Eventually, it was the work that allowed me to retire from my full-time job as a nurse to do it full-time. I feel like for some people, it’s a bit of a commitment to carry on that desire to work with this body of information and knowledge.

What was your first interaction with the record keepers?

My first interaction with the record keepers, my first most intimate memory of that was when they first said the phrase that I hear all the time in the Akashic records. And when I opened my first Akashic Records, I was probably about 32. That was when they first said to me, “Before we begin…,” and that phrase “before we begin” triggered this feeling in me of ancient memory. Like I’ve heard this phrase before. I’ve worked with this phrase before. And so I asked, “Who is this phrase coming from?” And that’s when I was told, this is coming from the record keepers. So when I think about who or what the Akashic record keepers are, they don’t look at all like what we think guardians might look, they’re just these beings of light. They work with this plane of light, which is what the Akashic records are. And that’s the reason why I think when we think about keepers, we try to put these concepts of humans or ancient beings, and I feel like we do that so we can feel a sense of security and safety in that connection.

Sometimes the Universe and your guides send signals right in front of you, and you barely notice them because of your lack of awareness.

So you hear sounds? Do you see visions? Did it evolve throughout the years? 

Absolutely. I think that it was sort of like when I said, when they told me that phrase,  it ignited this ancient memory. That “before we begin” ignited this ancient memory. As soon as that ancient memory was ignited, it was sort of like I stepped into this stream of energy that felt so familiar. When I step into the stream of energy with every session I do, it immediately triggers this clear audience channel that only appears when I’m in the Akashic Records. And then when people ask questions, words fly in, I’ll get a snippet of an image. But the most fascinating is when people ask about past lives because I don’t have any idea about people’s lives. I don’t know who they are, I don’t have time to research who they are, I just show up for a session. 

So when people ask about past lives, what’s often revealed are 15-20 seconds snippets of videos that happen so fast, it’s sort of like I get an insight into what you look like, what you were wearing, what your challenges were, what were your emotions, what were the things that you were trying to accomplish. In that 15 seconds, it’s like, the amount of information that shows up is so detailed that I don’t even know where it comes from, I consume very little video, and visual media, like movies and TV, I just don’t have a lot of time. So when these videos show up, I just have to take a step back and watch because I realized that this is information about other people. So when I’m in the Akashic Records, these hyper-sensory abilities show up, that don’t show up in my normal living days.

Wow. When you see those videos, I guess you’re translating what they’re saying to you, are you involved in the reading or are you just a translator?

That’s the really neat part. Because what’s in the Akashic Records is light. That’s the only way you can keep so much data, it’s stored in the form of light. When we receive that, as readers, it’s immediately translated from light into a verbal dialect that we can understand for this plane. So when I asked myself to step aside, when I asked my conscious self to step aside, that conscious self-access, the filter, and that’s the filter that tries to translate, understand, and it just gets in the way. So when I asked that conscious self to step aside, what’s left is the reader. And the reader’s job is just to receive the verbal information that shows up from the record keepers right away. So when I step aside, it’s almost like this streaming conversation that happens between you and the reader, because the readers don’t have an agenda. So its job is just to deliver, it doesn’t even translate because by the time that information has been translated from light to sound, it’s already in a place that we as human beings can receive.

Are the readings always correct?

Well, this is what I find interesting is that it’s as correct as of the person’s perspective at that moment. What I find is that the record keepers are very cryptic about how they deliver certain things. Now, there have been some readings that I have given to people where it seemed like the Akashic Record readers were on point verbatim, it happened to the day, to the moment. Those are probably about 40%. 20-30% shifts happen in the outcome because people make decisions and changes, they enact choices. Sometimes these decisions and choices can shift the timeline. We all have particular timelines that we’re living, and you can deviate from that timeline by a decision that you make, which can push that outcome that you received in the Akashic Records either back or bring it sooner. So most people don’t even realize what an influence they have on the outcome of the Akashic Records. 

