Episode 29 | October 4, 2022

Stellar Conversations: Unleash Your Inner Superhero with Orion Talmay

A Personal Note From Orion

Growing up, everyone has this favorite superhero, who we think is so great. Of course, it can be Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Storm, etc. But do you know that there’s a superhero in you? 

I’m excited to share my Fun Feisty Fab Podcast interview with Karyn Beach as we dive deep into how we can live our best lives by unleashing the superhero within. I also discussed how Orion’s Method can be used to lead a life filled with passion, health, and your feminine essence.

This episode will surely stir up the superhero within you and make your dreams and desires attainable and within your grasp! And now, without further ado, on with the show!



In This Episode

  • [00:28] – Orion shares her method for claiming your feminine power on the Fun Feisty Fabulous podcast with Karyn Beach.
  • [03:19] – How does our inner superhero help us?
  • [09:24] – What led Orion to develop her program, Orion’s Method? 
  • [12:29] – When you experience disappointments in life, how can you open your heart, and how can you let go of the past?
  • [18:57] – What are some ways you can ignite your passion and claim your identity?
  • [29:55] – In the last step of Orion’s Method, Orion guides you through nourishing your body, mind, and spirit.
  • [32:30] – Visit Orion’s Method, and transform yourself into an irresistible goddess full of sexy, juicy confidence!

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About Today’s Show

It’s Fun Feisty Fabulous time here with your host, Karyn Beach. That was my co-host Jean Day because like I always say, she has more of a life than I do. Anyway, we are back and back at it, and I’m excited to be back. A couple of shows were taped before our hiatus. This is the first show that’s actually taped after our hiatus so we’re just getting back in the swing of things.

No better guests to have than Orion Talmay. You don’t know this because of all the inner workings that go on behind the scenes. But Orion is graciously returning to the show because we’ve run into some technical difficulties before. So she’s been gracious enough to come back to the show. I do a call for guests and I hear from a lot of different people and they pitch their show ideas to me.

So Orion’s people—right now, I’m still my people but some people have people—got back to me and they had this one sheet. The thing that jumped out at me was about unleashing your inner superhero. I thought that was a really cool topic, especially with Wonder Woman just coming out and all that great stuff, so I want to talk a little bit about that.

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I’m looking at her website and going into more research about her, she’s got this really interesting program called Orion’s Method. If you’re into science, if you’re not, again, Orion. So I want to talk to her about unleashing your inner superhero and what is up with Orion’s Method. I think I might be interested in using Orion’s Methods based on some things that I found on the site. So Orion, welcome back to Fun Feisty Fabulous.

Thank you, Karyn. It’s nice to be here. Thank you so much for having me.

Okay, so I looked and I said, “okay, let me look at this one sheet.” I said something about unleashing your inner superhero. I’m like, there it is. Got to have her, got to have her on the show. So when you were doing more talking about unleashing your inner superhero, what was that all about?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Well, I think we all have an inner superhero inside of us. You have it. I have it. It’s almost like an alter ego we can call upon to help us move on with life, to help us claim our power and our confidence. I’m just fascinated with the whole idea of superheroes. There was a reason why we love heroes because they’re so amazing.

They’re givers. They’re powerful and they own themselves. They stand strong in front facing adversity. So yeah, I like it. Also, I’m from Israel. I’m very proud. Yeah, Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman. I was amazed by how great she was in the movie. I was like, “yay, representing!” I love that.

I just went to the movies today. In November, I believe, the Justice League movie is coming out. It’ll be Wonder Woman, Superman, I think Aquaman is in there. It looks like it’s going to be really good. She got to step into a really good franchise.

Yeah, and it’s pretty amazing because I studied acting when I came to the US. That was my, I guess, original dream to do acting and I started acting in New York for two years. People told me, you’re from Israel. Because of your accent, because of who you are, you probably can play small roles. Maybe a terrorist, maybe a Mossad agent, something really small.

Eventually, I believed them and I stopped. Now I looked at Wonder Woman, the most iconic she-hero in US history and she’s played by an Israeli actress. It was almost like a wake up call for me to remember that we have to own her ourselves. We have to remember that it doesn’t matter what other people think, because other people will try to fit us in boxes. They think we should fit

I mean, it’s their own perspective. It’s their own way of looking at the world. It’s their own limitation that they are trying to put upon us. It’s not our limitations. So if you have a dream, just follow your dream because it doesn’t matter where you’re from. It doesn’t matter what you’ve experienced. It doesn’t matter how old you are. You can reach your dreams and this is your superhero power.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. You can reach your dreams, and this is your superhero power.

