Episode 97 | January 2, 2018

Magical Moments & New Year’s Resolutions with Orion

A Personal Note from Orion

2017 has been good to me – it has been a year of such incredible growth and several magical experiences. It was my first year as a married woman, a year filled with breakthroughs for my clients, a year where I traveled from India to Greece to my hometown roots of Israel.

I am so grateful for you! 

In this episode, I talk about how to set your New Year resolutions in a way that can be achieved. I have been blessed this year, and I am thanking you for supporting me on my journey, whether through this podcast, through social media, through my emails, thank you for being there, thank you for listening, thank you for participating in this wonderful, nurturing, empowering community of people who choose to live a stellar life!!



In this Episode

  • [00:38] How the last year passed in the blink of an eye. I want to do this episode to share my year with you. Then my first thought was that I didn’t accomplish anything.
  • [01:02] It’s so typical of people who have Type A personalities who like to achieve, conquer, and have big dreams. Sometimes it takes time to manifest all of those dreams.  
  • [01:21] I took a step back and asked my husband what happened. So much happened that everything became a blur. We need to celebrate our achievements even the little things.
  • [02:09] Taking a deeper look and appreciating how much you have advanced and seeing the gifts of what has happened to help you grow.
  • [02:46] Seeing what we don’t want and how it helps us see what we want.
  • [03:10] Looking at my last year. 2016 was super stressful for me because I was planning my wedding. Even with a wedding planner it wasn’t easy.
  • [03:40] We had a wedding in a remote location in the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. This is a beautiful remote place. It is one of the most bio-dense areas in Costa Rica. At the lodge there were monkeys, toucans, seabirds, and so much beauty.
  • [04:47] It was pouring down rain and I was stressed out of my mind, but it turned out to be a beautiful time with friends and family.
  • [05:19] 2017 was spent living my life in a new arrangement and focusing on what i really wanted to achieve.
  • [05:30] One of my biggest achievements was launching the Awaken Your Inner Goddess Challenge.
  • [05:38] The challenge was so awesome and every woman had so many breakthroughs, just by taking care of herself for 15 minutes a day.
  • [06:40] Women fell in love with themselves and their responses filled me with joy. This affirmed that my knowledge has enabled me to bring my mission to women and help them shine and see beyond their limitation.
  • [08:21] How I shrivel and shrink when I don’t put myself beyond my comfort zone.
  • [08:27] 2018 is for expanding, growing, reaching, and touching the stars with a Stellar Life.
  • [09:20] I had amazing breakthroughs over the last year,and I am amazingly grateful for my clients and their trust in me.
  • [10:03] Awakening your own inner goddess that is sexy, juicy, and alive.
  • [10:23] Some days can shake your confidence but then signals come and everything falls into place.
  • [11:17] Try looking for the clues, listening to the messages of the universe, and be open to receive those messages.
  • [12:03] Looking beyond the 1% and getting a glimpse into how big and vast we are.
  • [12:46] I talk about seeing Donny Epstein in Denver at Transformation Gate.
  • [14:13] We learned the five steps to mastering at Neil Strauss’s Secret Society for Men.
  • [15:03] We learned about marketing and Internet marketing. I find it a bit dry and it is not my zone of genius.
  • [16:30] The importance of sharing your message with the world and not holding it back.
  • [17:26] I had a visit with my family for a month. Then we visited the Dead Sea. The mineral mud soaks out all of the toxins. It makes you feel reborn.
  • [19:59] This year was a year of recovery. I had to wear a cast, I’m training, and even doing acupuncture.
  • [21:22] The injury affected my fitness routine. I also used to do Krav Maga. This is a super fast and effective martial art. It’s about defending yourself and running away. I even had to stop my pole dancing classes which helped me connect with my femininity.
  • [23:53] The importance of giving yourself grace in whatever you are experiencing right now. Stop pushing too hard and give your body time to rest.
  • [25:00] Surrendering to our highest person and allowing the universe to hold us.
  • [25:54] Join a mastermind and surround yourself with like minded people.
  • [27:29] Reading books is another way to associate with great minds. You can also use the magical land of the Internet, YouTube videos, and TED Talks.
  • [28:57] Blog Herald in Orlando with Stephen and his daughter. Sometimes we have to go beyond ourselves for our loved one.
  • [29:30] The importance of taking care of yourself. Including cleansing toxic lead or toxic poisoning.
  • [30:35] Chelation and working with a naturopath and eliminating the amalgam fillings.
  • [31:15] People who love the planet and the world and want to dominate in a good way by helping the planet and other people at World Domination Summit in Portland.
  • [31:44] I talk about Mike Vardy organizing and systemizing your life. Mike will be on this show next year.
  • [32:07] Talking with Loral Langemeier: Wealth Building Mastermind. We are constantly fed lies about our worthiness to become wealthy.
  • [33:23] The more I hang out with the wealthy the more I see that we are all humans. The only difference is just a small shift in mindset.
  • [35:11] Why do you need it? Why do you want it? Guilt around having wealth. Having something just because you wanted it. It is OK to have a blessed life and have opportunities to help other people.
  • [37:22] Podcast Movement and learning how to create a better podcast. I have finally gained  the strength to share my message without hiding behind my guests.
  • [38:55] If you send me an email, I promise you that I will answer it. If you are enjoying this podcast reach out and say hi!
  • [41:14] Ground yourself and get out in nature. Lakes, forests, trees, take a walk.
  • [41:44] Biohacking. I even had Dave Asprey on my show. It was awesome. Technologies that connect you to the future of medicine.
  • [43:55] The Bulletproof conference is like Disneyworld for geeks.
  • [44:37] I also went to India which was awesome. I also spent three hours with an elephant named Star. I love elephants, she was amazing. She even talked with elephant sounds.
  • [46:32] I saw the Dalai Lama! I could feel his energy when he passed.
  • [47:01] I took my mom and sister to Greece. It was raining and there were floods, but it was wonderful.
  • [47:31] I also became an American citizen this week. It was an intimate ceremony of 5000 of us.
  • [49:03] Israel and the US are the greatest of allies, and we are very connected. I have a dual citizenship.
  • [50:29] This has been a great year. Everyone should reflect on your last year and celebrate all of your achievements.  
  • [51:40] I wish you a happy and healthy New Year and hope that all of your dreams come true.

