Episode 347 | December 5, 2023

A Radical Approach to Wellness with Clayton Thomas

A Personal Note From Orion

I’m excited to welcome you to the latest episode of Stellar Life, featuring biohacking specialist Clayton Thomas! In this radical conversation, Clayton and I explore powerful approaches to upgrade wellness by escaping the flawed medical matrix, effectively cleansing toxins, balancing neurotransmitters naturally, and much more.

Clayton’s background in his family’s animal health practice has informed his innovations in integrative therapies and research science. His degrees in communications, business, and kinesiology helped to fuel his current work, formulating products and protocols to identify risks and reverse chronic disease. Clayton, along with his brilliant wife, Dr. Christina Rahm. is now the architect of multiple community platforms that advance new models of empowered living.

This mind-expanding conversation provides tangible tips you can apply immediately to transform your health and life through intention. I guarantee you’ll gain game-changing insights to become the greatest version of yourself. Get ready to have your world turned upside down in the best way! So, without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [03:32] – Clayton Thomas shares his incredible journey, emphasizing the significance of engagement and learning through diverse experiences.
  • [10:44] – Clayton discusses the cause of chronic degenerative diseases and the impact of toxins on your health, especially the transfer of toxins through generations and the role of mercury in genetic expression.
  • [15:18] – Clayton describes his spiritual journey and how he identified the best version of himself.
  • [21:15] – Clayton compares the process of forging a samurai sword to the process of personal growth, highlighting the potential for either breaking or forging based on how you respond to challenges.
  • [25:13] – Clayton explains the concept of “walk, teach, and heal.”
  • [27:48] – Orion asks Clayton to talk about Dr. Christina Rham, including her recognized contributions.
  • [39:45] – Clayton explains how Clean Slate detoxifies the body by binding toxins and heavy metals, including mercury, cadmium, and lead, and flushing them out through the gut.
  • [43:53] – Clayton warns about the potential dangers of consuming mushrooms, particularly psychedelic ones, due to their ability to grow in the brain and cause chaos.
  • [50:00] – Clayton predicts a massive explosion of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) over the next 2-3 years due to environmental stressors and genetic expression.
  • [63:39] – Clayton elaborates on his top three stellar life tips.

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About Today’s Show

Hey, Clayton. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for being here.

Thanks for having me. We’re reconvening after meeting in Florida.

We went to Florida at the Biohacking Congress. I heard your talk, and it was so great. You’re very smart and very entertaining as well. It’s a beautiful combination. I want our listeners and people watching on YouTube to learn more about you, what you do, and your mission in the world.

You hit on one of the most important parts. If you’re a personality, you have to be able to show personality. If you can’t show personality and get people to laugh, they’re not paying attention to you. Hopefully, this will be entertaining.

There will be some education. There might be some insight. I’ll probably offend people a little because that’s always the good part. Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into. We’ve talked about biohacking, but let’s see where things lead us.

Let’s start by sharing about yourself. Where did you grow up? How did you become the incredible person that you are today?

I’m still working on the incredible part. I’m a byproduct of my wife, but I’m really fortunate. As many people work in the health arena, whether they’re practitioners or professionals, they usually get into this space because of having an issue that they want to take care of and having some experience that they realize, “Oh, this is something that I need to work on, or I want to get better at.”

My journey was actually from birth, which was really fortunate. It’s what I was put here for in understanding my journey. I grew up in an integrative veterinary practice. Literally, from about the time I was two years old, I was in the clinic and was able to grow up in southwest Washington State in a very rural area.

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My dad was doing large and small animal work. We spent a lot of time on different farms and farm calls. I spent my entire childhood either outside playing in the dirt and playing with animals or inside the clinic.

The journey for me was having a level of clinical acumen to understand the aspects of human and animal health that most people get later in life. I was studying mineral supplementation when I was eight. I remember being in the lab and looking at fecal and blood samples. My mom showed me parasites, bacteria, cells, and stool samples, what that means, how animals will function, what that does, understand what the term vaccinosis meant in animal health, which now applies much more to human health, and going through this process of really watching the integrative health space grow.

A lot of innovation in health care goes through the animal space first, whether it’s through animal trials or even veterinary medicine, because there’s no regulation for animals, and you can test things to see how they’re working. The good part is with animals, there’s no placebo effect. If you’re going to give something to an animal, whether it could be a laser, essential oils, energy work, or anything,

If you get a response, you know it’s getting a response because while animals are very telepathic, most people lose their telepathy because of the schooling process and vaccines as kids and such. But the ability to understand how animals function, and you can’t influence them much if you give protocols and such to them, you will see real or no outcomes.

I was an athlete. I was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD as a kid, which means I was high-functioning and one of the people who was put here to do crazy stuff. My parents knew how to keep me busy, so I did three sports constantly. When I did that, I got really good grades. If I didn’t, I went crazy, didn’t do well in school, and acted out because I needed to be engaged.

It’s a lesson today for parents because of how jacked up society is. If you have kids in today’s world, they need to be outside. They need to be barefoot. They need to be running around like crazy, doing crazy stuff, and having different experiences. That’s so crucial because that’s how we grow. That’s how we develop and how we learn. It’s where I learned how to communicate.

I’m talking with people in the clinic from different walks of life. I might have been talking to a farmer and a lawyer when I was four, five, six, or eight. It gave me an opportunity to learn that people communicate differently.

We’re all the same. We’re all human, but different personality types and blood types lead to people communicating differently. It’s so important to meet someone on their level. People used to say I’m good at sales, but I was just socialized early on.

Some of my mentors were people like Robin Williams, George Carlin, and some of the best comedians of all time because I found early on that humor is one of the best ways to communicate and a great way to break bonds. My dad was one of the best examples of that because of being in a clinic, and people would bring their pets in. Usually, when you go to the vet, you’re taking an animal in because they’re sick, and you don’t know what the problem is.

My dad would always break the ice with people because if you can get them to laugh, you’re breaking away from the chaos and giving them a reprieve, even for a second, but it also guarantees that someone’s listening to you. That was important.

Humor is one of the best ways to communicate and a great way to break bonds.

Going through college, I was fortunate to compete athletically as a division one athlete. That created a landscape for understanding the original biohacking. Athletes were the original true biohackers, all these people doing cold plunges and talking about how amazing they were.

I was talking with a couple of people about this last weekend. I’m like, “When I was in college, we would fill the whirlpool with ice, sit it up to our neck, and see who could stay in it longer. We’d be sitting in an ice bath, not 50-degree water, but 36-degree water for up to half an hour. We feel our hearts slow, like, “I’m not getting out. Are you getting out?”