Now, the one factor that I find that is the most difficult to nail down. I’ll say two factors. The two factors that I find that are the most difficult to nail down in terms of accuracy is the time of events and love. So the time of events I have worked with many clients where the record keepers would say, “This is what we see coming. This is the timeframe that we see it.” And there may be some circumstances that can shift that. What I’ll find is that the outcome happens but the timeframe may be different. And that may be due to one decision that shifted the timeline, or a person not being quite ready for that moment, or other circumstances needed to happen. 

We have a soul's path. Before we come down on this plane, we make agreements of what we're meant to do. However, there's a lot of space between these major agreements for change. And that's why we are presented with multiple outcomes. Click To Tweet

Now, when it comes to nailing down love, that’s challenging because human beings and their heart are very fickle and changeable. So when you’re dealing with changeable things like emotions, to try to nail down how somebody is going to feel three to six months from now, especially asking about how someone else is going to change or feel when that Akashic Records may not be fully open. Part of that is almost slightly predictive. This is the reason why I try to step aside because I want the best for everyone personally as Anne, but sometimes the record keepers just have to deliver information as is. So when it comes to nailing down things like love, it can be a little bit vaguer because there are still things that have to happen, like how other people react to other people’s choices.

Is our destiny already written for us? Or do we have free will?

Is there a destiny waiting for us? Or do we have free will? Well, I think that both of those answers are correct. We have a soul’s path. Before we come down on this plane, we make these agreements that we’re going to do these things. There’s a lot of space between these major agreements to shift and change and even not to do those agreements. While we have these major markers in our timeline, it allows us to reach a particular destined outcome when we reach or we do certain markers. Now, if we don’t do those markers, it will still lead us to a destined outcome but it may not be the original destiny outcome that we agreed to when we came down to this plane. The other aspect which is free will is the key to the gift that we have here on Earth. Though we may have a particular destined path, it’s our free will, our ability to choose every single day, every moment that causes that timeline to vacillate, change and branch off. But we do end up going back to our main soul’s timeline, and still, continue that journey. Our ability to choose and have free will is our opportunity to experience different consequences, different lessons, and even different ways to do things.

Do we all have past lives? Are there some new souls that are coming down to earth this time?

What’s fascinating is that I have seen this influx of new souls, new souls whose past lives are less than seven. And this body of work talks about cycles of seven, that souls go through cycles of seven. It seems like after the turn of the century, this last turn, not 2000 but the 1900s. In the 1900s, there was sort of a wave of new souls that started to come in from the 1900s to the 2000s. But there are a whole lot more souls that I work with that have been here for many different incarnations. I’ve probably only worked with a small handful that has had three to four or fewer lives.

What’s interesting are these new souls, it’s as if they come barely equipped with certain abilities that make them a bit more advanced than some of these older souls that have been doing this for a long time over and over and over and over and over. Because for some of these older souls, part of the reason to come here as for support for others, it’s to deal with really old, archaic archetypes. And for these new souls, they’re here to make a bridge to this new world.

Wow. Did you get any information or messages about what’s going on in the world today, about COVID-19, and everything that is going to be before it happened?

The thing is, I don’t go into the Akashic Records to ask about the world unless I am given that assignment from the record keepers. I usually try to be very in the background to support my clients. What I found was that no one was asking about COVID in 2019, but around February and December of 2019, the information that started to show up in the Akashic Records was this plan for delay. Something shows up with some kind of upheaval, you’re going to have to pivot. Those were the three themes that kept showing up. And I was like, okay, people are still being asked to make plans, but they’re also being asked to prepare for a pivot. Why doesn’t that make sense to me? And it didn’t show up until March when people started asking questions about COVID that all that information started to reveal itself. 

Fate may play a role in your life, but in the end, your choices are the reason why you are where you are at the moment.

What I’ve noticed or observed from these Akashic Record readings, especially people asked about this Coronavirus are, about three or four observations. Number one, this is a cyclical event. If you were to study virology and epidemiology, human beings have gone through cycles of diseases, cycles of plagues. It usually happens before a major event is happening in the world. So we’re in the age of light, we’re in the age of technology. And it seems like this is that pivotal event that’s happening in our lifetime, in our generation. Because there’s this like, all back to an essence of the self. A lot of people have been so extended, so reached out to the world that this is an invitation to kind of come back to yourself, to your home, to your center, and to recognize what’s important and what matters in restructuring your life. So you’re embracing what matters with the amount of time that we have on earth. And for some people that could be 10, 20, 30 years. For other people, that’s 50, 60, 80 years. It’s just a reminder to do things differently. 

