Episode 11 | September 15, 2020

Stellar Conversations: The Movement of the Feminine with Sheila Kelley

A Personal Note From Orion

Feeling sexy and confident in your own skin is easier said than done. Being a woman can sometimes be really challenging, in so many ways. There’s just so much pressure on us and unrealistic expectations set forth by society, so we often feel disconnected with our true feminine essence. 

Feeling stressed out and depleted can affect how we see and treat ourselves. That’s why it’s important to find ways to keep coming back to our feminine energy- the one that makes us nurturing, kind, soft, and delicate. 

In this episode with Sheila Kelley, she teaches us how to embrace our feminine energy. She’s one of my biggest mentors and it’s from her that I learned about the S Movement. She has had a tremendous impact on how I see myself as a woman and I hope you’ll learn a lot from her when you tune in. 

To get the transcript for the episode, including some great quotes, click here.

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