The trainers would come over and go, “You guys are blue. You’re pretty much done now.” We’re like, “This is just what you do.” But looking at this journey, I had always been brought up about supplementation, diet, and lifestyle—all the things we can do to add to what we’re going on.

About 18 years ago, I had this epiphany. It was the first time God tapped me on the shoulder and said, “This is your path.” It took everything to a 180-degree turn of understanding that our health, performance, well-being, existence and ascension in this world have nothing to do with what you can add and everything to do with what you remove. My philosophy then became understanding this mechanism and trying to simplify the process.

The best way to explain this is like addition by subtraction. It’s like having a house. If you don’t take the trash out, you’ll have a cesspool very quickly loaded with pestilence and problems. You would never do that in your own home, but this is our problem in our bodies.

You have to figure out how to do it right when you go through that. There’s so much garbage in the market. There are so many companies trying to sell different stuff. The medical side of the world is using mechanisms that are so rudimentary, they’re not very effective, but they’re highly expensive, they’re highly invasive.

I was introduced to this little crystal. It’s funny how we’ve gone through the last 20 years, where people are starting to understand the power of crystals, even though the symbolism has been put in us forever that Superman, remember back in the 70s when the original Superman movie came out. We’re like, “Hold on, Superman is going to a bunch of crystals to recharge, get upgrades, and then he needs the sun to recharge.” I’m like, “They were showing this to us all along.”

They always show stuff in Hollywood movies. It’s like breadcrumbs.

It’s breadcrumbs, but it’s also part of the deal.

Tell me more.

They have to show it. They have to disclose, just like what people are finding with The Simpsons. How come the Simpsons knew things would go on 20 years before they happened? It’s like, “That’s the plan.” It was the intriguing aspect of realizing what our true problems were.

When I started to research this, I started to look back at research that was published in the 1950s and some really good meta-analysis that was published in 1970 by the World Health Organization before it was taken over by the evil empire. That looked at and explained that all the research shows that mercury and other metals, but primarily mercury, are the primary cause of all chronic degenerative diseases. If you know that there’s one primary cause, you don’t have to worry about the symptoms that come from that because mercury will disrupt every body organ system.

Mercury will disrupt every bit of the body, but it does differently in every individual, which is an amazing opportunity to create a business model if you know that the symptoms that are created by this one problem are going to be pervasive throughout time. If all you do is create symptoms, you can create an empire because people will never get well. They will continually have problems, and you will continually prescribe.

It didn’t make sense to me because, in my upbringing, we realized that you can never medicate an animal to health—everything they deal with is environmental and diet, and humans are no different. All of our problems pertain to the environment and diet. It’s how you address those two things. It’s the interesting dichotomy of how the game is played to put us in a position, to poison us. And being poisoned creates this cascade of chaos.

You’re talking about vaccines and Mercurian vaccines.

It’s one of the hardest conversations for women to accept. The biggest issue in society is that 70% of the toxins in a woman are passed into the placenta. These metals and environmental toxins are transgenerational. You can go back for generations and look at the women. What’s in your great-great-grandmother was in your great-grandmother, your grandmother, and your mother, which is in you. And then you look in the food, the water, the air, what’s injected into kids, and it’s absolutely horrific.

The biggest issue in society is that 70% of the toxins in a woman are passed into the placenta. These metals and environmental toxins are transgenerational. Click To Tweet

All of this was intentional. For people who think that they haven’t studied it, no, they haven’t shown studies on it, but they know what happens when you do it. It is a big thing. You have to work to get this stuff out. There’s no natural mechanism that the body has that can deal with the burden that we currently have because mercury alone actually shuts off methylation. For people who say they have an MTHFR issue, you don’t. You are just mercury-toxic.

Really? What?

It’s simple because we now understand that you rarely have genetic issues. But two primary genetic issues are not genetic, either. They’re just early fetal exposure to mercury that causes damage to specific chromosomes that leads to genetic issues. That is Down Syndrome and Sickle Cell Trait.

They talked about being genetic. But if you look at some of the literature that’s been published, the cause of Sickle Cell Trait and the cause of Down Syndrome is very early fetal developmental exposure to mercury that damages specific chromosomes that cause this chaos. The rest of it is epigenetics; it’s not genetic. It’s a genetic expression.

We know that through interaction, energetically, but also an environmental exposure diet, you can turn on or turn off genetic expression. Your genes can be activated or inactivated by your lifestyle, and that’s the biggest part. It’s not your genetics. It’s the expression of your genetics and beginning to play with those things.

As you get into this, it becomes a real understanding of true biohacking. About eight years ago, I got introduced to the woman that I was made to serve. It was the second time in my life that when John Salley put us on the phone, God went, “Follow her, because everything that you’re made to do is going to become.”

How does God tap you on the shoulder? When you say God tapped me on the shoulder, what does it feel like to you?

If you’re connected properly, we have the ability to access an infinite amount of information.

It was what I was showing. It was interesting because many people have all these spiritual experiences. My journey has been unique because of how I was raised, what I’ve gone through, and what I was able to experience.

When my friend called me 18 years ago and said, “Look at this, tell me what you think. You’ve got a science background, I don’t.” It was just like that if that’s your path. Follow that. You just know.

It was the interesting part as I started to get into that process, started researching, and applied the ability to download because learning just doesn’t come from what you see, read, and experience. We have the ability, if you’re connected properly, to have access to an infinite amount of information.

The universal Google.

Yeah, we’re bigger than Google.

That’s why I call it the universal Google. It’s what’s out there because whatever we learn as human beings, even the smartest of us, it’s not enough knowledge to know everything we need to know to fulfill our purpose. We always have to be open channels and connect because there is so much more information.

Yeah. It’s an infinite amount of information, and each of us is not made to understand everything or can understand it. It was one of the most important parts of Dr. Christina Rahm, who I was made to serve. What she wrote in her first book is one of the most insightful pieces of philosophy I’ve read, “We are each an imperfect piece to a perfect puzzle.”

You can extrapolate that in so many different ways of understanding that there are 8 billion pieces in the box right now, and we are each our piece. Without us being our authentic selves, the collage, this amazing puzzle will never be correct. It’s not about how you want to change yourself and how you identify. It’s a matter of becoming the best version of yourself.

We’ve coined it as ‘creating greatness’ because we are created from greatness. We are created in the image of greatness. It is our pursuit in almost every aspect of life that we want to identify the greatest. If it’s in sports, we want to talk about the greatest of all time. We don’t want to talk about mediocrity. Mediocrity is not entertaining.

We are each an imperfect piece to a perfect puzzle.