About Today’s Show

Hey, how are you? Wow, I can’t even imagine it’s been a year. It just passed in the blink of an eye, so fast. I was thinking about doing this episode and sharing my year with you and my first thought was like, “Oh my God! I achieved nothing. What a waste of a year.” And then I said to myself, “Hold on, hold on.” This is so typical to everyone that is an A type personality, somebody who likes to achieve and conquer and get to places and have big dreams. Sometimes it takes time to manifest all your dreams. I took a step back, I took a deep breath, I also asked my husband what happened last year? I actually don’t remember. The reason why I couldn’t remember was because actually so much happened last year that everything became like a blur. It’s so easy to just drop into that place of, “Uh, nothing happened. I didn’t achieve anything.” And not celebrate our achievements.

Do you celebrate your achievements? Probably not as much as you should. We always wait for this big thing to happen for us to celebrate. But sometimes it’s the little things. Sometimes when you just take a deeper look, you can really appreciate how much you advanced and how much so many good things have happened.

If you had a bad year or painful things happened to you, I have to assure you that sometime in the future, looking back, you will be able to see the gifts in what happened because everything that you experienced will help you grow. Everything that you experience can be a lesson, and a launching pad to a new, stronger emotional wellbeing, and to becoming better at business, better at relationships, and better at life, because through the contrast, through seeing the darkness, seeing what we don’t want, it actually helps us see what we do want. Just think about that and know that whatever happened to you meant to happen to you because the universe is working for you. Nothing that’s happening to you, the universe is happening for you.

Know that whatever happened to you meant to happen to you because the universe is working for you. Nothing that’s happening to you, the universe is happening for you. Click To Tweet

I’m looking on my last year. 2016 was a super stressful year for me because I was planning my wedding, and I did not know that planning a wedding would be such a difficult task. Everybody told me so, I’m like, “No. It’s a small wedding. And this going to be in a remote location. And I’m going to have a wedding planner, so it’s going to be really easy.” Not! It was super stressful. I think I got adrenal fatigue just from planning my wedding. Turned out to be pretty good but man, until the day of the wedding, it was pretty stressful.

We did our wedding in a remote, super remote location. In Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula, it’s just a beautiful, beautiful remote place. The Osa Peninsula is considered to be one of the most biodensed areas in Costa Rica. There are more than 800 species of birds, 800! There is life everywhere. It’s just beautiful. We were in this beautiful lodge. It’s called La Paloma Lodge. Beautiful and people treated us really nicely. Everywhere you look, you can see monkeys, and you can toucans, and sea birds, and so many beautiful things around you.

The only thing is that the moment I arrived, it was so pouring rain. I was soaked. I had to go to the La Paloma Lodge on a little boat because the airport was so flooded that it was shut down. I was stressed out of my mind, but eventually everything happened, the Gods of weather were with us and it turned out to be a beautiful experience with a small group of our closest friends, and family, and it was beautiful. Up until it happened, woah, the stress! That was 2016. It’s almost like I had to take a deep breathe in 2017 and in some way, shape or form, allow myself to just sink in being a wife and living my life in this new arrangement and really focusing, it’s almost like unfocusing but then also refocusing on what I really want to achieve.