The other thing is that this is a cycle that’s trumpeting the technology age. With this trumpeting of the technology age, you’re going to see a lot more automation, you’re going to see more bot activity, you’re going to see more ways that cause people to feel connected, but at the same time isolated. It’s as if this event was a reminder for people not to lose their humanity. And then the third part I’ve seen about this Coronavirus is that the human body had to suffer a lot of changes in the last probably 50 to 80 years because food production has changed. When food production changes, it starts to mess with our capacity to maintain good health, maintain vitality, and immunity. So this is a reminder to people that they have to be able to make sure that their body’s capacity to be well and to be strong is important to meet whatever measures that are being offered halfway. And it’s coming down to the power of choice. So the Coronavirus is allowing people to exercise choice for themselves with their work, their relationships, their health, all of it. It’s sort of the wake-up call that kind of came to bring people to a place of just opening their eyes to realize that there’s more and that they can do more. And that this is something that will also pass. That’s the most important. This will pass because we’ve seen other pandemics also pass.

Amazing. So we spoke before and you agreed to give the audience a taste of reading.


I’m super excited to do this with you. It’s gonna be very short, unfortunately. But I’m gonna ask some personal questions and we’ll see what will happen.

Okay. So would you like me to just go ahead and start opening the Akashic Records and then come back when it’s ready?

Yes, please.

Okay, so is it okay, if I’ll go ahead and do the opening prayer, and then I’m going to put you on hold while I’m opening the Akashic Records? And then as soon as I hear the records are open, I’ll come back, and then we’ll start your session or we’ll start the recording. 

So I’m just going to ask you right now, just go ahead and relax and get settled at this time. I invite you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale, allowing your body, mind, spirit, and consciousness to align, arrive, and be present to our call. We energetically heart link, creating a sacred bond between you and I that allows us to enter into our sacred heart space. As we enter into our sacred heart space, we’re able to activate and open this portal of light, allowing us to heart link with the earth below, and also the heart link with the Creator above. As we are connected above and below we offer the gift of love and gratitude to the creator and the earth, allowing them to receive it and return it to us in a tenfold beam of light. Through this tenfold beam of light, we’re able to call down our Ascended Masters, teachers, loved ones, angels, guides, our sole counsel, and the Lords of the Akashic records. Please work with us and through us that we may receive your gift of healing. Please guide us, direct us, surround, and protect us in a bubble of love and light. Let Orion Farah Talmay receive knowledge, energy, and information for her highest appealing and her highest and best good. So Orion, do I have your permission to open your Akashic Records at this time?

Yes, please. 

Great. Okay. So, let me just put you on hold and I’m going to be right back. And then we’ll start your Akashic Record reading in just a moment. We’ll be right back.

Okay, Orion, your Akashic Records are open. I’m going to just step aside right now. Your record keepers are ready. So go ahead and bring a question or if you would like I can start with general information that’s waiting for you in that Akashic Records.

Let’s start with general information, please.

Wonderful, I’m going to step aside, let the record keepers come through, and let’s go ahead and begin.

Many people have been so extended to the world that this global shift is an invitation to come back to yourself, your home, and your center. Recognize what's important and what matters in restructuring your life. Click To Tweet

Before we begin, we would like to welcome you back into the Hall of Records. We are extremely PLEASED in capital letters that you are here for the opening of your Akashic Records, we are greeted by three key images and three areas of your life we would like to discuss at the opening of your Akashic Records, we are greeted by the image of a gift, the gift appears to be wrapped with a bow and the gift is an interesting symbol because it’s three-fold in meaning. Number one, it is letting you know that you are a gift in the world. Number two, it is giving you an insight that there is a gift coming your way. Number three, it is letting you know that there is a blessing that you are being asked to relay to the world in the form of a gift. Whether that is simply an act of kindness, a shift of mindset, or a radiating wave of gratitude that you release from the core of your heart. 