It was being able to figure out that journey. When John Salley initially put me on the phone with Christina, I was done when I heard her voice. It’s the funny part because she didn’t have social media. We met before social media was social media. And God went, “That’s who you’re supposed to follow. You’re supposed to serve her. Your mission in life will come through what you do with her.” That’s been our journey, and it’s been an interesting path.

As a man in this world, it’s one of the most important things to understand. With this shift that we’ve seen in humanity, we’ve seen what happens when men are at the forefront. It’s not our nature. We’re warriors by trade. We are the hunter-gatherers; we are meant to destroy. We are not nurturers, we are not creators, that’s women.

We are supposed to be the protector of women, and that’s been flawed because of the environment we live in, this satanic environment that we play in. This is not God’s country that we play in, and I think it’s something that’s missed. As men, we must understand that our purpose now is to serve and allow women to become the leaders and proprietors of this process that God made them to be.

Interestingly, in every other process, we look at stuff and go, “I’m going to make something once, and then I’m going to do it again.” When you make it the second time, you’re like, “I’m going to do it a little bit better this time.” If you make cookies for the first time, your first batch will never be that good.

The second time, you’re like, “I’m going to add a little more vanilla, or I’m going to add some more chocolate chips. I’m going to add a little sea salt. It will kick the flavor up a notch.” You always do it better. It’s like, “Okay, God made man first, but he made women second.” He’s like, “It was okay at first. I’m going to do it better the second time.”

As a woman, I appreciate the comments. I feel very loved and appreciated.

It’s important because our role in humanity will come through women; it always has. I have not seen a man give birth yet. When you just understand that premise, women are the ones that create us. From a hypnotherapy standpoint, most of the problems that people have, they’re going to go back to their childhood, some aspects of chaos that we’ve endured through our childhood. It could be from the physical trauma of what’s been injected that created this path of chaos. It could be just mentorship or stress in the family, and all of these things make who we are.

Your genes can be activated or deactivated by your lifestyle.


My journey over the last eight years of what Christina and I have done, really the last three years, has created an interesting level of insight into understanding this path because we want to create excuses. We want to be able to explain that it’s okay to have problems or do these issues, like this whole thing with mental health, now that it’s okay not to be okay. That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever heard.

It’s really interesting. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to neglect your body. There are a lot of things that have become bizarre to me, some of the new things. People don’t know how to define what a woman is. They are saying that they are a woman, but they cannot even define what it is. Those things were very clear.

They’re pretty well-defined. If you ever remember at any point in your life looking down and you have a penis, you’re a man—no other way of defining that deal. It’s like, “I feel a little bit off today. I think I’m a woman. Nope, sorry. You know what, I think I’m a cat. Nope, sorry, doesn’t apply. Those are just issues.”

What I’ve been able to break down, especially over the last three years of watching our community, watching what’s happened in people, and trying to simplify this process to understand, be able to teach, and be able to be a good dad, but also be a mentor to our community of understanding this process of life, and how we explain things, and how you explain to someone why they went through the things that they went through, some things are inexcusable. What we see with all the satanic pedophilia, child trafficking, and all the harm that is being done to kids and has been done to kids for so long that’s been hidden well and is now becoming more abundant.

As an individual, you can choose to be broken by your process or forged by it. I’ve equated this to a samurai sword. It’s one of the most deadly weapons ever created. People look at a samurai sword, and it’s stunning. It’s held in such amazing regard throughout history.

If you understand the process that a piece of metal, of steel, is put through to forge this weapon, you take a raw piece of steel, you throw it in a fire, and it’s thrown in the fire for a long time, it’s heated up, they take it out of the fire, and they just pound the hell out of it, and then it’s thrown back in the fire again. Then they take it out of the fire, they pound the hell out of it some more, then they throw it back in the fire, they take it out of the fire, they start grinding away on it, then they beat on it more, and they throw it back in the fire.

We, each being this imperfect piece, are forged through our experiences. Our experiences are unique, but we’re not alone in many.

This process does one of two things. It forges this metal into something virtually indestructible, or it will break it, and they have to start over. This is our journey. This is the best analogy I’ve found for understanding our existence.

We, each being this imperfect piece, are forged through our experiences. Our experiences are unique, but we’re not alone in many. There are 8 billion of us. What’s happened to one has probably happened to a couple of other people. These things are designed to give us experiences so we can work off the principles I’ve learned from a spiritual standpoint of trying to understand our spirituality and what it is.

Whether you’re Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Muslim, or whatever, every philosophy goes back to an understanding that we are light. Quantum physics has now proven that we are three trillion little bundles of light, which means we are our universe and our own star system. This is what we’re responsible for, and we are this holographic projection of how we are on the inside.

We are this mix of cells, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and all of these different components in this universe. All these different species, all these different beings exist within this ecosystem. This ecosystem lives in this greater ecosystem with 8 billion other star systems. We’re all different because all different kinds of chaos go on in each of our systems.

What I’ve been able to break down in looking at the spiritual aspect is there are three things: walk, teach, and heal. That’s it. This is what we’ve been made to do. That’s how I’ve been able to break down what the lessons are of being Christ-like. Those are the three primary things he did; we each have that same journey.

Our walk is unique. On a walk, you have to keep going. You’ll question the process, “Why am I going through this?” But you eventually get to a point where maybe you pause, you look back, and you go, “Oh, sh*t, that’s why.” And this is what made me. The teaching aspect is being able to take everything that we have been able to endure and learn from things. And we get to teach.

We get to teach others. We get to be an example. The healing component is the one that is so missed because we’re innately given the ability to heal and regenerate if we’re put in the right environment. If we don’t have these toxins, all these problems are within us. We have the ability to live for hundreds of years; it’s already been documented, but we can also help others heal. You can only do that if you take care of this one, and that’s been an interesting journey.

Having my wife go through her own journey of the trauma that women go through—we have four amazing kids. If they do really good stuff, they’re my kids. If they don’t do good stuff, it’s not my sperm. It’s the best part of being a stepdad. I get to take responsibility for all the good stuff. But if they screw up, that’s not mine. I haven’t had to do that.

You look at who my wife is now, what she’s done, people see on the outside, and they see this image, they don’t know that for 15 years, she just had the sh*t kicked out of her. She was beaten every day. She’s lost kids to cancer. She had Lyme disease and lost her memory. She’s had a brain tumor, she’s had a spine tumor, she’s had every kind of skin cancer you can ask for because of the journey that she’s had.

She’s one of the best examples because those experiences made her stronger. Sometimes, they flare up, and you go, “Oh, well, we need to do this, we need to do this, we need to fix a couple of things.” That’s what’s given her the strength to do what she does, and that was part of her process. Some people will look at it from a victim mindset, and that’s the wrong way of looking at it.

