Episode 2 | July 14, 2020

Stellar Conversations: Discover Your Desires Through Your Sexual Blueprint with Jaiya

A Personal Note From Orion

Having really good sex is a huge factor in keeping the connection with your partner strong. As a grown woman, it’s okay to want sex. It’s okay to explore new ways to experience pleasure. 

When you share an energized sexual vibration, loving connection, and exciting passion with your lover, you feel more alive! Or as what my guest would say, juicy. However, don’t mistake this type of sex-based on what you see on adult sites. What you see there is far from the real, homemade, passionate, loving sex.

I really enjoyed this episode because it’s so refreshing to see women who are open about their sexuality. I think it should be celebrated. If you’re looking for ways to spice up the relationship and have more pleasure during sex, this episode is for you.

“My biggest dream is that sexuality around the world is celebrated 
 and cultivated instead of shamed.” – Jaiya 

My guest, Jaiya, is an internationally recognized, award-winning sexologist and trained somatic sex educator. She is also the founder of New World Sex Education, which helps men and women achieve the sex lives they desire through “real” sex education.

In this interview I had with her a couple of years ago, we talked a lot about finding your erotic blueprint, discovering how you can experience better pleasure, and creating a strong sexual bond with your partner.



To get the transcript for the episode, including some great quotes, click here.

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