One of my biggest achievements that I’m really proud of was launching the Awaken Your Inner Goddess Seven Day Challenge just because it was so awesome. Every woman that took on the challenge, that’s so many breakthroughs. It’s so fascinating to see that in just taking care of yourself, and investing in yourself for 15 minutes a day, nothing more, 15 minutes a day of no Facebook, no Twitter, no electronics around you, no kids, no partners, nobody, just you for you, investing in yourself 15 minutes a day. Everybody can take 15 minutes a day. I don’t care how busy you are. Make it happen, 15 minutes a day, just to focus on yourself. Because it was structured, and it’s almost like I give the women permission to take that 15 minutes a day for themselves, and they had the Facebook group, and they had accountability, they did the exercises I gave them and man, the breakthroughs were amazing. Women just fell in love with themselves and the responses I got just filled me with joy and happiness. For me it was just a reassurance that everything that I learned, all my travels, all my studying, I’ve been travelling over 37 countries, I studied from the best in the world, and I’m a learner, and I love to soak and learn, and gain new knowledge because I am this type of person that wants to expand but I also want to fulfil my mission.

My mission is to help women shine. My mission is to light you up. My mission is to bring the right knowledge and expand your horizon and help you see beyond your limitations. Man, I’m struggling with the same things that you’re struggling with. The only thing that is different is that I gained some new tools that help me cope. Another thing is I’m surrounded with people that are pushing me forward. One of them is my amazing, dear husband who is just one of the biggest blessings in my life. It’s about peer group, and it’s about learning, and expanding. When I was in a dark place, I had other teachers that reached out to me and helped me. I want to help you too, and reach out to you and just say, “Hey, I just want to show you there is another way that you can take, and you breakthrough, and you can excel. And you know what, regardless of where you are, and how much money you make, or how good your relationship is, or whatever, there is always the next level.”

Tony Robbins says that, “If you don’t grow, you die.” And I feel it. Times where I don’t push myself out of my comfort zone, when I don’t expand, I just shrivel and shrink. This is not how I want to live my life. Looking forward to 2018, I want to expand, and grow, and I want to reach, and I want to touch the stars, and I want to have a stellar life beyond a stellar life. Yes.

Looking back at the last year. Like I said, it was like, “Yeah. I didn’t achieve anything.” There was the amazing Awaken Your Inner Goddess Challenge, and amazing breakthroughs. I’m also super grateful for my clients that trusteed me to take on that journey with me and trust my guidance and follow through. It’s such a two way street. It’s not like I’m giving my clients and I’m the authority, it’s never like that. The more I give them, the more they have breakthroughs, the more they feel more confident and sexy, and they see their true beauty, and they see how amazing and wonderful and infinite potential they are and they awaken their own, what I call, their own inner goddess, that part of them that is sexy, and juicy, and alive, and passionate, the more I gain. It helps my self-confidence because I’m not a confident person all the time. I have some confidence but some days I wake up, and I’m like, “What am I doing? Why am I here?” Everything that I do is working but then I get a phone call, or I receive a message. Every time, it’s so awesome, it’s almost like the universe sends me those messages. Every time I feel a little down, I’m like, “I don’t know if my podcast is expanding as much as I wanted it to. I’ll get an email that says something nice about my podcast and about how I changed someone’s life. I’m like wow that’s really nice.

It happened several times where I get a little bit low, and then I get some messages from the universe. You need to listen to those messages. Because if those messages come and you block them, you won’t see them. You want to look for the clues, and you want to open yourself to receive the clues. It’s very important. There is so much beyond what we can’t see. Even the reality where we can only see 1%. But in the grand pictures, there is 99% that is more than we can see, there is so much more than our physical senses can sense, or our limited conscious mind can accept. There is so much beyond. One of my fascination is to look beyond the 1% into the realm of the 99% and see beyond. Sometime I get a glimpse of it. Sometimes I get a glimpse of how big and vast we are, and sometimes I don’t. Enlightenment is not something that happens to you one day, and boom! You are enlightened. It’s like we get glimpses of enlightenment, and we get bigger and bigger, but like I said, there is always the next level, there is always the next level. The next question is how deep down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?

There is 99% that is more than we can see, there is so much more than our physical senses can sense, or our limited conscious mind can accept. There is so much beyond.

I want to share with you my past year. I went to Denver to see the amazing Donny Epstein and experience the transformation gate. Donny Epstein is a real life wizard, honestly. We met him through the Tony Robbins circles, he’s a friend of my husband, and that’s how we met him. In my heart, I call him Uncle Donny because I feel such closeness to him. He and his wife Jackie, they run programs that are called Ultimatum, Transformational Gates, where Donny does energetic healing work. It’s pretty insane to see where he puts you on a table and he doesn’t even touch your body, he touches the air near your body and there is wave that goes onto your spine, and people get into a trance state, almost like connect to different realms. They say that God is not an idea, God is an expression. It’s the same with what you experience with Donny, it’s like you have to experience it to really feel it. Every time I go and I get treatments from Donny, it’s a whole new level of happiness and expansion. It’s really, really wonderful.

