Episode 353 | January 16, 2024

Tap Into Your Body’s Knowledge Through Muscle Testing with Nichole Hirsch Kuechle

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome Stellar Life listeners! I’m thrilled to connect with you today and share this soul-nourishing discussion with the wonderful Nichole Hirsch Kuechle.

Nichole radiates compassion, intuition and healing. As an educator, mentor, and practitioner with over 20 years of experience in foundational medicine, she shines as a true gem in her field. Her engaging teaching style and knack for simplifying intricate concepts make her the perfect guide to help us navigate the language our bodies speak.

In this episode, we’ll explore the power of muscle testing and how it can connect us to our body’s innate knowledge. Nichole’s compassionate and holistic approach to care has earned her a reputation as a trusted and respected practitioner, and I can’t wait for you to soak in the wisdom she shares. I know you’ll feel seen, understood and equipped with guiding light. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [03:40] – Nichole Hirsch Kuechle recounts her origin story of learning muscle testing and using it in her bodywork practice.
  • [09:37] – Orion and Nichole share their experience with soul retrieval, going back to traumatic events in their life and comforting their younger self.
  • [14:14] – Nichole reflects on the power of the subconscious mind in shaping current thoughts and emotions.
  • [19:56] – Nichole describes what muscle testing is and how it works.
  • [27:18] – Nichole describes experiencing visual and auditory cues while muscle testing, including hearing words and seeing pictures.
  • [31:24] – Orion asks about Nichole’s specialty, pediatrics, and how she handles cases and concerns without diagnosing or prescribing.
  • [38:34] – Nichole recommends muscle testing for parasite detection, as traditional stool samples are ineffective.
  • [44:41] – Nichole emphasizes the importance of clear communication and slowing down to build confidence and competence in muscle testing.
  • [45:47] – Orion asks about raising frequency, prompting Nichole to suggest helpful practices.
  • [47:32] – Nichole gives her top tips for living a stellar life.
  • [48:27] – Nichole provides a free at-home health care manual on her website, myhealthybeginning.com.

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About Today’s Show

 Hi, Nichole. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for being here.

I’m excited to be here. Thanks for having me.

Today, we’re going to talk about health and all that. I’m a little bit under the weather. This is why my voice is so deep and beautiful.

It happens.

It’s sore, but it’s okay. Our intention here is to get great wisdom from Nichole about connecting to your inner truth, finding ways to help yourself, and connecting to your intuition and divine guidance. Is that right?

That is right, yes. This is the awakening.

Yeah, amazing. Maybe people can learn a little bit more about you if you share your origin story. How did you open your practice, and why?

Gosh, that goes way back. I was telling somebody last week, so I can officially say that I’ve been doing muscle testing for more than half of my life. It really says something. I just turned 47 this fall, and I learned to do a muscle test when I was 20, so I didn’t use it in any way other than structurally to assess areas of the body as a bodyworker. I didn’t know, and I wasn’t allowed. I wasn’t given permission to think about it in any other way.

Ultimately, really how I ended up down this path was my mom. I’m the oldest of four kids. When I was 16, my mom was only 19 years my senior. My mom was diagnosed with cancer, and I watched this process that scared me. I watched this process through the eyes of my baby brother, who was four. How do you explain?

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I remember checking out books from the hospital library and reading to him about cancer bubbles in the body. There were the bad bubbles in the body, and then there were the happy bubbles in the body. I can remember so much of it. Even though my mom was in remission within four to six months, for me, it was like a two-year time block. I had it that she was going to die for two years because I just think cancer is big and scary. When you’re 16, it shows up how it shows up.

You’re the responsible one, being the oldest.

Yeah. I was already a mother hen, so that didn’t help because that became my coping mechanism, which has kicked me in the butt since. I am grateful for having walked that path because there were so many moments where in the oncology appointment with my mom when, they gave her the all clear saying that she was in remission. I’ll never forget what the oncologist said, “Now, here is a list of things you need to keep an eye out for.” He flat-out listed full-blown diseases, breast cancer, and heart attacks.

In my 16-year-old head, I remember thinking, “Aren’t there precursors to that? Isn’t that like, “That is the pool?” Aren’t there things like symptoms to be mindful of before she’s in the risk pool?” I certainly didn’t have a voice and didn’t know I could say anything.

It’s fascinating how many times this just started to occur to me in my 40s. I can go back to that adolescent body, that teenage body, that subconscious mind, and say, “I know what you were thinking.” I have the words now for the feelings I had back then about my experiences, how scared I was, and how big it all seemed. In the grand scheme, it was a short period of time.

