Episode 34 | November 8, 2022

Stellar Conversations: The Fountain of Youth with Nan Simonsen

A Personal Note From Orion

Want to start a healthy lifestyle? There is still time! 

Shifting into a healthier lifestyle starts with small steps. By listening to experts and being mindful about food, you can live your best life well past 70.

In today’s Stellar Conversations episode, Nan Simonsen and I talk about how to heal yourself with the right foods, how to shift into a healthier lifestyle gradually, and why she doesn’t use oil for cooking. In addition, she shares why people choose to feed themselves fast food and some tips on what should be in your kitchen and where to buy them.

Overcoming bulimia at 55, Nan is an inspiration and a testimony that conquering your health challenges knows no age. She’s living her best life at 70 and doesn’t see herself slowing down anytime soon. 

Nan is a certified health and lifestyle coach and has recently released her first book, Aging Powerfully. She’s driven to help people of all ages change their health through better lifestyle choices.

So without further ado, on with the show!



To get the transcript for the episode, including some great tips and quotes, click here.


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