The second is a symbol of the egret, capital E-G-R-E-T. The egret appears to be this beautiful white big bird that is giving us the insight that there is an aspect of your nature that exhibits this grace, beauty, and nobility. Egrets are quite lucky symbols and represent the energy of prosperity, strength, purity, and patience. Also, egrets represent the energy of communication with the source. This is an important time for you to be open to hearing and receiving signs from source to let you know you’re on the right track, and you’re in the right space. It is giving you an insight that there may even be more that you can communicate with your wisdom during a dark time. 

The third is a symbol of the whale. The whale is an important animal that works with the egret because this is connected to your wisdom. The whale also swims around your entire Akashic field because it is giving you the boost tied to physical and emotional healing. Plus the egret. Plus the whale represents your connection to the Akashic records. There is an aspect of your nature that is the keeper of information in history, and you are in a place where honoring family and relations is a key aspect of your strength. 

We welcome you back into the Akashic records. For there are three areas of your life we would like to immediately discuss. The first is the realm of work, work as appearing as capital W, small o, capital R, capital K. We see that your work is tied to family right now, and it is important not to overstretch or overdue to avoid overwhelm. We do encourage you to attend, a-t-t-e-n-d, to what is at hand and what matters the most. Because your child’s early years just cannot be replicated, which is why there may be a part of you that feels like certain areas of your work are on pause. But that pause will ship starting spring of 2021 when the energy of momentum starts to find its way back into your schedule. 

The second is the area of health, capital H, small e, capital A-L, small t, capital H. We encourage you to embrace your vital and vibrant energy. It is so important for you to feed the energy of vitality of mind, body, and spirit because you are essentially the glue – the emotional glue for the family. And when both the egret and the whale, water-based animals are appearing, it is allowing you to tune into emotions and release what is holding back any aspects of strength, confidence, and even stress. We do encourage you to embrace the joy of the season, to find the blessings, and most of all, still keep actions tied to immunity on point. 

The third is the realm of the soul purpose, capital S, small o, capital U-L, capital P-U-R-P, small o, capital S, capital E. There are three messages coming with the sole purpose. Number one, we see that you are here to enjoy and to support. That is not asking you to go into overwork, but to just be where you are at to enjoy. Number two, we say that we see the word to relay, r-e-l-a-y, when you are here to relay. There is an aspect of your ability as a light bearer who holds knowledge, information, and guidance that is here to pass it on to others. You are like a beacon of light. A beacon of light is here to disseminate knowledge but only when asked. Instead, grow that vitality of light around you. So you inspire and spark curiosity, which shows readiness to receive. And finally, your other soul purpose is to love. We see that right now to love is one of the most important tactics and actions you can take to serve self, family, community, and even work. Because we ask you to focus on the energy that generates, supports, creates, to help yourself move through the season of change and challenge and see what we call the silver linings. We wait for your questions at this time.

Well, thank you. That was amazing. I was doing an activity with my baby this morning. And there was an activity about whales, which was very cool. And I also did this intuitive writing and look from my animal. And it was a whale too. So that resonates with me. My question is, I want to know how many lifetimes I lived in, and if at any time I was in Egypt.

Thank you for your question. We would like to let you know that as a soul, you are a wiser, mature older soul, you are actually on your third cycle to return on this plane. This is your 17 out of 22 incarnations. And what is interesting is that there are three lives that we see you have lived in Egypt, one of these is in the form of a slave, another is in the form of a priestess. And the other one is in the form of a healer, h-e-a-l-e-r. We do see an interesting image of you also in a form of a traveler, you are coming into Egypt, you are not from Egypt. And you appear to have this ability to decode, d-e-c-o-d-e, which is one of the reasons why we see that you came in to receive messages through Master Tut. This is the blessing of the egret. And it was as if you pass on that knowledge and then left. And as you left there were scrolls of a pirate that we see that you had taken because you had also passed on the wisdom to help other scribes receive. We do want to reinforce that there are other times when you have done similar work. Egypt is a very special place because we see that this is essentially a learning and power ground for increasing your gifts. Very hard life, but also a very “involved and spiritually tuned in life” as well. We wait for your questions at this time.