For our audience, can you share a little bit about what people see about who she is? She’s an extraordinary human being. She was on the cover of Forbes.

My favorite subject. Yeah, she was on the cover of Forbes. She has one fear. She has an insane fear of flying. Because she has an insane fear of flying, she’s been to 89 countries. That is how women function. She’s your quintessential modern-day woman, a mom of four, and has the background I talked about. She has a master’s in science, three PhDs, a Psy.D, and an EdD. She’s finishing her MD right now. She was an adjunct professor in oncology and hematology at Johns Hopkins.

She has postdoctoral certification in nanotechnology and bioscience engineering from Harvard and two from Cornell in pharmaceutical management and nutritional counseling. She has 20 years of experience in biotech, working at Pfizer, Alexion, Biogen IDEC, Johnson & Johnson, UCB, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Janssen. She’s done everything from cloning to molecular design to the original mRNA research on vaccines for HIV.

Interestingly enough, in this journey, there was a prophecy put over her 25 years ago that she was put here to heal people in a war on health care. You look at her journey, and it’s been interesting because she’s known these are the things I’m supposed to do. Nine years ago, when she was in China working with the Chinese government, she helped them set up hospitals, worked in Wuhan, and went to all these different places.

She didn’t know why; six years ago when she met with Foster and Kimberly Gamble at their house, they asked her to come and allow them to pray over her because she was the strongest channeler they’d ever met. They had 12 people that were doing a seance with her. She’s like, “I’m Christine.” They’re like, “No, we know who you are and where you’re from. You’re not like us. We’ve never met a being like you.”

Cure the Causes by Dr. Christina Rahm

This was six years ago. They asked her, “You need to go to Costa Rica or Wuhan to work on some retroviruses because of the coming stuff.” She refused because she wasn’t going to go back. The kids were much younger, and she wouldn’t leave for six to nine months. Go forward a few years, and we come to where we are.

Now, she’s created the solutions that are patented to reverse aging. All of this stuff that we’ve seen over the last two and a half years are things that we know we can reverse because of what she’s done. We have the clinical data on that.

We just sit back and go, “You’re just doing what you’re made to do.” We’ve met over the last three years with heads of state, with shakes, with presidents, and with governments. It’s been interesting because the higher we go in society when you look at bloodlines, she’s been knighted twice this year at The Vatican. She’s met the Pope.

My goodness.

Yeah. It’s unique because you look at the darkness. She went to The World Economic Forum and was a panelist earlier this year. We’re going back in January to be at the forum, and we’re both speaking. People say, “Well, why are you doing that?” It’s like, “Well, Christ was the one that was meeting with tax collectors and people seen as the scourge of society to tell them, ‘Look, don’t be that way, be like this.’”

The same thing goes for child trafficking. You’ve got these kids that are in the dark, kept in tunnels, kept in dumbs, and kept away. Unless someone goes to get them unless you have people willing to go into the dark to experience things and see things in many instances that humans aren’t meant to experience, that if we don’t get them, they’re never going to see the light. That’s been part of our journey, and through her path, I gave her the strength to know that she’s supported in what she’s doing, but also, even those who are bloodlined know who she is.

It’s interesting because there’s symbolism and everything. It’s one of the things that we’ve learned a lot over the last few years of understanding how the symbolism game works. Her name is unique because it’s from Germany, but her ancestors came from Lebanon to Germany before coming to the United States. Her name is Rahm, while in the United States, it’s like, “Okay, it’s a family name.” In German, it means ‘cream’ or ‘cream of the crop.’ But in Lebanon and the Middle East, it’s translated into ‘God and Allah.’

You go, “Okay, Christina is derived from a small female Christ: her last name, given name, and family name means of God.” You go, “You just can’t make that up.” It’s been an interesting part of blending these worlds and allowing her to walk in the path she was made to create solutions. Watching this journey take place, watching people change, and building a mechanism in the universe that builds a community around health, happiness, the pursuit of greatness, and creating this landscape. It’s been a fun journey.

It’s a wild journey. My goodness, that’s amazing. I love what you said, and I love that you brought her as an example because previously, we said it’s not okay not to be okay or something like that. And I just want to say that it’s okay not to be okay. We are oftentimes not okay. What’s not okay is to give up on yourself, to give up on your spirit, to give up on light, or to give up on your body. These are all gifts. I’m like, never give up on who you are, never give up on your dreams, never give up on yourself, and don’t use anyone’s external definition of what’s okay or not okay to define who you are.

When you align yourself with who you truly are, everything starts to configure around you in the way it should. Click To Tweet

That’s one of the biggest issues that we have in society. It goes back to the satanic aspect of what we exist in this world we live in because the message is don’t be you; be like someone else. This is the flaw of social media with kids, of the gender issues, and even just the aspects of not understanding the importance of individuality.

I see it in many different aspects of life, primarily in women. Why? Because women are the truly powerful beings of the two of us. Why is it that so many women get breast implants, or they’re getting lip injections, and they’re doing all this stuff to their faces? We try to relax a little every night, so we might watch a show or movie to disconnect. We were looking at some of the actresses that used to be popular, and now you can see all the injections and all the stuff that they’ve done. You go, “Holy Lord, they look horrible. What did they do?”

They look very weird. 

It’s becoming more prominent. But it goes to the process of understanding that the beauty of us is that we are each unique. That’s the part that we have to celebrate. If you’re deformed like I am, you just have to own the fact that you look a little screwed up.

My goodness. You’re a handsome young man. What are you talking about?

That’s because I’ve been around my wife for eight years.

I want to get into your company and some of your products. We will know about it because you have one of your products. We can spend another three hours just talking about how amazing they are. Let’s review what they are, what they do, and who should take them.

To start with the last part, who should take them? Everyone.

Everyone, okay.

We are each unique. That’s the part that we have to celebrate.

We have absolutely every human and animal, which is important because of how they’re designed. We have an animal line derived from the human line and made with the same quality ingredients as human consumable components for animals. A lot of times, animal products are all animal byproducts, and this stuff is horrible. You never want to use it yourself, and you’re like, “Why would you feed it to them?”

What she’s done is with a true understanding of bioscience engineering and biohacking because she is a literal bioscience engineer. Foundationally, there’s symbolism in everything we do, as we touched on the importance of symbolism and how it plays into what goes on in the world. But I’ll give you a couple of examples.

With our logo, because people will question what we do, if you look right in the middle, there happens to be a cross right in the middle. That’s part of understanding our foundation: our goal is to be Christ-like. It is everything that we function; it’s all about service.

