Episode 12 | September 22, 2020

Stellar Conversations: The She-Hero’s Journey with Orion

A Personal Note From Orion

In life, you go places, meet people, experience things, and learn from all of it. Whether it’s good or bad, I always consider everything I receive a gift- sometimes the bow is just at the bottom.

Whatever life throws at you, remember to keep yourself whole. There will be very challenging times, but I hope you remember that eventually, things fall into place. Keep being kind and gracious. And most importantly, remember that you are the hero in your story.

In this solo episode, I recall my own journey of discovering my true identity. I knew that I had a gift that I could share with the world, but like most of us, I also felt lost in the beginning. And that brings me back to my initial point. The places you go to, people you meet, and lessons you learn are what makes you the woman you are today. Tune in to hear more about my story, and maybe even find inspiration from it. Light and love.

To get the transcript for the episode, including some great quotes, click here.

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