My husband belongs to a secret society. It’s Neil Strauss’s Secret Society for men. It’s not that secret anymore because I’m telling you. Boom! The secret is out. Sometimes I do have co-ed events. We went there and we learned the five steps to mastery. I don’t know if I mastered anything yet, I just pray that every time I go to a conference or to a seminar, something goes into my subconscious mind so I can come here and I can bring in to you and I can bring it to my clients, and I can share it with you. Mastery is a big word. I don’t know if I had mastered anything, but I’m working on it, I’m working on it.

Another thing we went to was Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego, where I learned, again, about internet marketing, search engine optimizations, and email marketing. I have the potential to be a good marketer but I just need to connect this to my highest value because I find it a bit dry. It’s not my zone of genius but I become better and better at marketing.

The idea of marketing and sharing your story and bragging is something that is a bit difficult, especially for women. It’s almost like with women, we try to be modest with each other. Like, “Oh my God, what a beautiful dress.” “Oh, this old thing?”  It’s like, “What a beautiful dress.” “Thank you. I feel sexy and amazing, thank you.” It’s something that I’m retraining myself over and over again to say, because I hear other experts and I hear them talk about themselves and their business, and they’re always like, “Wow they’re so amazing.” I’m like, “Hey! Wait a minute. I’m good too and I should talk about that too.” Marketing and sharing your message with the world is so important. You know what? Because your message is important. Whatever you are passionate with, share it with the world and don’t hold back. Just share it, just be okay. It’s a matter of practice, because if you’re not used to it, it’s hard. For some people, they’re natural at bragging, they’re natural at selling, they’re natural at sharing everything, they’re very open and sharing. For others it’s a little bit more difficult.

For this upcoming year, I encourage you to share your message boldly and fearlessly, and just own who you are because you are pretty, pretty cool. You are a cool person, you’re a cool goddess to share who you are with the world fearlessly. If this is one of your New Year’s resolutions, go for it! This is my every year New Year resolution. This year I’m going to be more courageous! This year I’m going to be more bold!

Where else, where else? I went to visit my family for a month, and then I planned a really nice trip for my husband and me to go to the Dead Sea. I love the Dead Sea. The water are really healing, and then you can go there and put on this mineral mud that just soaks out all the toxins, all the impurities in your skin. By the time you go back home, it’s almost like you feel like you’re reborn. It’s one of my favorite places. It was super hot. We went to one of the best resorts there, and they have indoor pools and outdoor pools, and then outside there was Dead Sea. It was [7:00]AM, it’s like I’m going to get up really early. I’m going to start in the sauna. I’m going to really detoxify and then go to the salt pools and then do this and this. I’m going planning my day. Stephan was still asleep. I was just like rise and shine and go to the sauna! I went to the dry sauna, I was astounded to see a group of Koreans. I don’t know how a group of 30 Korean ladies could get into this tiny dry sauna room, but they did. I was like, okay, I’ll come back. And then when I came back, so many women, the floor was wet from Dead Sea water. As soon as I stood up after 10 minutes in the sauna, I fell, almost hit my face but my left arm got tangled under my body and my shoulder. Something happened to my shoulder, and I fell. Something was really wrong with my wrist. It was one of the most miserable moments because I was really vulnerable.

In the dry sauna, by myself, flat on the floor, I am in excruciating pain, and I’m wearing a bathing suit, that’s really vulnerable. I’m screaming and then somebody saw me. The person that was cleaning the resort saw me outside and he reached out. I’m in such pain and then two strange men come to grab me and hold me. The whole experience, and there was a little bit of blood involved, horrible. It was just horrible. This year for me was also a year of recovery because I had to wear a cast, I’m still rehabilitating my shoulder. I’ve been doing tons of strength training for my shoulder. I’m so grateful for my trainer that helps me so much. Thank you so much for that. I also take acupuncture to relieve the pain because it’s really affected my neck and my shoulder. I really had to rehabilitate this shoulder.

I’m a very athletic person. I used to be a personal trainer. I value fitness, I value exercise, I like feeling the exertion in in my body. Honestly, nobody really likes to exercise, but we really like the feeling that happens after we exercise. Correct? I like that feeling. I like feeling alive and in my body. I always see myself as young animal, even like a young lioness where I have the power and I have the agility. All of a sudden, I have to step back and not train because I’m in pain. When I don’t train, I get a little bit down. I’m not as happy. I eat more, so I gained weight. I didn’t train as well, and I had to stop going to do Krav Maga, which is the Israeli martial arts. Krav Maga is a really cool martial arts because during the holocaust, the partisans, the people that were hid in the woods from the Nazis, just simple men, women, and children, farmers, and city people, and they did not know how to fight. They came up with this martial art that is super fast and effective, straight to the point, not very ceremonial, not like Aikido or a Karate, or Aikido with all the ceremonial parts of it and the levels. Krav Maga is just an effective self defense art form. The idea is that when an enemy come, you can paralyze the enemy as fast as you can and just run. It’s not about attacking, it’s about defending and running away.