With the understanding of our true problem, the foundation that we have philosophically has to be built for the health and performance of any individual or animal, which is the important part of removing. What she did is the foundation created Clean Slate, a proprietary patented process of taking nature’s most powerful crystal, which happens to be clinoptilolite. It’s not quartz.

Quartz is like the pretty one; they use clinoptilolite to make kitty litter. There’s so much great symbolism in it. She’s taken this crystal, nature’s most bioavailable source of orthosilicic acid.

So I shouldn’t buy the product because it’s just a kitty litter? Just kidding.

It may taste different depending on what kind of kitty litter you get and how long it’s been sitting in a different place. This tastes like ammonia. The interesting component of being able to take nature’s most powerful crystal and figure out how to break it apart without destroying its key component, which is the bioavailable silica, but then she loaded it with trace minerals from sea salt because we come from seawater, and then adding some ascorbic acids from vitamin C that allows for delivery of these little fragments, these little nanocages that are designed to grab onto, bind toxins, and simultaneously deliver this bioavailable silica and deliver the trace minerals while it’s removing all the bad stuff.

Our goal is to be Christ-like. It is everything that we function; it’s all about service.

It creates this amazing interaction and cascade of upgrading and cleaning out the operating system from head to toe that we’ve never seen before. We’ve proven all this with heart rate variability, blood work, lab work, and clinical outcome data. That’s the foundation.

Regardless of how old someone is, we have newborn babies using Clean Slate, geriatrics, and everything in between. We have a ton of cases now of women who weren’t able to conceive or weren’t able to carry the term that we put on Clean Slate. Some of the siblings who get pregnant have amazing pregnancies, and now their kids are insanely advanced, even at an early age.

Are they on Clean Slate during their pregnancy, too?

Absolutely, yeah. That’s the most important thing. If you’re a young woman and want to have kids, the most important thing you can do is clean yourself up. You’ve got to get the stuff out, the poisons, the toxins, the chemicals that are disrupting your endocrine system, that will disrupt your reproductive system, that are going to poison your child.

What does  Clean Slate do? Does it get rid of the heavy metals as well?

Yeah. It will grab onto and bind the heavy metals, the mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, aluminum, cesium, strontium, gadolinium, glyphosate, PFAS, and all the stuff that has been put here to cause all of our problems. It allows some of the bindings of those to flush them out by grabbing onto the mercury and the other metals that also start to reactivate your glymphatic system to detoxify your brain in conjunction with your pineal gland, your heart, and your gut through your vagus nerve with what the siblings of the Trinity will do with Restore and Zero-In.

Clean Slate is the foundation for doing just that: cleaning the slate. This is not a fast process. There is no weekend cleanse. There’s no seven-day cleanse. There’s no 30, 60, or 90-day cleanse that will do what you need to be done. This is a process that you should do as early as possible.

You’ll stop when you stop breathing. Just like taking the trash out of your house, you don’t take it out once, and then a month later, “I need to take the trash out again.” It’s going to be a bad experience. It’s something that you’re doing regularly, almost daily—the same process.

You’ve got to do that by understanding the connectivity of this entire operating system. The gut, the heart, and the brain are all connected. You’ve got to take care of the gut, you’ve got to kill off the fungus, you’ve got to kill off parasites, you’ve got to reduce the inflammation, you’ve got to let the leaky gut come back together. You have to create the right environment. That’s what Restore is.

We share universal commonalities. However, different personality types and blood types lead to different styles of communication.

Once you get the gut taken care of, and what’s so important to understand with gut health, and this is not something that’s talked about because it goes against what every other marketing arm or whatnot is going to be able to sell you on, your gut regenerates every two weeks. Every cell in your body turns over every seven years.

Depending upon what you’re doing, that will have the greatest impact on your body, which is the cool part: if you do good things, you can actually reset it rather quickly. Once you do that, you take care of the inflammation. You allow your body to start working properly. Then, the key components of your brain, gut, and heart come down to neurotransmission, neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

She created Zero-In as a mechanism. It’s the most powerful adaptogenic nootropic that I’ve seen. It’s a little golden capsule of greatness that feeds your gut the ability to produce endogenous or naturally produced dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. But what’s cool is it’s all intention-controlled.

When you want to do something, depending on what you want to do, your brain will tell your gut, “Hey, give me this.” If it can do it, you’ll have more dopamine during the day, so you can crush whatever you want to do, be hyper-focused, feel good, and everything’s happy. You got a little serotonin, so you’re relaxed, calm, and smooth.

When you’re ready to rest, if you want to meditate and sleep, you get less dopamine and more serotonin. The serotonin will go to your pineal gland. It’s been freshly decalcified because of removing the fluoride, but it’s also been assisted and re-crystallizing because there are little crystals and resonators in your pineal gland that resonate with light that controls your circadian rhythm. It also controls the spiritual component of what the pineal gland is supposed to do.

Your pineal gland is your hormone conversion area.

Your pineal gland is your hormone conversion area. It’s your pineal gland that will convert serotonin and melatonin so you can go to sleep. If you have extra serotonin levels, serotonin will convert to DMT through your pineal gland. You don’t need mushrooms. You’ll do this naturally. And that’s where deep sleep and lucid dreaming come in. You can do this naturally if you allow the process to take place, and you can add mushrooms if you want to go Alice in Wonderland for a bit.

I know you’re against mushrooms. You said they’re not good for your brain, right?

The research in the literature shows that it’s not ideal because one of the big issues with dementia and Alzheimer’s is a fungus growing in your brain. The fungus gets in through your teeth and your gums. If you’re loaded with heavy metals, that allows the proliferation of the fungus, which creates an environment for the proliferation of parasites, so you have this amazing mixture.

It sounds horrible.

It is, but this is our universe. This is what goes on in our world.

What type of mushroom do you talk about? Are you talking about psilocybin or any mushrooms, such as tail mushrooms? What kind of mushrooms?

Those that concern me the most are the psychedelics. Reishi and such are really good for immune function, but when we look at the psychedelics, you look at cordyceps and such. What they do here, if you understand where a fungus grows, fungus grows in decaying matter. If you’re loaded with all of this stuff, if your body is polluted with toxins, you’re going to cause fungus if you’re eating them, which is not completely digested. The spores are going to sit in you and are going to grow.

What fungus does is it will expand. They’ll get into your brain. The interesting thing about fungi is that they won’t kill the host; they’ll take over and control the host. They’ll control your brain.

