7 Little Things That Will Make Your Relationship More Romantic

It’s the little things that matter. It might sound like a relationship cliché. That is until you realize that we’re conditioned to believe the opposite. Think about your everyday … [Read more...]


The Definition of Self Love: 7 Ways You Can Treat Yourself Better

You are sitting on a plane ready to fly to a new destination. The doors are closing and the airplane slowly starts down the runway preparing for takeoff. You buckle your seatbelt … [Read more...]


What is your inner gift and how can you share it with the world?

Everyone has a gift that they can share with the world - do you know what’s yours? Whether you are an artist, a coach,  an entrepreneur who creates amazing innovations to improve … [Read more...]


Stop being afraid of selling!

I talk a lot about the importance of confidence, and it’s not just for your love life. When it comes to our careers, and especially if you are an entrepreneur, having confidence in … [Read more...]


3 Keys for Gentle Communication with Your Partner

Communication is vital to achieving a healthy relationship. If you want to build a foundation of trust, respect, and honesty with your partner, you need to communicate effectively. … [Read more...]


Take a walk on the wild side…

In today's stellar episode we openly talk about food addiction, body love and spirituality, as women especially have an interesting relationship with their bodies, food and self … [Read more...]


Have you shown your beautiful, sensual, magical body some love today?

Your body is a sacred, sensual, beautiful, and magical work of art, but unfortunately, many of us women forget to acknowledge our bodies, or are driven to shame about them from … [Read more...]


How to Manifest Your Desires through Meditation

When you think of meditation, do you think of a boring ‘exercise’ that you know you can’t get through the first minute of because you overthink it? What if I told you that I … [Read more...]


The 5 Reasons Women Lose their Independence in a Relationship

As a woman, you are naturally passionate and nurturing. Because of your giving nature, sometimes it’s easy to lose yourself to a relationship. The dance between being an alpha … [Read more...]


How to create a “5 star” relationship

Soulmates - do you believe in them? According to legend, there is one special person out there that truly connects with us on a deeper level, beyond the physical, the emotional, … [Read more...]

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