When an enemy come, you can paralyze the enemy as fast as you can and just run. It’s not about attacking, it’s about defending and running away. Click To Tweet

They created it so even children, women, and elderly people can learn it really fast to defend themselves. I’ve taken some classes and I had to, of course, stop my classes. I also had to stop my pole dancing classes which sucked. My pole dancing classes is where I feel like I allow myself to connect to my femininity, and release all kinds of emotions, through the body. I love it. I love that polarity of taking both a very masculine martial art but also a very feminine martial art, to strengthen myself on both ways. I feel like when I take martial arts, I feel more focus driven, kick ass, like I can really succeed in my business and everything that needs more of a drive, but I also need the feminine to counter balance it and allow myself to relax into my feminine body and remind myself to be a woman in a world that is actually pretty masculine.

I couldn’t do pole dancing, I couldn’t do martial arts, that was also a part of my struggle. Whatever you’re experiencing right now, give yourself grace. The world doesn’t work exactly how we want it, when we want it, right now. Maybe if you were an advanced yogi meditator and you can manifest things out of thin air, that might happen. But for most of us, the universe doesn’t work exactly how we want it. Sometimes we have to take detours. Sometime we have to learn the lessons the hard way, and maybe, just maybe, my lesson was just chill. Just chill. You need that time for recovery. Your body is tired, stop pushing too hard, you are pushing too hard. And maybe I was. I was pushing hard, especially before my wedding, I was pushing really hard at the martial art, with pole dancing, and when my training. I was really pushing it. And maybe my body was like it’s time to let go. I was just humbled by this experience. Things work sometimes when you surrender. Not from a place of weakness, but from a place of power. You surrender to your highest purpose, you surrender to the universe. Yes, you do whatever you need to do. “We are spiritual beings having a human experience,” like Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say. But sometimes we need to hold back and let go, and let go and allow the universe to hold us and accept the lessons.

What else happened in the last year? Yes. I went to the California Women’s Conference where I met one of my new mentors, Jennifer Diepstraten. She was here on the show and she teaches me, helped me with my IP and helped me with selling and I just love her. She’s a wonderful human being. She’s so sweet. I learned a lot from her, still I am. I’m in her year long mastermind and I’m having a blast. I love it. Another credit is to join a mastermind because you want to surround yourself with likeminded people.

In Judaism, there is a saying and I’m going to translate it very loosely from Hebrew. “You don’t want to be the head of the fox, you want to be the tail to the lions.” Something in me always drove me that way my whole life. Even when I was young, I always look to hang out with people that are older than me, people that are smarter than me. Almost like people my age were boring or flat. I guess I’ve been through a lot in my life, and the more pain or suffering, or experiences you go through, the more you excel. For me, this principle of being a tail to the lions is a big one. I never want to be the smartest person in the room. I’ve been to rooms where I’ve been the smartest person. It gets boring real fast. I don’t want that. I want to be surrounded by people that are amazing, by people that know more than me, by people that have better mindset than mine, and they will pull me forward. That’s why I go into masterminds, that’s why I go into rooms where the greatest leaders and luminaries are in because I want to rub shoulders with them.

Another analogy or metaphor is saying that, “When you go to a perfume shop, you always leave with some perfume on you, with some scent on you.” Just by association, I get something out of it. You might think, “I don’t have the money to be in masterminds.” I don’t have the money to go and travel the way you travel, Orion.” I get it, I wasn’t always able to afford all those masterminds and travels and all that. But you know what? Another way to associate to those great minds is read their books. Just read something every day. Watch something every day on YouTube. There is something called the internet. It is a magical land where all the knowledge in the universe is in. You can tap into so many great minds, and great ideas, and free TED talks. Stop looking at Taylor Swift videos or cat videos. Well don’t stop looking at cat videos, cat videos are awesome. But I’m just saying add to them some motivational videos, add to them something that will inspire you every day. Play in the background before you go to sleep so it will penetrate your subconscious mind and allow you to soak in all this beautiful knowledge. This knowledge is going to come up in unexpected time. All of a sudden, you’ll have this beautiful idea to help you move forward.

I joined that mastermind, and I also went to Orlando, BlogHer with Stephan, and Stephan’s daughter, both of them were speaking about SEO. It was a great success and I was there to support them. I’m very proud of myself because honestly, I was tired of travelling but I did that for them. Another lesson, sometimes you have to go beyond yourself to be there for your loved ones, and I came from a place of service, I’m there to support them, I am there to strengthen our relationship, and I did it and I’m pretty proud of myself.