Some of the symbolism has been shown to us; it’s put in a television series last year with The Last of Us, which was based on a video game of zombie apocalypse that was based on global warming heating the environment just a little bit that caused these mushrooms to mutate. It caused a mushroom outbreak that caused people to go nuts and become zombies. I don’t think we’re too far off from that. It won’t be to the extreme of what they showed in the show. But if you look at what happens in behavior, if there’s dysbiosis in your system, mentally, you’re going to lose your capacity; you can go crazy. Your body’s not going to function properly. You’re going to crave things that aren’t good for you. And it creates chaos.

There are so many people who are microdosing these days.

It is, and what you have is a bunch of toxic people trying to teach other toxic people how to do toxic behavior. The same thing goes for relationships. Toxic people have toxic relationships. You can talk to a lot of women about that. I have these toxic relationships. I have bad relationships with these men. They’re like, “Well, I choose bad relationships.” I’m like, “Yeah.”

If you talk to people like, “Well, I’m attracted to this type of person.” You’re attracted magnetically and energetically to the wrong type of people because of what goes on in your system. You have chaos going on internally, so you’re going to be attracted to chaos. Healthy people don’t have chaotic relationships. Healthy people have healthy relationships. Healthy people have healthy bodies. They have a healthy environment.

That’s the big thing. It’s one of the things that frustrates me when looking at a lot of the influencers in the biohacking space. They make toxic choices, or a lot of their behavior, stuff that is not seen that they present up front, but their behavior is toxic because of what their environment consists of. They’re pitching and promoting all these different things to fix these issues without ever addressing the underlying cause or ideology.

They’re like, “Oh, take this mushroom, or do this so you can change your state of mind.” It’s like, well, “If you clean out the metals, you allow this to do what it does, and you allow the body to start producing the endogenous neurotransmitters it needs.” You don’t need a substance. If it were legal, you’d have all these people going, cocaine’s freaking amazing. We know that cocaine is not friendly over time.

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They’re like, “Mescaline is a good deal. Heroin is actually phenomenal. You can microdose heroin, and it’ll be freaking great.” No, sorry. That’s not how it works. We don’t need the synthetics.

Your system helps clean the body so we can be more at peace and connected. Through intention, the body works better to regenerate and to heal.

That’s the basic premise. You’ve got Relive Greens and Natural Barrier Support. It’s one of the coolest things. This will be one of the biggest subjects for 2024 with Give Me Back My Youth, which combines the purest bovine collagen you can get and bovine colostrum because colostrum is mother’s milk. It’s how your immune system is built and developed.

Can you put it in hot drinks, or do you only put it in cold drinks?

No, it’s amazing in coffee. They have a proprietary process that we use to treat and clean the coffee beans to get rid of the fungus, the parasites, and all the mycotoxins, and eliminate a lot of the acidity out of the coffee so you get all the taste. It’s fair trade. It’s beyond organic. It has an 84-cup score, so it’s a specialty coffee. This stuff tastes amazing.

You can add Give Me Back My Youth if you like the creaminess. If you want the ultimate latte, you take a little Give Me Back My Youth with some espresso and mix it in, and it is the smoothest cup of coffee you’ve ever imagined. It’s good for you.

You have this pathway and the interesting aspect of everything we’ve done because of her understanding. Each product, whether it’s the consumables, orally, or the topicals, the skincare products, or the Envirem line for protecting your body from 5G, parasites, fungi, and viruses in the environment or from your clothes, is all antifungal in their aspects. Each has these amazing antifungal properties because that’s the biggest issue we will face: the metals and everything cause this proliferation of fungus.

What we’re going to see over the next two to three years is a massive explosion of sexually transmitted infections.

What we’re going to see over the next two to three years is a massive explosion of sexually transmitted infections. We’re already seeing it around people. You’re going to see herpes and other STIs just absolutely explode. They’re being activated; 80% of the population over 16 has some semblance of a Herpes zoster virus in them, but it’s not active, which goes back to the genetic expression.

It will be active through environmental stressors in 80% of the population. That’s bad.

It is not ideal. It’s coming. We’re already seeing some of it. What we’re seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg. Christina got insight from some of the scientists and doctors she’s friends with in China when all this started three years ago. It was about mid-2019 when she started to get messages from some of her colleagues about what was going on, what they’d been working on, and how bad things were going to be.

They told her, look, the first two years will be bad. This is going to be a five-year thing, and it’s going to be ugly. The first two are going to be bad. The last three are going to be horrific. You look at what we’re in the middle of right now. What happened in the first two years?

The campaigns that went on to get everybody all taken care of. Now, what will be done going forward from a frequency standpoint? Because we are frequency-based themes, they loaded us with negative antennas that now allow us, the majority of the population, to be controllable. I’m a bit oppositional defiant, so those around me didn’t get any.

People are easily programmable. We’ve seen that with Operation Mockingbird. But now, because of what many of the population have elected to have injected into them, if you’re not doing things to clean yourself up and address what’s going on in this system, you are going to be a victim of your environment. You’re not going to like the outcomes. And it’s all intentional. You just have to know that this was the plan. It’s been the plan, not just the last three years. This is a 50-year deal.

When Christina was at Pfizer 20 years ago, the former director of the CIA went over with them when she was in the C-suite. “Look, there will be no nuclear war; it will be biological, and Pfizer will be at the forefront of how we address it.” It’s funny which company was at the forefront of this campaign.

That’s the important part of living in this world and understanding that you have to find real solutions. I own a company created to provide solutions in this environment. It’s about building trust because the hard part is the crazy one.

With everything you stand for and share with me, are you not afraid that the bad guys will come after you or your company?

No, because what’s been interesting is where we’ve been, like mentioning some places we’ve been. One of my colleagues is a 32nd-degree Mason. It’s an interesting one. He gave me a lesson about a year ago. It’s interesting with some of the introductions he’s made. He’s like, “Look, you have to understand.”

We’ve talked about my philosophy with some of the people that he associates with because of the club that he’s in. I told him, “Dude, I’m not going to be in front of some of those people because they’re opposite.” I’m opposed to what their philosophies are. He taught me something unique. He’s like, “Look, you’re either at the table or on the menu. You choose.”


We’ve been at the table. Now, just like any family dinner conversation at the table, not everybody has the same perspective. Not everybody has the same belief system. But if you’re not at the table, you can’t use your influence. You’ll never be able to present your side of the scenario, your side of the story, your argument, if you’re not at the table. That’s been the key part.

Our problems are all related to our environment and diet. The key to overall health is how you address these two issues.

What’s interesting is because of what Christina is and what she’s done, regardless of what side we want to talk about people being on, if you’re looking at control, there’s only one thing that matters. And it’s the same thing that we want on our side from a health standpoint. We want to be healthy. We want to be the best versions of ourselves. We want longevity. It’s the same thing that they want on the other side.