We are all connected beings in this big, vast world. Caring and looking out for each other should be your moral compass.

Was I a man or a woman?

Thank you for your question. As a slave, you are a man and we see that you were one of many building some of these temples and pyramids. You are a priestess and appears in the temple of the half doors. You were a healer and it appears to be in the Temple of Karnak, k-a-r-n-a-k. This is a very important place because as a healer, you’re well versed in medicines and treatments. In a way, you were like a doctor before medicine was truly formed. We wait for your questions at this time

Can I get information from those lifetimes through my intuition when it comes to talking to people, coaching people, healing people?

You absolutely can. There are three messages that we would like to bring. Number one, this is just a small touch of training that you’ve had, you’re an advanced soul. Like we stated, this is your third cycle of seven to return to this plane called Earth, which is why we want to reinforce, you absolutely can gain wisdom, not only from Atlantis but also during the time of Egypt. And during the time of Greece. And during the time of “early dynasties.” These are all in your cellular layer connected to your Akashic field, which is why we want to reinforce, you can have access information, you simply have to ask. Number two, if you are trying to gain information or insights about where the knowledge is that you get, the best question to ask yourself is, “Is this coming from you?” Or, “Is this coming from your guides or source?” Number three, pay attention to the visuals that run through your mind. If you can simply be neutral about the images that run through your mind, you will tap into the reel of past life movies, giving you these deja vu moments, giving you these flashes of intuition, and giving you even the sense of familiarity. We wait for your questions at this time.

He said simply ask. I want to wrap my head around simply asking. Do I need to just sit in quiet and ask? Do I need to create a ritual? Because in everyday life, I don’t feel like I can just get this information, it just seems so far.

We do agree with you. This is one of the reasons why to work in the Akashic Records and to ask questions, we recommend opening a sacred space, utilizing a special prayer to get into the Akashic records, so you can simply have that access link. If you choose to simply ask questions in your normal everyday life, they might not be as detailed as when you are in the sacred space, which is why we encourage people to open the space and close the space. We feel that many people are more in tune with their intuitive abilities when they work with our higher self. That aspect of the reader, the observer, the conduit, and by increasing this connection, it increases your ability to receive the Akashic Records. 

If there is any kind of a ritual we would encourage you to try, it is to sit with your higher selves connection. This is essentially the voice of source, your higher self. This is the higher self that acts as the reader, the channel, the guide, ask the higher self to show you the key markers, k-e-y m-a-r-k-e-r-s. Key markers for Yes. Key markers for No. And key markers for neutral. Yes is an emphatic affirmative answer from your higher self and guides. No is exactly that. Neutral is maybe, wait, not a definitive answer, which is why when you receive a neutral, it is asking you to step back and be patient. We asked you to practice this and ask your higher self these questions so that when you open a sacred space and you decide to work with your record keepers, it is the higher self that you are sending while you are the one that’s simply receiving. We await your questions at this time.

Can I use a pendulum?

Well, you can utilize a pendulum. Yet what we are hearing is the words. Remember that a pendulum is tuned in to you. Yes and no responses and be careful to what level of questioning that you need to go or do before you just feel “complete with the questions.” What we ask you to do is utilize the pendulum as a backup. But utilize this connection, this ritual to the higher self as your standalone and your structure. Because when you ask the higher self simple yes or no questions throughout your day, and we ask them to be simple questions, simple questions as, “Should I eat this? Should I wear this? Should I have this? Should I watch this?” Those are things that in the back of your mind, you may already know the answer to. But the reason why we asked you to utilize simple questions is that when a very key and important decisions need to be made, and you are not able to fully rely on the pendulum or the higher self, you can either (1) go into the Akashic Records to ask, or (2) make that decision yourself. And that is what we encourage. We encourage people to trust themselves because they can follow through on their gut instincts and rely on it when key decisions have to be made. We wait for your questions at this time.

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What does my podcast listeners need? And how can I serve them better?