I just started to follow my body’s cues at an early age because nobody was paying attention to my needs at the time. Within about six months of my mom being sick, I was diagnosed with an ulcer, which makes sense from the support and the things I was providing my siblings.

I just started to follow my body’s cues at an early age because nobody was paying attention to my needs at the time.

For about a year and a half, I had what they called subacute chronic appendicitis, so I was missing a ton of school. I was sick all the time. I couldn’t stand up straight. I had been a gymnast for nine years. I could no longer be on the team. I was in so much abdominal pain.

Knowing what I know now in the world of parasites, in the world of toxicity, I could tell you what was going on with me at that time. They were just poking me, prodding me, and running all kinds of tests. I was there mostly by myself because my mom was dealing with what she was. I really started to like, “Oh, this food gives me a stomachache. I’m going to stop eating that. My best friend is a vegetarian, so I should try that too.” I feel like I was in this very influential time frame as a teen.

By the time I was 18, I saw my own chiropractor, paying for that out of my pocket. By the time I was 20 or 21, I stopped seeing a therapist that I had seen since I was 12 and wasn’t feeling like I was getting anything out of it other than telling the same story and drawing the same literal picture every week. I started diving into energy medicine. We now call this energy medicine, Reiki, bodywork, and food. If it hurt, I didn’t pursue it. If it gave me comfort, I welcomed it into my circle.

It’s earlier than most people are paying attention to those things. I was 20 and already a year and a half into my biology pre-med degree. That was the goal, and I wanted to be a doctor. I was just like, “To hell with this. I need a life break.”

I drove across the country and moved in with my best friend in Mammoth Lakes, California. I lived on the mountain for a little while. I swept a Florida convenience store for a job. I needed a brain break. Inside that brain break, I realized I was not ready to go back to that educational system, but I had such a yearning for learning. I was just such a lifelong student.

It was friends of mine at the time. They were just like, “Your hands are gold, your hands are magic. You should consider bodywork.” I was like, “Okay.” I jumped into this 18-month program. By the time I was 20, I had started a part-time bodywork practice and became a birth doula and a craniosacral therapist. I was clear that I had to chart my own course if I wanted to serve in the way that I knew I could serve.

I love what you said going back to that younger version of you, giving her a voice, and almost comforting her. Sometimes, I do this exercise of soul retrieval, where I go back to traumatic events in my life. It’s almost like you go through something and a soul fragment is left. Sometimes I can even see it. I went through a traumatic event, and it’s almost like a hologram of me being in the corner, holding my knees and crying.

I went back to that soul fragment. I just hugged her and told her, “I love you. You’re going to be fine. Life is beautiful,” I hugged her, integrating her into the world. In this world of quantum, where reality is not reality and time is not time, it is possible to go and do those things, even though it looks like something out of The Matrix.

I heard somebody say that the Matrix is not a fantasy. It’s not fiction, and it’s a documentary about how this world works. I love that. Have you ever done soul retrieval?

I have, yes. It’s funny because I was listening to your previous podcast, and you spoke to the gal you were interviewing about going back and embracing your younger self. You were speaking too, like, “How are we so little? We have these traumas when we’re four, five, or six years old. Then here we are in our late 30s, and these things still trigger us. What does it take to get through that?” 

You said, “I sometimes go back, and I just embrace that little me and tell her it’s going to be okay.” I’ve done that so many times. I have this little practice I do every morning. It’s like a vision board, but I have it in the notes on my phone. I’ll copy and paste images, and then I have a folder.

That is brilliant.

It wasn’t my idea, but it is brilliant, right? It’s so much fun. I call it my grounding and manifestation folder. I can pull it up every morning, and then I can hone in on the photo, the feeling of what the photo is, and then I have a couple of notes I’ve taken underneath. It just reminds me why I’m drawn to that photo. What’s the way of being, or what feelings do I want to elicit?

There is a folder that’s little me, where I’ve taken photos of old Polaroids of myself when I was little. Some of them, I just look downright weary, like a little tiny me, like three, four or five years old, and already weary and tired. It’s fun just to sit in that contemplative and reflective space with her because it’s like I get messages from her. A big me can have this dialogue with little me. It’s healing and probably a little woo-woo for some, but it’s recommended. Give it a try. It makes it real, right?

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Yes. A few months ago, I spoke to a group of women. I took them to a guided meditation of meeting and embracing that little girl. We were done within a minute. I have a background in hypnotherapy, so I know how to regress people. I also let go and let God. Whatever is channeled through me, it is what it is.

