Tired of today’s dating scene – all the apps, websites, and impersonal way of searching for love? Do you feel like all the men you date are not on your energy wavelength, leaving you disappointed and let down with their empty promises and lack of commitment? Do you want to find a love that ignites your passion, that makes you happy, that brings out the best in you and lets your divine feminine energy shine through? A relationship with solid foundations – of trust, commitment, love, passion, and communication. Today is the perfect day to start manifesting the relationship, the partner, the passion that you’ve always dreamed of. That one soulmate who was meant for you – he’s out there, and there is no better time to start your journey into finding each other.

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Stressed, feeling low, and out of sync? Whether you are managing a business, maintaining an exciting social calendar, or even running a household and taking care of everybody... many women find that they can get lost in the mix and fall out of touch with their bodies and their inner feminine spirit.

Imagine living a life where you radiate such light that happiness, love, joy, and energy abundantly flows into your life and the lives of others. You wake up in the morning smiling, jump out of bed and love what you see in the mirror. You enjoy a no-guilt, delicious breakfast and your body feels fit, agile and energetic. You step outside, holding your head high, smelling the fresh air. You OWN your walk as you step into the world. It’s possible and I can show you how.


These transformational journeys will inspire you.

About Orion

Any of this sound familiar?

You’re tired. You’re too busy. You have a presentation in the morning. Your days start at 5am and they don’t stop until almost midnight, and somewhere in between you wonder what it would be like if you had one second for yourself – perhaps to go to the gym or start your salsa lessons...

But your career comes first, right? You rationalize that you have to stay focused on what’s important, so doing yoga or reading a book get tossed out for finishing a project or taking on that extra presentation at work.

I’ll let you in on a big secret – YOU are the most important person, and the longer you delay taking care of your physical, mental and emotional well-being, the more difficult it will become to start living the healthy life you need to look and feel your best.

I’m here to help you on the path to realizing your true potential!



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