Thank you for your question. There are three answers that are appearing number one, we would like to bring the whale in to answer this question because the whale shows you your wisdom. Thus, we would like to ask you to share a nugget of wisdom with your podcast listeners every time you appear. You have such access to a body of knowledge within yourself and all your research and what we are hearing is share a nugget of wisdom. Number two, be real, be empathetic, be compassionate, and also be understanding. When you are real, you are relatable. You are sharing aspects of your life that other people are experiencing as well. And this makes you relatable. And the more relatable you are, the more information that you share is usable for people. 

Number three. Please don’t be afraid to show humor, comedic relief, lightness of self light, light inner poking. When we say inner poking, we’re not talking about self-deprecation. Because there are many people, even comedians that will utilize self-deprecation as a way to deliver humor and we ask you not to go there. Especially because there are already enough heavy vibes in the world by bringing lightness, fun, laughter, light poking. When we say light poking, it can be something like, “You’ll never believe what I did, guys,” or, “I can’t believe I did something so silly.” What we are seeing is the words. Humor is the source’s highest way of communicating play and joy. And thus we ask you to share this with your listeners. We await your questions at this time.

Thank you. How soon can I be able to go and travel and speak in front of audiences physically, and go to conferences, and travel around the world?

Thank you for your question. We see that travel will start to pick up in 2021 late summer. But this confidence to be able to renew travel and feel truly safe starts to show up in March, April of 2022. It’s as if there are enough protocols in motion, vaccinations, options for other forms of protection, masks are regulations that give people a semblance of safety. And the reason why we see the semblance of safety appearing is that the wheel of the world simply refuses to stop turning. Some people are still wanting to experience cross travel internationally. It is a global situation that has brought us into the technology age, which is why we are seeing, you will see a more increase movement in 2021. And it will feel as if there is a regularity in 2022. We await your questions at this time,

When will people stop wearing protective masks? And I’m talking about the masks for the COVID-19.

Thank you for your question. We do see that this has a bit of a longer protocol than anticipated. We are even seeing up to 2024 at the latest, where people will still be utilizing PPEs, protective personal equipment. Now it does appear that starting as early as 2022, it is an intermittent activity, and it depends on the company. We do want to reinforce that there will still be some protocols to check, such as temperatures and even rapid testings which will become more globally available, which is one of the reasons why we see 2021, we see the word Yes, capital Y-E-S for the masks and the PPEs. 2022, we see the word moderate use. 2023, we see about 25 to 30% of the populace, primarily health care workers, and “those that espouse these protocols” will primarily be pushing it. But in 2024, we see that it starts to cease, c-e-a-s-e. Now, we do have a warning. Because there is something about this Coronavirus, the actual virus, it’s very virulent nature that is so changeable and immutable that causes surges, s-u-r-g-e-s, to come up and down. That even with a vaccine, we see a mutation occur that allows it to surge in other countries but not necessarily globally, which is one of the reasons why we see the words “it’s a bit of a longer timeframe” for this particular virus because if it’s very strong, mutable properties, we await your questions at this time.

What are some good lessons people need to know to live a happier, better life, a stellar life?

Thank you for your question. There are three answers that we would like to share with you at this time. Number one, remember that it is a gift to be on this planet, in this body, in this life, and you are given this opportunity to exercise choice. It is your birthright to succeed, be happy, be loved, and be joyful, you simply have to embrace it, choose it, and align to the outcome consistently. Number two, we would like to reinforce that, what you think about what you create and bring about. It is so important for you to be able to show yourself in your mind what kind of quote stellar life you want so that you can replicate this on the outside. Number three, you do not have to do this alone. You have guides, angels, ancestors, loved ones, Ascended Masters, that are here to support you, they are ready to do the work with you. You do not have to do it alone. But ask these helpful guides to do the work. And you can meet them halfway. That third is the most important because, in order to live a stellar life, it’s important for people to command that they can have that, that life is not just being thrown at them, but that they are also co-creating with life to have what we call a stellar life. We await your questions at this time.

Thank you. I feel very good and very complete. Thank you so much for answering my questions.

