Episode 1 | July 7, 2020

Stellar Conversations: Unlocking Your Brain’s Hidden Power with Bill Donius

A Personal Note From Orion

Four years ago, I had a dream to make the world a better place, and Stellar Life Podcast was born. I’d do it by sharing content from inspiring, super awesome, and super-smart people.

200+ episodes later, I’ve been nothing but grateful.

Sometimes the best thing you can do to make something better is to pause and reflect. And while I’m resharing these great episodes with you, I’m taking the time to visit my beloved family in Israel and come up with great new ideas and great new guests for the podcast. I will be back with new and exciting episodes in the fall.

In this Stellar Conversations series, I’ve handpicked some of my favorite most memorable highlights from the last few years. In this conversation, you will find ideas that are timeless and relevant to you.

To start it off, I’d like to go back to my first episode with Bill Donius. He’s all about unlocking your brain’s hidden power.

I love this episode because we live in a world now, where people have more questions than answers. You will not find the best answers on the news or social media; you find the best solutions for you by connecting your inner guidance.

“There is a part in our brain that can help us get the answers to the questions and problems we’re unable to solve. The first thing we need to do is look deep within”.- Bill Donius

In this episode, you will discover a mind-blowing and straightforward way to tap into your inner genius and get the best answers. You will learn to tap into your right brain. The right brain is your source of creativity and spirituality and to connect to your higher self.

This method is outstanding, and it can change your life!



To get the transcript for the episode, including some great quotes, click here.


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