And you know what else I like about superheroes, Orion? I like that they’re very aware of what their superpowers are. They know what their strengths are.

What’s your superhero power?

My superhero power is based on laughter. I can pretty much find something funny in everything, even when other people can’t—it gets kind of awkward—I can. I think before the show started, I was talking about my dog and the crazy things he does. So I think he has the same superpower because I’m laughing at him all the time.

That’s nice.

But I think that will be my superpower. I was thinking about superheroes. The one I think I relate most to, except for the money aspect, is Tony Stark, Iron Man. I would love to be Iron Man because his powers, he developed based on his brain and based on his knowledge.

He was able to create the character of Iron Man and he was a regular guy. Of course, multibillionaire, I wish I had that. That could be a great superpower. But he created Iron Man. He made the suit that had all the power in it. I think that says a lot, that kind of creativity, that kind of ingenuity. I relate to that.

Every dream you dream, every desire you have, there’s a reason for it. We all have different desires. If you desire to be like Tony Stark because you think he’s really smart in building something so magnificent, that means that you yourself have the same quality and you have to just tap deeper into your brain’s potential.

Be present with physical sensation and pleasure and increase your passion for life, for everything is a gift of life.

Okay, what about the money part?

That can come too, but it’s also like money psychology.

That’s true. 

Money is a mindset. It goes back to you tapping into the potential of your brain.

That’s true. That’s true.

I mean, there are so many stories about people that are just rags to riches and people that came from nowhere and became billionaires. It is possible.

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When I was just out of college in my first radio job, I was making like $20,000 or a little less a year and I was getting paid once a month. At the end of the month, I was getting to work on prayers and fumes. So my dad called me once and I said, “Daddy, I’m so poor.” He said, “no, you’re not.” He’s like, “what you are is broke.” He said, “Poor is a permanent mindset, broke is a temporary condition.” He said, “you might not have money right now, but you’ll be okay.” And I’ve never forgotten that.

It’s very, very smart.

That’s my daddy. But you go from superheroes. How did you make the transition from talking about your inner superhero to developing Orion’s Method?

Well, Orion’s Method came before unleashing your inner superhero. I am not limiting myself to one thing. I mean, what I do primarily is I help women connect to their power source. I help them attract love and find self-love. I use terms like superhero for confidence or goddess to represent the feminine, and Orion’s Method is the container or the umbrella for all of that.

If you strongly desire to change something, you will become bulletproof to what other people say and think.

It’s just steps that I reverse-engineered and analyzed from traveling over 34 countries, studying from the best leaders and luminaries in the world in the areas of self-development, relationship, sexuality, mindset, health, fitness, and biohacking. All that to create my own method of what I believe can help one really excel and get more breakthroughs in their lives, whether it is attracting more success or attracting the love of her life.

That’s really good. Orion, your name has five letters, so the program has five steps.

Yeah, and every step there is a step inside a step inside a step inside a step, but if I look at Orion’s Method, if Orion is an acronym: O is open your heart. The first thing that you would like to do in order to create change is to open your heart to possibilities, either the possibilities of becoming a billionaire, the possibility of attracting your soulmate, or the possibility of living in an amazing, healthy body.

When a baby is formed, the first thing that is formed is not the brain, it’s the heart. We have so much energy in our heart so you have to have the desire. Opening our hearts, for me, is also creating that desire to change because if you have a strong enough desire to change something, you will become bulletproof to what other people say, to what other people think.

You always have to go back and anchor your desire. Your desire is why, why you want things. When you have a strong desire, things will open up for you and all kinds of unforeseen opportunities will show up in your life.

Okay, here’s a question about O since we’re talking about that.

O can also be “own.”

How do you open your heart when it sometimes feels like it’s closed off. You’ve gone through so much hurt, so much disappointment that sometimes it can be hard to open your heart.

Focus on what’s good and what you can be grateful for.

It can be hard. One thing that you can do is gratitude. Because in a place of love and gratitude, fear cannot live. It’s either you are in love and have gratitude or you’re in fear and pain. So if you just change your focus and focus on what’s good, what you can be grateful for, what you can have, and even gratitude for the lessons. We all got hurt. We’ve all been through painful times. When we look back and we see the gift in those painful times, we can allow ourselves to open our hearts. So gratitude is one. 