Taking care of your health is super important. In this podcast, I had people like the JingSlingers, Jay and Joy, and Dr. Mathea, and other doctors and experts talking about the toxic lead and toxic metals in your body. Many people get mercury poisoning, or high mercury levels in their bodies from eating fish. A lot of time, from the silver fillings in your mouth. Those silver fillings are there forever. They keep leeching mercury into your bloodstream. What happens with mercury, the moment it gets into your brain, it wraps the cells, it develops roots in your brain and it blocks hormone receptors, it blocks your cells from getting what they need. You need to do a chelation process to work with a naturopath, and most of all, you want to eliminate the source which is the amalgam.

I went to a doctor in Tijuana, Mexico because they actually have amazing doctors there. Actually it wasn’t that much cheaper than in California, but what I knew is that that doctor was very good, and he had the right process because they need to remove it in a certain way that won’t hurt you, and then they cover you with a special rubber. It’s a whole process. If you ever go and do amalgam removal, please do your research.

After that, I went to World Domination Summit in Portland where I just joined people that love the planet and love the world, love to dominate the world but not in a bad way. Because some people have reservation for the world domination. It’s about just helping the planet, helping other people, and becoming a better human being.  I also attended a workshop from Mike Vardy. Mike Vardy knows a lot about organizing yourself, and prioritizing and systemizing your life, and I learned so much from him, and I even was coached by him. He’s a friend of ours, and he’s an amazing human being, and he’s going to be on this podcast next year! Amazing.

Another mastermind, Loral Langemeier’s mastermind that we are a part of. This is a wealth building mastermind. Nobody teaches you how to build wealth, it is not intuitive. You are constantly being fed all kinds of lies about wealth building, and mostly about your worthiness of becoming wealthy. This is a big one and it’s also a big one for me. I live a stellar life, I have a pretty good life, I have a very unusual life, and still, when it comes to wealth and money, I’m insecure.

Nobody teaches you how to build wealth, it is not intuitive. You are constantly being fed all kinds of lies about wealth building, and mostly about your worthiness of becoming wealthy.

I come from a very poor upbringing. I was in a neighborhood which everybody had beautiful villas back in Israel, in Tel Aviv. But we were the poorest house in the neighborhood, and this belief system, I am the poorest in the neighbourhood, is a recurring theme in my life. I keep finding myself being around people that are successful and I want it, and I want to be around them. But sometimes I do feel not worthy, not like them. Honestly, the more I hang out with the wealthy, the successful, the shiny, the more I see that we are all freaking humans and the difference between the most successful people in the world and myself, or maybe you, is just a little shift in mindset. Is just a little belief, little change in belief, tiny, tiny, tiny one that shifts, that allows them to understand that they are worthy.

I was listening to a podcast. It’s called 10x Talk. It’s with Joe Polish and Dan Sullivan. I just love that podcast. Dan Sullivan was talking about a time when he was a child and they were really poor, they didn’t have much, they didn’t have any luxury, they had the basic needs. I might not be telling the story exactly the way he told it but I just want to share it with you. They went by a luxury hotel, just five minutes walking inside the luxury hotel. And then Dan told his mom, “Can I just stay here for five minutes?” He stood there and he looked at the wealthy people, and he looked at the wealthy, the richness of the place, and the beautiful furniture, the beautiful rugs, and chandeliers, he looked at the staff members, and their uniforms, and their mannerisms. He was like, “Woah. This is it. This is where I want to be.” I just listened to that episode yesterday. It was awesome.

He was talking about a concept of why do you want it? Do you need it? Why do you need it? Why do you need a big house? Why do you need a caterer? Why do you need to fly first class? Why do you need it? In our society, there is so much guilt around wealth where he was saying, there are those big billionaires that they say that they earn their money because they want to help the planet. And he says, “I don’t need to help the planet to have money. I want it because I want it.” Why do you want it? Do you need it? No, I want it. Why do you want it? I want it because I want it. Boom! I want it because I want it. Can’t you just have something just because you want it? At the end of your life when you go and face God, will God say, “You’re a bad person. You were flying first class.” It’s okay to be both. It’s okay to have a blessed life because the more money you have, the more opportunity you have to help other people. The bigger business you have, the more people you hire. And then you help them become a good employee, you help them support their families. I’m going to listen to that episode over and over again because this is something that I have some weird guilt about wealth or my lifestyle sometimes.

It’s really crucial to expand your mindset because if you want to be wealthy and successful, that little shift of I don’t do it because I need it, I don’t do it because I have to have a bigger cause than mine, I just want it because I want it. Why do you want it? Do you need it? No, I don’t need it. I want it. Why do you want it? I want it because I want it. That’s it, period. End of story. Really powerful. This is why I am in a mastermind surrounded by people that have bigger, better mindset around wellness. That’s why I also bring those people here on the show, because I want to share them with you.

