Make love not war – with your MONEY

Here’s a riddle for you: The tighter you hold on, the more of me you’ll lose. The more of me you give, the more I’ll come back to you. What am I?  Did you guess it? The … [Read more...]


Are you really going to let your fears stop you from success?

Everything I achieved in my life took doing something uncomfortable. Hosting my podcast for example - at first, the thought of hosting a podcast, especially in English, terrified … [Read more...]


Reconnecting to Your Sensual Self: 5 Ways to Uncover Your Feminine Truth

Do you want to experience more pleasure, but you are embarrassed to embrace this intimate side of you? Don’t be shy - exploring your sensual-self is not taboo, despite how much … [Read more...]


The secret to getting what you want…

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and there is no better way to live a healthy, happy life than to keep this mindset of positivity. Your health can be affected by so many … [Read more...]


Curing Hormonal Imbalance & Improving Vitality for Women

Happy Tuesday! Does any of this sound familiar: You’re constantly moody, tired, and have persistent brain fog. You feel overweight and every single diet and exercise program … [Read more...]


How to self-regulate in today’s highly charged world

Has all the hatred, violence, and negativity reflected in the media got you down? You’re not alone. Turn on any news channel and you’ll be greeted by messages of hate and … [Read more...]


Live an abundant life with these 7 steps

Are you looking to improve your life? Maybe you want to fill your days with more love, abundance, or wellness. You are in charge of your destiny and if you put your mind to it, you … [Read more...]


7 Little Things That Will Make Your Relationship More Romantic

It’s the little things that matter. It might sound like a relationship cliché. That is until you realize that we’re conditioned to believe the opposite. Think about your everyday … [Read more...]


How to develop your personal style

Do you find yourself focusing on pictures from 20 years ago and say “Oh my god, I used to be so thin, or beautiful, or successful or whatever?” When you do that, you’re either in … [Read more...]


The Definition of Self Love: 7 Ways You Can Treat Yourself Better

You are sitting on a plane ready to fly to a new destination. The doors are closing and the airplane slowly starts down the runway preparing for takeoff. You buckle your seatbelt … [Read more...]

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