Another thing that you can do, if one is in such a dark place, they’re so close, even gratitude is a bit hard. If you believe in a higher power and higher source—I’m talking from a spiritual perspective, not a religious perspective. If you believe that there is something that moves this universe, something that makes your heartbeat without even thinking about it, you just ask this force, light, source, energy, or whatever you call it for the desire to open your heart. If you cannot have the desire, pray for the desire to show up.

That makes a lot of sense. So let’s move on to the R.

R is one of the toughest things and the most amazing thing that a person can do, which is releasing the past and returning to love. Releasing the past is such a hard thing to do. So many people live their life moving forward, but they live their life like it’s almost driving by looking in the rearview mirror instead of looking forward. Their past is almost like it’s literally holding them back from love, from success, from health because they’re so anchored in the past.

I mean, there are thousands of ways to release the past, from traditional psychology, to hypnosis, to neuro-linguistic programming. But what I found is really, really powerful and you don’t have to pay anyone any money to do that is forgiveness. Meaning, if somebody hurts you, you want to write a letter or you want to make a phone call.

If that person is dangerous, do not call him or her. But if you’re able to make it, if it’s safe, make a phone call. Say, “I forgive you and please forgive me.” Those are the two levels. Not only I forgive you, it’s also please forgive me because when you don’t take ownership, when you are the victim, when you are that person that says, oh my God, he did this to me, did this to me, did this to me, and not all your friends agree with you. Yes, he did this to you.

For you and your family are like, yes, you are so true. He did this for you. You are still a victim in the place of the victim. You want to take ownership of that. Some people believe in the law of attraction. I’m one of them. You attracted that person into your life for some reason. There are two tango.

There are thousands of ways to release the past, but forgiveness is the most powerful, where you don’t have to pay anyone any money.

There is something you did that contributed to that. Even if it’s like some people go through really horrific things. On my podcast, Stellar Life, I interviewed Sally Anderson. She’s been gang raped for 48 hours by I think the Maori game and she forgave them. Now she’s been through our healing journey. And now she’s married to a beautiful man.

We all can forgive, yeah.

If she can forgive, we all can forgive. She forgave. Now she’s also teaching leadership. She does workshops. She’s freaking amazing. But I’m saying, we all have been through painful times. But when we forgive and ask for forgiveness, we take our power back. When we take our power back, that’s another step to allow ourselves to open to love.

That’s true. So as we move through your name, we did it down the R.

I have a constellation named after me.

I know. There’s a lot of stuff named after you. I think there’s a movie studio or something.

There’s also a cleaning company.

It’s a cool name. So let’s move on to the I.

My passion is working with women.

“I” in ORION means to ignite your passions. I work primarily with women and a few cool men, but mostly my passion is working with women. I just find that we need to connect more, we need to love more. When I work with my ladies, I teach them how to connect to femininity and how to use their feminine as a source of power rather than something they try to avoid, thinking this is their weakness because we are very powerful.

Igniting the passion is the passion for everything. Igniting the passion like connecting to your bodies through sensual movement, loving your body, doing mirror work, focusing on your vision and crystallizing your vision to create what you want in your life. Passion in everything. Passion when you eat, you want to be mindful of the flavor and really feel the smells and the textures. Be present with physical sensation and physical pleasure and increase your passion for life, for everything like for this gift of life.

It’s interesting. I just wrote a blog about a couple of weeks ago on love and loving yourself, loving everything in your life. I said I wake up in the morning, in a bed in a house that I love. I go to work in a car that I love, that I enjoy driving and being in. I go to work with people that I enjoy and I have a day job that I actually enjoy.

Every dream and desire you have, there’s a reason for it.

It uses my creativity, it uses my writing. I come home to a crazy dog that I love. I’ve got great friends that I love. All of this kind of stokes my passion. I do a podcast that I love. It’s like I’ve made my life out of things that I love and that I’m passionate about.

Wow, that’s beautiful.

Yeah, I would like to work on the love life button. That’s the area where I got to open up my heart. 

Yeah, it’s not easy. It’s not easy. That brings me to O. O is own yourself and your feminine power. Now, I know that most women are feminine in their core more than they’re masculine. Some women are more masculine than feminine and that’s all good. What I teach is how to find that feminine power, love it, increase it, and use it.