When I finished, I looked around the room, and everybody was crying. It was beautiful. They had such a great release. One of them said, “I haven’t cried for 20 years, and I cried today.” Another woman was there with her mom. She’s like, “I actually saw myself as a little girl holding my mom’s hand.” Oh my God, goosebumps. It’s so beautiful.

Work is so important. What happened in the group is that spontaneously, everyone started posting their younger self, like photos of them from age three, four, or five, the whole group. The next morning, I’m looking, like, “What?”

Maybe somebody had to listen to this, what we’re talking about, because it’s so important for them. If you are touched by what Nichole and I said, then do that. Go back, calm down, hold her, love her or him.

Here’s the other thing that I think is so interesting. I was journaling this morning, and I’m just sitting in imposter syndrome, feeling defeated. I was going through just like, “What is this about? Where is this coming from? Why do I feel so stomped down?” The more I wrote, the more this picture of myself when I was little showed up in the back of my mind. Of course, what it is is our family photographs growing up.

I think many of our memories are literal photographs because we’re like, “Oh, I remember that.” At least for me, that’s how that is true. When that photo came to mind, it was like, “Oh, my gosh, these aren’t even 47-year-old me.” I don’t remember how old I was in the picture, nine or something. It was like, “This is such an old conversation. Why? What is it that I’m being triggered by right now that I’m allowing that 95% of my subconscious mind to run this conversation?”

Many of our memories are literal photographs.

Instead of dragging your past into the future, if you can look back at the innocence of who we were when we were small and all the things we didn’t know and the roads we hadn’t yet traveled, when we can go back to that sweet innocent self, it’s like grounded me out immediately and had me go like, “Oh, this is old. This isn’t even a present-time conversation.” It’s cool.

Since time is not linear, you can also go and visit your future self and ask her for insights and problem-solving. You, I imagine, 30 years in the future will be way smarter than you are today, so will I, and so will everyone. I think you can get many answers from somebody called quantum jumping, where you go, and you meet yourself.

I’m writing that down. That’s cool.

You are meeting your future self and getting answers. There are so many other future selves of you.

Right, how many evolutions have you?

There are infinite timelines and infinite possibilities of who you can be in the future. You can just go to the version that will be the most appealing and get the answers. We could even talk to ourselves in the future and ask, “How can I heal my younger self? Or how did you do it?”

Right. This is what I do every day, which is muscle testing. I teach muscle testing. This is exactly the space we get into, which is no question that cannot be asked. That’s not a problem, but the problem is you don’t always think of all the questions you want to ask at the moment. You’re like, “I’ll wake up at 3 AM,” and I’m like, “Oh, interesting, I should look at that, I should ask that.” I could go down this rabbit hole with whatever case it is.

I also think that’s just that inner speak. That’s that intuitive ping of you having to walk away, and you have to be in the woods. You had to go to that quiet space, restorative space where your brain calms down, and then it’s like a genius, like little popcorn moments.

So true. You talked about vision boards. The other day, I went to bed early. I wasn’t feeling well. I’ve been having this sinus thing for a while now. I thought it was over, and then it came back. My little one goes to school and brings some more friendly or unfriendly germs.

Embracing intuitive guidance, especially in the emotional realm, leads to sovereignty.

I think you believe in germ theory. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just an empath, and I feel it happens in my body. I don’t know what it is, but it’s here. I went to bed at eight, and of course, I woke up at 3 AM. Why can’t I sleep from eight till 6.30, like enough hours when I really need it?

It was such a blessing. It was almost like angels were tapping my shoulders because I started journaling and asking questions. I did something called non-dominant handwriting because when you write with your dominant hand, you’re connected to your left brain, which is the logical side.

When you switch to the right with your non-dominant hand, you’re connected to a different atmosphere in the brain, the right brain—the creative side. You get like a channeling or communication. When you’re connected to your creativity, you’re connected to the creator. One of the things that came up was, “Watch the movie The Secret again.”

Oh, my gosh. The oldie, but goodie.

It’s oldie but goodie, for sure. It was 16 years ago that the movie came or something like that. I remember Dr. John Demartini, John Assaraf, and many of those teachers; I was looking at them, and the gap between me and ever meeting them in person was like they lived on planet Mars.

Pluto, yeah.

Yeah, Pluto, whatever. Far, far, away. I did a vision board. On the vision board, I had Dr. Demartini and John Assaraf. They were both on this podcast.

It’s so cool.

Yeah, and I met John Assaraf and Dr. Demartini a few times. I know him personally. He knows me, my son, and my husband. We did some courses with him. It’s just really beautiful. It was very significant to me. Now you’re talking about vision boards. You can’t make these things up. There’s such an incredible connection.