It’s not a matter of our situation being oppositional. It’s a matter of whether they understand. The only way that they can get what they truly want is by what she’s done. The interesting part is you have those who have access to more than what we know is available, whether it’s due to family history and what they’ve been taught, access to different tools, or influence. They know what she is. They know what she’s done. And they want it.

We’re trying to educate the more important part of our population, which is those like us, to understand what we have, what we’ve done, and how important it is to share it because it’s our job, each of us individually, to become the best versions of ourselves that are going to change this entire journey. There’s no one coming to save us.

This is the hardest part for people to get. You might read stuff in a book and say, “Oh, it’s all going to be cleaned up. They’re going to come save us.” No, that’s not the point. The point is, it’s always been us. There are six billion of us. If we don’t do what we need to get into the game to understand that, that is our intention, focus, and the projection of what’s in us.

If we project fear, if we project chaos, if we look at and always focus on what the negative things are in the world, it’s going to be perpetuated because we are causing it. But if we become the version that we’ve been created to become, all of this sh*t changes because we create it.

That’s the hard part of understanding the journey. We want to look at, “Oh my God, these people are doing this. They’re doing it because we’re allowing it. We’re manifesting it.”

The intriguing part of being around some of these different types and understanding philosophy is that population management has gone on forever. It’s part of the healthcare system. You talked to some people. I’ve talked to some of our ambassadors, like Michael Jaco. He was a former SEAL Team Six, CIA Special Operations, and did remote viewing for the CIA.

He’s got tremendous insight. He said that about 60% of the population are NPCs. They’re nonplayer characters. They’re soulless. They’re just here to fill space, so the other 40% of us have this experience, and we learn from it. Some of us don’t learn enough, and we get to repeat the process.

Wait, because I’ve heard this theory. I think it’s Dolores Cannon that speaks about that. How does he know that 60% of the world’s population are just like movie extras?

Yes, because of the abilities he’s been taught, what he’s been able to do, where he’s been, and his access. These are some of the things that he’s able to discuss. You look at that, so you go, wait a minute. That means 40% of us.

You hear this talked about in different aspects. Forty percent of us are real souls. We’re here to change everything, to learn from it, and to be part of this ascension process. But then you listen to the World Economic Forum and what people are going crazy over. The World Economic Forum is talking about killing off 60% of the population. They’re talking about cleaning up all the NPCs; those that don’t need to be here are soulless. What if two sides are trying to talk about the same thing, but those trying to control and create chaos in the middle are causing the polls?

That’s a philosophical question. How do you know that one’s life is worse than the other, who’s who, and this is God’s plan? If this is God’s plan, who are you to interfere with?

It goes back to the point that if that’s the case, what are we responsible for? We are responsible for one.

Just ourselves.

That is it. That is the only thing that matters—60, 40, 8 billion to one. Walk, teach, and heal. That’s it. You take care of this one. You set the example for others to be like you, whether it’s what you teach or what you show. You set an example for your household that spreads.

The important part of the journey is we don’t get to look at the process and complain about the process. What do we have to focus on as ourselves? The rest of it is just that, it’s just noise. It doesn’t matter. That’s the hard part because you have to get in and start dealing with a lot of the stuff that maybe we don’t want to deal with.

Once you start to remove the toxic metals, you’re able to release the emotional, spiritual trauma, and past life trauma.

This goes back to the heavy metals because the heavy metals that are neurotoxins like mercury, lead, and aluminum not only cause all the damage in your neurological system, but they also hold on to trauma. They hold on to negative emotions. You can do all the stuff you want to try to work on that bothers you and your brain. But if you don’t remove the metals, you’ll never be able to let go of them. Once you start to remove the toxic metals, the emotional trauma, the spiritual trauma, the past life, trauma, all of that will go away with it. You’re able to process it and just release it because it’s no longer being held on too energetically.

Maybe I misunderstood. Your products, that Trinity, does that get rid of heavy metals too?

Yeah, more effectively than anything I’ve ever seen in the market.

Okay, cool. I got it.

That’s the foundational piece. You’ve got to get that stuff out. That process alone creates this amazing cascade for everything else to begin, and then feeding and supporting the rest of that process is where we start to become the best versions of what we’ve been created to be. It’s the only thing that we can teach. It’s like, “Look, try it, test it.”

It’s hard because you don’t want to blow smoke. You don’t want to overhype something. I was a sprinter. I could run 100 meters in 10.5 seconds, which was fast. But when I got to compete in the Pac-10, I would compete against guys that could run 100 meters in 10.2 seconds. We knew going in who was going to win.

The guy that can run 10.2 would walk around like, “You know I’m going to kick your ass today, right?” We go, “Yeah, can you just make it look close?” Because it just is. It’s the nature of the beast. If you know the outcomes, then you plan accordingly, but you still compete. And that’s the important part.

The beautiful part of what we know now is that we know not the outcome but the true outcome. We know how we can influence it, and that’s the test. We’ve got about seven years to figure this thing out.

It’s 2023, and you hear everybody talking about 2030. “That’s our tipping point. This is our time. We’ll figure this sh*t out,” or we’re going to go, “It’s dark in here, and it’s hot. Why am I in this handbasket?” You go, “Oh, we chose maybe not individually but collectively.”

I believe that it’s going to be brighter.

It’s going to be absolutely amazing.

It’s going to be amazing and beautiful, and 2030 is going to be our best year ever.

It’s the beautiful part of what we’re seeing, of watching what’s happening in our community with these kids, with families, with adults, with geriatrics, and watching the improvements in function, spirituality, and especially with kids that are the real unique ones in our world that are put here to be teachers, that are in the spectrum now.

I was going over it yesterday. We’ve got a great testimonial from a couple of our ambassadors. They have their seven-year-old who was vaccine-injured when he was 11 months old and had severe issues because of the injury. Now, at seven, he’s been on Clean Slate, Zero-In, Restore, Relive, Give Me Back My Youth, and a little Natural Barrier Support for over a year and a half. And his IQ is over 120. He’s phenomenal.

He went from being full-blown autistic, having to wear headphones outside because of the sensitivity, having all the stimming, and all the stuff that goes on because of environmental sensitivity, to now being a bonafide genius.

That’s incredible.

He’s normal, actually better than normal. You go, “Well, that’s a good trade. It just speaks to the process.” We all have that in us, and that’s the key part. We’re all born geniuses. We weren’t created stupid. The problem is we’ve been poisoned from the time we were in the womb.