Another place I went to was Podcast Movement. Podcast Movement, just to learn how to be a better podcaster and get inspired to keep going and sharing my message with you. I think because of going to Podcast Movement, you hear me rambling along for the last 40 minutes because I finally gained the strength to talk to you, and share my message, and not hide behind my guests. Just allow myself to share what I’ve learned, what I feel, my thoughts, my feelings with you. If you’re enjoying it, please share some feedback with me and go to orionsmethod.com, you can contact me there. Or if you’re on my email list, if you go to stellarlifepodcast.com, I think you’ll receive a free ebook and then automatically you’re on my mailing list so you can get me sharing my message with you sharing about other podcasts or blog posts or videos or other awesome content that I have to share with you. If you’re interested, go to stellarlifepodcast.com, and join our mailing, get the free ebook, and get all my notifications and keep in touch. If you receive my emails, I’m still at the place where I answer them personally. I promise to you that if you send me an email, I will answer you back and I’m so appreciative of that because it helps me keep going when I receive those emails.

Podcast land, it’s very weird, I’m just here in from of my mic, talking to you. I don’t know who you are but I’m talking to you, hello, high five. You out there, I don’t know when you’re listening to this podcast, I don’t know what you’re thinking, I hope it is valuable. Just to help me keep going, if you’re enjoying this, one of the greatest gifts you can give me is to reach out and to say hi and to tell me how you feel.

Have you heard of Abraham Hicks? If you haven’t, check it out, there are tons of YouTube videos. Esther Hicks is a medium and she channels entities that are called Abraham. She brings incredible knowledge. I love her videos. If you go on YouTube and you Google Abraham Hicks, you can find videos about how do I get along with my partner, how do I attract more money, how do I deal with health challenges. All the videos are amazing. Abraham Hicks. I went to see her this year, every time I go there, I just love it. The community of people in that room are awesome.

Another major thing that I saw was the solar eclipse in Salem. Yay! It was amazing. Very exciting to see this beautiful, natural phenomenon. It was a great trip. My husband and I enjoyed it so much. Nature is so beautiful. It’s important to be out in nature and connect and be away from all those cellular waves, and electronics, and being a coach and a marketer. Because if you’re a coach, you are a marketer. Being in front of the computer many hours of the day, it’s not that healthy. Ground yourself, go take a walk on the beach, take a walk by the lake, drive somewhere in nature, sit in the forest, hug a tree. Hug a tree, please hug a tree. Have you ever tried hugging a tree? It’s really cool. Because if you really listen, you might hear something.

One of my passions is biohacking. It took about six months for me, six months, to get the amazing Dave Asprey on this show. And I had the most fantastic, fantastic podcast episode with him. I’m telling you, biohacking is pretty cool. It’s new technologies that connect you with the future of medicine. You can biohack your body and you can use, there are so many new technologies that will connect you to better health and better wellbeing. As we speak, I am trying to look for the Dave Asprey episode. If you want to look for an episode on Stellar Life podcast, just put in the search box the name of the guest and you will get into the episode. The number of the episode is number 38. There is a part one and a part two. Dave Asprey is one of the most well-known biohackers on the planet. He’s got millions of followers and we spent time at the Bulletproof Conference which is by far one of our favorite conferences ever.

Sometimes I go to conferences year after year, and one year it’s amazing, and then the next it’s like meh. But with Bulletproof Conference, it’s always got an edge. And the community is amazing. Because you go there, they serve you bulletproof coffee for free, for three days. Everybody is running around like crazy wired on bulletproof coffee, so energetic, speaking really fast, I guess. On the third day you see people crashing, it’s funny. You can go to the tech hall and you can experiment with all kinds of new tech like hyperbaric chamber and neurofeedback, this kind of tanning bed that you’re surrounded by red light that rejuvenate your skin, and a virtual floating tank. It’s almost like Disney World for nerd geeks that love to feel better. I don’t know if I described it better, if I can describe it better but this is what it’s like.

The nicer thing is the speakers, OMG! Best speakers. He brings in best technologies, best speakers. I know him personally, I’ve been to his book launch party. Just a great guy, very genuine, very sweet, and everything he teaches is gold. Go to episode 38 and check out Dave Asprey. He’s awesome.

What else happened? I went to India. Hooray! India was awesome because I got the privilege of spending three hours with an elephant, a big elephant named Tara. Tara means star. Star, I still think about her. She just got into my heart and one of the most beautiful moments of my life, one of the highlights of my life. We spent time with her, we fed her, and we washed her. We were riding her but not with a saddle, just with a little blanket on her. We’re just riding her, my husband and I for 10 minutes. It was three hours later and we really connected. She’s a young elephant. She’s 25 and she was playful. Throwing straws over, and I was hugging her, and loving on her. Oh God, I love elephants. I didn’t know that I love elephants that much until I met her. Elephants are so brilliant.

That moment when I was on the back of the elephant. Do you know that elephant talk? They do this rumbling sound. It’s like a cat purr but it’s an elephant version. You know cats, they do this little purring thing, but when an elephant does that, it’s very deep. It’s amazing, sounds something like that. I was laying on her back, I felt the sun in my face, and I felt the vibration of the elephant talking to me. It was just magical. Very magical moment.