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I want to talk more about muscle testing. Where did you learn muscle testing? How does it work? Maybe you can teach us a little bit about that.

I learned it for the first time in a bodywork course when I was 20. It was this little four-credit elective thing. I remember the teacher was from Saskatchewan. I never knew anybody from Saskatchewan before.

He had a great accent. He was this young, handsome guy teaching this anatomy course. It made perfect sense to me when they taught with the arm reflex. Holding out the arm and applying pressure, you stay locked or unlocked. I was like, “Oh, that’s pretty cool. That makes sense.” The doctor taps your knee, and your knee responds. It’s a reflex.

It made perfect sense to me. I could use it in bodywork to determine what area to focus on first. That was fun, but it also was very intuitive. I could just stand at the end of someone’s body, holding their ankles in my hands, get quiet for a minute, and know where to begin working on somebody. It, right away, showed up for me as a second language. It’s confirming what I’m already feeling. It confirms what I already know.

There was a piece of it there that surprised me in terms of tapping into intuition. But honestly, I used it only in that way. Fast forward to when I was 26, I had my first baby. She was very rashy when she was born. After six weeks of doing what I knew to do as a 26-year-old who had been in the holistic health world for a little while already, I was out of ideas. I went to a chiropractor who did muscle testing.

It didn’t seem new to me. It just seemed like the normal thing to do. Of course, he said, “Well, she doesn’t tolerate gluten and dairy well.” There’s so much more to that story. I know that, but even that blew my mind at the time. I had already been dabbling inside of 50/50 with both because my body didn’t do well with either. It was just a complete confirmation, affirming what I already knew, but I hadn’t taken the steps to eliminate that.

When I did the work and eliminated it, the rash went away. I went on to work in a functional medicine clinic. I didn’t start using muscle testing myself full-time until around 13, 14, or 15 years ago. The reason I turned to it was I was a birth doula. I was a craniosacral therapist. I was teaching natural childbirth education. I was doing lifestyle education in a functional medicine clinic. I was surrounded by people who were like, “What do you think? How come?”

I needed to have not a license but a license to put my hands on a body.

We were taught sleep, stress, food, exercise, and the top five. Those areas were effective, but the focus was on going gluten-free and dairy-free. That was the time we were in. My frustration was that it works for most people, but it only takes them so far because the root cause isn’t handled.

I just kept sitting back like, “Oh, my gosh, if I knew just one more thing about you specifically, about your nervous system specifically, I could take you this much farther on your program and your visits with me.” I just started to search, having had the experience of being muscle tested by a doctor.

I really thought, “Do I need a license or degree in my state to do that?” It turns out I needed to have not a license but a license to put my hands on a body if that makes sense. I was a bodyworker, and I was a birth doula. I was already doing these things. I was already in the wheelhouse.

I tend to do things like full bore, so I knew that the little three-day intro program wouldn’t be enough for me. I would need to go all the way through to become a clinical master of, at the time, nutrition response testing.

It served its purpose, but over time, I realized it lacked the willingness to converse with the body in the world of the emotional and the energetic. I eventually left and stopped teaching for them because I was like, “I can’t. There’s no space to step out of the box, and I don’t think I’m supposed to be in this box.”

That’s very admirable to step out of something. It’s almost like you’re stepping out of probably not a cult but a group. Every time, we are very tribal. We always want to belong somewhere, to belong in the community. Stepping out of the community and doing your own thing is very admirable. It takes a lot of courage.

It was definitely scary but so worth it because I told my staff, “I’m not going to follow the step-by-step protocol anymore when I’m testing people.” My assistant in the room at the time she and I could dance together really beautifully. We could dance together nicely. If I skipped a step in the protocol she had learned, I laugh about this now because she’d say, “Hey, you forgot a step.” Her saying that would completely throw me, like I was gone.

I get into my zone of genius. I get into the flow, and then she’d say, “You missed a step,” which is lovely. I appreciate that because it tells me she was studying this, which is, “How do you do what you do?” Yet I was stepping away from the step-by-step and into letting me be more intuitively guided. “I have enough years, and I have enough time under my belt. I’ll get to where I need to get.”

What gave me sovereignty was to lean more into being intuitively guided into supporting people in an emotional space.

I feel like young people in this day and age are literally learning how to be a robot. “I don’t want to do what everybody else says, virtue signal, whatever. Everybody else just has a virtue signal; do not think for yourself.”

