Episode 31 | October 18, 2022

Stellar Conversations: Know Thyself with Dr. John Demartini

A Personal Note From Orion

Do you know yourself? One of the greatest assets in one’s life is knowing one’s self. Being hyper-aware of your values, wants, dislikes, and patterns will allow you to master yourself more effectively and give you more control over your thoughts and actions, leading to wise decisions in shaping your future.

My guest for today’s Stellar Conversations is Dr. John Demartini, a world-renowned specialist in human behavior, researcher, author, and global educator. His education curriculum ranges from corporate empowerment programs, financial empowerment strategies, self-development programs, relationship solutions, and social transformation programs.

In this episode, the amazing Dr. Demartini talks about why getting outside of your comfort zone can create a better life, and the questions to ask yourself to notice the opportunities and challenges in life. In addition, he discusses how envy can cloud your clarity and distract you from living a meaningful life, how you can improve self-love, and how you can deal with fear. He also shares a quick exercise to clear self-doubts and guilt, how human beings can harmonize between the pairs of characteristic opposites in life, and much more.

So without further ado, on with the show!



To get the transcript for the episode, including some great tips and quotes, click here.

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