Well, before we let you go, because the whale showed up so predominantly to you today. Be aware that if there is anything that you can do to increase your communication to the Akashic Records, think of the whales. The whales are the record keepers of the earth. And because they store all the knowledge of the earth within their energies, you can think of the whales, think of a question, and allow your energy to spiral out from the heart. Much like a planet as it is forming or a universe as it is forming and allow that energy to spiral out past you and into the universe, and then spiral it back to you. And know that what you have in your field is the answer. And the reason why we asked you to work with the whales, is that you have done this before with these sacred animals, and the whales’ song, their tones, their undertones that triggers your memories to those ancient files that are stored within you. And we have no further information at this time. 

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Thank you.

Orion, great questions you asked there, and the whales were just swimming the whole time around. So amazing that you had the whales show up the day. 

Yeah. So we did this activity. And in the morning, it was all about the whales. And it’s like, you go there for three hours. And it’s all the moms and the babies. And they showed them stuff about whales. And they showed a whale movie. And they were swimming in the ocean with little like plastic balls all around them. It was so cute. 

That’s incredible.

Wow, this was amazing. Thank you so much. 

Oh, thank you for asking these questions. Asking some of those questions about the Coronavirus because I don’t ask those questions. I let other people ask them. So it gives me an insight of, “Okay, that’s what I need to plan for too.” Thank you for that heads up.

Thank you. Thank you so much for being here and agreeing to do this. Live on the spot like that. Another is a long waiting list to be working with you. But everybody that is listening should work with you. Because this is just an incredible experience and very insightful. Where can people find you and connect with you?

Well, they can come to my website at bodyenergyconnection.com. One of the most important messages that I get from the Akashic Records for so many people is that there’s just not enough. There’s not enough healers, practitioners, readers, supporters on this planet to deal with all the questions that people have. If your listeners are interested in learning how to open their Akashic Records and receive information, I’m also teaching a course in 2021 to help people become an Akashic Reference guide. So, come to my site, check it out, reach out to me, I’m super relatable, I don’t bite. And it’s a very beautiful experience. It changed my life.

Thank you, Anne.  I love and respect you. Every interaction we have, you’re so kind and so generous and so respectful. And this has been a pleasure working with you in the last few years. I deeply appreciate this podcast and I’m sure our listeners are going to be so grateful and everybody just got a good message for themselves as well. So thank you very much.

Thank you, Orion. I just want to thank you for the work you’re doing – this podcast. As the record keeper said, you’re here to be a gift to the world. So I feel grateful to be on your podcast and to also be connected to you. So thank you.

Thank you and thank you, listeners. Take the incredible lessons you learn today. Just write it down somewhere and if something gave you an aha moment, remember that, and follow that and maybe make your rituals to connect to your guides. Have a good time and love a lot and have a stellar life.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Pay more attention to the signs that come your way. Sometimes the Universe and your guides send signals right in front of you, and you barely notice them because of your lack of awareness.
{✓} Believe that you are your own destiny. Fate may play a role in your life, but in the end, your choices are the reason why you are where you are at the moment.
{✓} No matter what happens, don’t lose your love for humanity. We are all connected beings in this big, vast world. Caring and looking out for each other should be your moral compass. 
{✓} Cherish memories that cannot be replicated. A lot of moments cannot happen more than once. Time flies so fast that in 
{✓} Find the answers to the simplest of questions. Don’t overcomplicate life and just keep everything straightforward and simple. The most profound realizations lie in the stillness of the mind.
{✓} Trust your instincts. Your gut feeling plays a massive role in most of your life’s most significant decisions. Sometimes when you know, you know.
{✓} Aim always to bring more light to the world. Be of guidance to those who are in the dark and lead them down to a better path. 
{✓} Harness the power of positive thinking. Whatever you set your mind to becomes your reality. Make sure your thoughts aren’t consumed with negativity. 
{✓} Know that you are not alone. There will always be people out there who will support you and believe what you’re fighting for.
{✓} Check out Anne Marie Pizarro’s website, Body Energy Connection, to learn more about her Akashic teachings and workshops.

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