I also got to see the Dalai Lama. We went to Dharamsala, we couldn’t get the tickets. We just saw him passing by. We waited there from [4:00] AMO just to see him. It was another magical moment. Just the moment he passed, I felt his hand energy and I didn’t expect to feel anything, but it was amazing. India is a very special place.

I also took my mom and my sister to Greece. It was raining in Greece. Sunny Greece was very rainy. And there were floods, and we had water in our Airbnb but there were two days of sun and we got to see The Acropolis and connected to people, Greek people are pretty awesome. That was another wonderful experience. This week, I got my American citizenship and now I’m an American. I’m a true American now because I have my citizenship. It was an achievement. I had my green card here for a while. I could’ve gotten my citizenship awhile now but our president currently, he doesn’t like immigrants that much. I’ve decided to just go ahead and get it over with and not delay it for more years. I went there, I took my vow to the flag, and it was a very intimate ceremony, just 5000 of us.

Honestly, it didn’t feel very intimate. It was just like a bunch of 5000 people. There was an Armenian lady near me and she was all teary and crying and excited. I got excited but I guess I’ve been here for a while now. I already felt like a part of this country. It’s interesting and I feel like there is a part of me that is totally Israeli and there is a part of me that is totally American. Sometimes I’m in between. In America, I’m not completely American, and in Israel, I already have an American accent which is weird. Really weird, and the culture. I see these two places as very connected. We were always allies. Israel is the greatest ally of the United States in the Middle East. The United States is a great ally of Israel. The relationship between the two countries are very strong and very connected. I feel very good about the decision. I now have dual citizenship, I’m both.

That was a great achievement. I posted a little photo of me with my flag on Facebook. 350 people told me, “Hello and welcome!” I got that heat of dopamine from Facebook likes and it’s really nice to see that people like, “Welcome to our country!” Which is kind of odd because I’ve been here for 16 years. Or, “You’re a great addition to our country! Yes! Welcome, welcome!” I’ve been here 16 years. Thank you! Awesome. I appreciate it. I really appreciate everybody that liked and commented, thank you, it made me feel happy. I didn’t even want to post it on Facebook, and I was like boom. Okay, yay!

It’s been a great year. I have so many topics that I wanted to share with you for this episode but I guess I have to break it down and go more into goal setting and visioning your next year on our next episode. But the lesson I want you to take from this episode is really reflect on your last year, and celebrate all your achievements, go back and check your calendar. Where have you been? Who are you with? Who did you share some laughs with? Went to a movie with? Held hands with? What health challenges did you overcome? How did you grow? Just the fact that you’re here listening is telling me that you’re a person that wants to expand, and want to grow, and want to have more in their life. I just wanted to, from the bottom of my heart, wish you a happy, healthy, joyful, magnificent new year. I want all your dreams to come true, and I want to urge you to dream big because you are capable. You are so capable.

Often, people overestimate what they can achieve in a year, and underestimate what they can achieve in 10 years. Time is not linear as Einstein says. Give yourself the grace and the time to achieve your dreams. Just take one little step every day. That’s all you need to do. One step at a time. No more than that. If you want to go from New York to Los Angeles, you put on the GPS, and you put on your destination, but you cannot see the roads that you’re going to cross, the traffic, the cops, the diners you’re going to drive by, the landscape. The only thing that you can see is the road ahead. But keep driving, and have the faith to know that you are going to achieve your destination. The moment that you’re going to achieve your destination, guess what? You’re just going to put on your GPS the new destinations, your new dreams, the new goals that you want to accomplish.

Time is not linear as Einstein says, Give yourself the grace and the time to achieve your dreams. Just take one little step every day. Click To Tweet

Thank you so much for listening. If this was helpful again, follow me on Twitter @oriontalmay, that’s also my Instagram @oriontalmay. Go to orionsmethod.com which is my website. Go towww.stellarlifepodcast.com for show notes and to get on our mailing list and contact me. I would love to hear from you. Have a happy, joyful, and outstanding, and especially stellar new year!

Your Checklist Actions to Take

✓ Be patient and don’t be too hard on yourself. You will reach your goals when the right time comes if you’re persistent. 

✓ Acknowledge your small achievements. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate and be thankful during your journey.

✓ Appreciate the little things and reflect on the deeper things in life. 

✓ Invest in yourself for at least fifteen minutes a day. Spend time alone without any distractions and do something you love.

✓ Keep learning and always welcome expansion and growth. You can learn a new skill, read a great book or go on a new adventure.

✓ Listen to the message that the universe is sending you. Follow clues that will lead you to the path of success. 

✓ Take breaks, rest well and listen to what your body is telling you. 

✓ Let go and surrender everything to the universe. Let experiences humble you.

✓ Sign up for conferences and masterminds where you can meet and learn from luminaries and teachers. 

✓ Find things that will inspire and motivate you every day. The world has a lot to offer if you look hard enough. 

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