The limiting belief of somebody trying to fit you in their boxes is the stupidest thing ever.

I think over the last couple of decades, women have associated the feminine with the weak and that you have to be more masculine. I remember. Well, I don’t really remember. But I know that in the ’70s, a woman named Teresa might be called TJ because she didn’t want to be known as a woman, you know what I mean? I cook all the time. I’ve been told by other women that cooking is women’s work. It’s like beneath some people. The way I look at it is that it’s a survival skill.

Well, it’s just a limiting belief of somebody that is trying to fit you, again, in their boxes. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. That cooking is a weakness. I mean, iron chefs are mostly men. It’s not at all feminine. To eat healthy, we can go out and eat out. If you want to treat our bodies, we need to eat fresh, hopefully, organic foods, fruits, vegetables, really less frying, just cook foods that are good for our bodies.

Cooking is not something that we do for others. It’s something that we do for ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we’re a man or a woman. Look at the super hot fitness models, men and women. If they won’t cook, they won’t look the way they look. They won’t feel the way they feel. I’m sorry, I think it’s silly to think that way. Yes, it’s because of the feminist movement and yes, because of when we get hurt.

Every relationship needs polarity- the level of feminine energy and masculine energy.

I know when I get super hurt, it’s almost like wearing a sheath where I have a feminine exterior. But I was very masculine, I would not have a relationship for more than two, three months. I couldn’t. The leading question that led my life was how can I not get hurt, and I became really tough and I looked at my femininity as a weakness. If I’m going to be that feminine person, I’m going to get hurt. So I learned about polarity, feminine and masculine energies.

Every relationship, whether it is gay or straight relationship, needs polarity, feminine energy, masculine energy, and I’m talking about the level of energy. If you think about the feminine energy, that’s the flow, scattered, fun, connected to nature, connected to source creativity. Talking about the masculine energy, that is more like the hunter, the dominant, the conqueror. 

I’m not saying that we need to be one or the other. It’s almost like the yin and yang and the swirling one. We are both masculine and feminine. But most women learned how to just embrace that masculine side and there is no power like their feminine muscle is so weak. But when a woman learns to own her feminine power, she is so powerful because it’s not about losing any part of you because you need that driven conqueror.

When a woman learns to own her feminine power, she is powerful because it’s not about losing any part of herself but because she needs that driven conqueror.

You need those traits and you need that focus in your life. You also want to know when to relax, when to let go, especially with your partner. If you are in a relationship where it’s like a man and a woman and you want the man to be like the masculine, the protector, the powerful, then every once in a while, you have to let them be that. You have to make him feel good. You’re not taking anything from yourself by just allowing your man to be the man. It’s all good.

Just for clarification, when we’re talking about the feminine and feminine energy, we’re talking about more than sex.

I wasn’t talking about sex at all.

But a lot of people think when you’re talking feminine energy, you’re talking about sex, but it is much more than that. It has nothing to do, you know.

Well, it has something to do with sex. But when a woman ignites her feminine energy, she does it for herself. She falls in love with her body for herself. She moves her body in awakened Kundalini energy which is coming from her base Chakra or from between her legs. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say it on air.

Oh, go ahead and say it.

Her vagina, her core power. Hello, this is where the world is created from that area. So yes, it is about connecting to our sensuality, loving ourselves completely, and utterly loving our bodies, just the way she is completely and utterly. This is a part of it. But it’s also connecting to a sense of childlike, free, flowing, happy, creative, and messy. It’s like those are endearing and amazing qualities we want to embrace.

In a man’s world, power translates to business.

In a man’s world, this is how we translate. This power translates to business. For example, there’s a masculine woman who enters a board meeting and plays like the man. She’s strong, she can play like the men, and she can fight head to head with a man. She’s just as powerful as they are. Or she can go to the bathroom before the meeting and do some hip circles. Maybe wear her lingerie, something that makes her feel good, put some lipstick on, feel good about herself, and then walk to the boardroom feeling completely juicy and alive.

Then instead of fighting head to head—I mean she still has her masculine traits—she knows how to sign contracts, she knows how to close a deal, but she has this extra essence where instead of fighting head to head with more like MMA style. The people, the men around her, melt. It’s more like Aikido, using your opponent’s energy against them.

