Episode 6 | August 11, 2020

Stellar Conversations: Awaken with JP Sears

A Personal Note From Orion

Being spiritual and humorous may seem like an odd combination but in reality both have the same goal – to make us happy. And isn’t that what we all want? To just be happy? In this funny and witty interview with JP Sears, we take spiritual awakenings into a new light. 

Yes, witnessing a spiritual breakthrough is no joke. It’s one of the most important events in one’s life if one gets to experience it. However, we sometimes forget that for us to attain such wokeness, we need to embark on a long and winding journey. And what’s wrong with adding a little humor to make it easier? It may be difficult, sometimes scary. Nevertheless, it’s all worth it. 

In this Stellar Conversation with JP, we talk about how to be more open so that we can absorb everything that the universe is sending us in a guided manner. JP also shares how important it is to not take ourselves too seriously. You’ll realize how being spiritual need not be super serious and how being funny isn’t always being shallow.

To get the transcript for the episode, including some great quotes, click here.

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