Yes. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

(1) Go outside and get grounded as often as possible. Run around barefoot, naked preferably; it’s more entertaining that way, but at least be barefoot. Get outside. (2) Get as many hugs. Get and give as many hugs as you can. Spend time with family, not just around holiday time. When you give hugs, don’t just give it to family members. When you’re out and about, just give people hugs. A lot of people don’t have any physical connection. They don’t have any physical touch from other humans. We’re social beings. It’s so important. Give and get hugs.

Sometimes, if I give a hug to someone who is not accustomed to physical touch, I feel like they almost shake.

They do. It is. That’s a good part. You’re shocking their system. Their bodies going, “Whoa, wait a minute, what did you just do to me?” You give a really good hug in 20 seconds; you get the oxytocin release and everything. People go, “Oh, no, go away.”

I give long hugs to women, but some are also weird about it. I’m Israeli. My culture is very touchy, lots of big hugs. In the US, I taught myself how to give gentler hugs because people get weirded out by me if I give them my hug.

It’s like, “Why do you give such hardy hugs?” Because that’s what love is supposed to be. But you’ve got to do that in the third, which is (3) Use what she created. Follow her.

I love how much you love her. It’s so adorable. Before we started our conversation, I told you I watched an interview with you guys, and you just looked at her like there was so much love. It’s beautiful.

It’s the one thing. I tell, especially women, my kids, friends, family, and everybody around us, I’m like, look, I pray that you have someone or you find the person that loves you the way I love her. That’s the one thing. It’s part of this puzzle.

I went through a lot of biofeedback. I was married for 14 years before we met. As I was getting ready to do my divorce, I did a bunch of biofeedback so I could just release and get rid of all the emotional trauma.

I did that, too. I also did 40 years of Zen. That was cool.

You’re only meant to connect with those who are made to connect with you. When you do that, everything starts to be cool.

Yeah. And just knowing that when you align yourself with who you truly are, everything starts to be configured around you the way it’s supposed to be. As soon as I started to do that, that’s when I met her, and that was the crazy part. We joke about this. I’m like, “She had four kids, and I didn’t have any, but I could have had multiple kids and been in a different relationship than I was in.” When I met her, I would have left.

It would have been weird because it is just knowing, “Okay, she’s who I’m meant to serve.” This is not the first time we’ve done this. It’s the interesting part. But knowing our past lives, this is not the first time that many of us are here. We get to continue to learn.

One of the things she told me initially was, “This is the ninth time I’ve done this, and this is my last time.” That was a good sign. It’s like we talked about: we know 2030 will be good. She’s like, “Look, this is my last time here.” She’s been Atlantean, Palladian, and all the fun stuff. People go, “Wait a minute, you’re not from here.” Trust me, we’ve had multibillionaires and some of the most powerful people on the planet go, “We know where you’re from, you’re not from here, we know who you are.” I thought that was just all crazy people stuff. They’re like, “No, we know who you are, we’re good.”

When you truly understand who you are, those who fit, those pieces—we’re not meant to fit with everybody being that puzzle piece. You’re only meant to connect with those who are made to connect with you. When you do that, everything starts to be cool.

That was an amazing conversation. You’ve probably put some of our listeners on edge because we stretch beyond conventional conversation, which I love. I had a blast. Thank you so much for sharing in such a beautiful, honest way, speaking your truth, and speaking from your heart. I appreciate you. Thank you so much for being here.

Thanks for pulling it out of me. Thanks for letting me hang out. It’s always good to have like-minded people because we get to have cool conversations, hopefully, like I said initially. It was entertaining. It was educational. Hopefully, we offended you a little bit, and you went, “Okay, maybe I did learn something.”

Where can people find you and get your products, please?

You can go to  The Root Brands website, therootbrands.com. You can find me on my website, theclaytonthomas.com. And you can find me on socials. I have six followers on social media, so it’s pretty easy to get me. My wife has 2 ½ million; I have six. It works. Those are the easiest ways.

Our YouTube channel is a great place if you want education. We’ve got about 400 hours of content. Go to YouTube. When you go to The ROOT Brands or go on Rumble, you’ll find some of the stuff on Rumble that would get us banned on YouTube. There’s a lot of really good content because our foundational principles are fourfold. It’s education, authenticity, simplicity, and integrity. It’s easy.

The educational piece is important because you can teach it if you know it. If you know it, you can simplify. It makes it easier to teach. Especially with Christina’s background, she can take some complex stuff and make it simple. I’m a byproduct of her, so there’s that.

Thank you so much for being here. Thank you, listeners. Remember to go outside, run around barefoot, do some grounding, get and give as many bear hugs as you can, spend time with your family, and have a stellar life. This is Orion till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Ground yourself by spending time barefoot outside. As a parent, make sure your children participate in outdoor activities such as barefoot play and plenty of proper exposure to nature.

{✓}Learn more about the impact of toxins, particularly mercury. Toxins can be passed transgenerationally—research about how you can take proactive detoxification.

{✓}Remain open-minded and willing to be a channel for new information. Acknowledge the vastness of available knowledge beyond your personal understanding.

{✓}Improve your lifestyle by activating or deactivating genetic expressions through epigenetics. Challenge the perception of genetic issues related to early fetal exposure to mercury.

{✓}Tap into divine guidance for your life choices. Trust your clear inner knowledge to lead you to your life’s purpose.

{✓}Strive to be the best version of yourself and embrace the creation of greatness. Recognize your uniqueness and the importance of authenticity.  

{✓}Explore the spiritual aspect of existence by working toward three primary goals. Embrace your journey, teach others through personal experience, and prioritize healing.

{✓}Start with a clean slate to cleanse your foundation. Focus on gut health for your overall well-being. Address issues like fungus, parasites, and inflammation for optimal gut function.

{✓}Address neurotransmission for mental clarity and emotional balance. Recognize the interconnectedness of the gut, heart, and brain.

{✓}Exercise caution with psychedelics; focus on beneficial mushrooms. Psychedelics may contribute to fungal growth in the brain and undesirable outcomes.

{✓}Visit Clayton Thomas’ website, theclaytonthomas.com, for an abundance of holistic education and valuable content. 

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About Clayton Thomas

Clayton Thomas has a unique background in integrative therapies and research science that started in animal health. With a humanities degree focusing on communications, business, and kinesiology, his broad studies have allowed for a history that includes research and formula development. Clayton is happily married to Dr. Christina Rahm; they have four children, four dogs, and a cat in the Nashville area.

An entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, he has developed business models of analytical testing in medical practices to improve quality of care by identifying risks of the big three diseases: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity, with additional risk factors.

Clayton has served as a business development specialist in every aspect of wellness: sales, distribution, formulation creation, consulting, and manufacturing and is now the architect of an entirely new method of business with the ROOT social sharing community platform.

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