Right. Before they even know what hit them.

Oh, yeah. It’s just an extra something, something. In the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill—I think it’s chapter 13, I’m not sure—he’s talking about sexual transmutation. Napoleon Hill for 20 years researched the most successful people on Earth. Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, the most successful people of his time and he just came up with the traits they all had in common.

One of them is sexual transmutation, meaning the most successful people are using sexual energy for business to make money, to close deals. I’m not talking about connecting to this power Nicki Minaj style, which is very external. I mean, this is all good. It’s fun to watch videos but I’m not talking about external things at all. 

You have to keep loving yourself until the day you die.

I’m talking about feeling it from the inside. It’s just an extra. It’s almost like a scent that you carry with you. People see you and there is something more beautiful about you and they don’t know what it is but they know that they are so attracted to it.

Did we close up with N yet?



N is simple. Nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

When you have a strong desire, things will open up for you, and all unforeseen opportunities will appear in your life. Click To Tweet

Nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Yes, it’s simple. Eat good foods, treat your body right, listen to inspiring information, and work on your mindset.

Now, do these have to be done in any particular order?

No. They’re all done together. I mean you have to eat every day.


Taking care of your heart, emotions, and body is something we have to do every day.

You want to work on all those things, taking care of your heart, taking care of your emotions, taking care of your body. It’s like something we have to do every day and maybe one day focus on one thing more than another, but it’s a constant thing. You have to keep loving yourself until the day you die. You don’t have to but if you want to. We are here. Everybody wants to expand, everybody wants to grow. So you want to learn more and you want to be exposed to more knowledge. You want to feel juicy, sexy, and alive. You want your heart to be open.

And you want to be healthy while you do all that—healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically.

It’s all connected. There are really successful people but they’re physically sick, all the success in the world will not be good enough. Some people just take care of their bodies and they look beautiful. They’re like supermodels, but their emotional world is crappy and they feel depressed. You want to take care of your mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

Definitely. Orion, it’s been a pleasure talking to you. I’m going to use Orion’s Method myself because as we were talking I was like, oh yeah, I need to do that. I should do that. I think all of the listeners also can find something to relate to in Orion’s Method. You might be good with one or two areas, but there might be another area or two that you could use some attention on, and even brush up on the things that you’re doing well.

When you forgive and ask for forgiveness, you take your power back. When you take your power back, that's a step that allows you to open to love. Click To Tweet

I think this was a great show. You can use Orion’s Method and also unleash your superhero. I’m going to unleash my Tony Stark.

Yeah. Also, if they would like, they can listen to my podcast as well, Stellar Life.

I’ll link to it in the show description.

Thank you. So that’s stellarlifepodcast.com.

Stellarlifepodcast.com. Well, Orion, it has been a pleasure having you. I’ve learned a lot. Not just learned a lot but learned a lot that I can actually apply and work on. That’s always a good thing. Thank you so much for stopping by my little show. I’m going to end it the way I always do by reminding everybody who’s listening to never ever, ever, ever let anyone dull your shine, so until next time. Bye-bye.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Don’t let other people’s opinion of you weigh you down. Most of the time, what others say about you does not define the true you. As long as you’re not hurting those around you, keep doing what you’re doing.

{✓}Keep pursuing your dreams. That’s your superpower! It doesn’t matter where you came from, what you’ve experienced, and how old you are; remember that you can reach your dreams.

{✓}Don’t limit yourself. You have the power to either make or break it. Life is short, and you need to live life to the fullest.

{✓}Open your heart to possibilities. See potential instead of limitations; competence instead of mediocrity; hope instead of indifference; radiant beauty instead of imperfection.

{✓}Focus on what’s good and what you can be grateful for. In a place of love and gratitude, fear cannot live.

{✓}Connect with your spirit through grounding and meditation. God is an experience, not a concept. It’s about taking some actions to feel God, not just to think God.

{✓}Release the past and return to love. Transformation begins with healing. This will allow you to move forward and open up more opportunities. 

{✓}Awaken your inner goddess by embracing womanhood fully. Femininity embraces change, improvement, and being closer to your inner self.

{✓}Prioritize self-love. Nurture your well-being first so you can easily share your gifts with others once you feel great about yourself.

{✓}Nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Eat good foods, treat your body right, listen to inspiring information, and work on your mindset.

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