Listen to your very robot voice at work. You can pull it off.

I’m very good with accents. I can do Indian. I can do Russian.

Yes. You can do it. What I found, though, was that what gave me sovereignty was to lean more into being intuitively guided into supporting people in that emotional space. It was really funny. After a year or two of, “Okay, that’s the emotional space. These are all the different ways we can come in and support it with muscle testing,” I was suddenly like, “There’s another piece.” I can feel it. I can see it. I couldn’t figure out what to call it.

I knew I had to name it because I could see, move, and manage it. If you can’t see it, you can’t move it, you can’t measure it, and you can’t manage it. I’m fighting myself. I was just like, “It’s like an energy.” Then I was suddenly like, “Can we just call it energetic? Can I just call it that?” The minute I did it, many answers unfolded just because I named the obvious.

Anyway, cracks cases left and right because right up front, I see all these things because I’m allowed. The person in front of me is the energy exchange of value, time, knowledge, and wisdom I impart to them. And to have them go like, “Yes. Nobody else was able to connect that.” It’s so amazing to see in the presence of that.

These two areas of the body, are you visual or auditory? How do you get the messages?

I’m all of the above, honestly. I could see things and hear things when I was growing up. When I started muscle testing, that was hands-on in person, so I literally had my hands on their body. I would sometimes just be guided to a place where I would hear a word and be like, “Interesting. I don’t know why I’m supposed to check your socks, but let’s just play.” Honestly, I’ve had the funniest things happen.

I remember the day it was like, “Check her socks and her feet,” and it’s like no socks. I can’t remember the issue, but we couldn’t find an opening to move into the next thing. I was like, “Can we check your socks? Let’s just take them off.” The minute we removed the socks, which were like black polyester socks, her energy was completely open.

Oh, wow. There’s so much talk in our fabric and what we wear.

Right. I think it was chemical. It could be color. It could be so many different things. Her body was responding in a completely different way. It’s like, “Oh, how about we just don’t do those socks?” She’s like, “That’s fine, that’s easy. I can give up the black polyester socks.”

Sometimes, I get information intuitively, and I see pictures, but they come through my right ear.

What I started to land inside was that this dance would then occur. What I could see, I could share with them. At that point, people had been at my table long enough that I could be like, “So, can I share something with you?”

If they were new, the preamble was, “This is what I do, this is what I provide, I see what you have going on, and here’s how I think I could help you. I can’t ever make guarantees. This is what I see happening over time.”

This little thing about me that you should know is that sometimes I get information intuitively, and what happens is I see pictures, but they come through my right ear. I can see them that way, and then I see words across my forehead.

Honest to God. A few years ago, I was like, “The sooner I make this okay, the easier life will be.” What I mean by that is I just had to share, like, “Here’s a thing that happens.”

By doing that, people are like, “Oh, my gosh, can I tell you what happened to me? Can I tell you what I see? Can I tell you what I notice? Or can I tell you how my intuition shows up for me?” It’s such a beautiful thing to share in that super authentic space. Yes, it takes a fair amount of vulnerability, but I’ve just seen the most incredible things come from that space, and I’m willing to share them.

It goes back to living in the matrix, where we can bend reality, influence reality, and get messages from the life force, God, Creator, that is running this reality. I call it God.

Tell me a little bit about your practice.

I closed the doors on my bricks-and-mortar a year ago, so I’ve been 100% virtual ever since, which has been great. It was a very quick decision. It was something that landed very quickly. I came out of a meditation one day. Also, at that point, though, my in-person practice was 75% virtual when I changed.

In some ways, it was a big deal. It was a big change, but it was just moving the last few people over to others. I probably lost ten or twelve clients, which is sad. It’s a bummer. But honestly, those who took the faith walk with me, “I don’t get it, but I can’t imagine working with someone else.”

People come in and out of your life for a reason.

They’re a year into virtual visits, and they’re getting great results. We still have that relationship, and it’s just amazing. Sometimes, I think it is just weeds people out. People come in and out of your life for a reason.

Yes, absolutely. Do you treat children and adults, or just children? What’s your specialty?

What I’m known for really is pediatrics. It’s where I’ve come from. I speak kindergarten, and it works for me. I work with adults as well. Because I have to avoid the word treating, diagnosing, and prescribing, we just call it handling. “What do I handle? What kinds of cases do I handle? What kinds of issues and concerns?”

You always have to say the right words because if you do not say the right words, you will be sued. Everything needs to be so politically correct. I’m from a culture that is still not politically correct. It’s still hard for me to adjust sometimes. That’s awesome. Did you have any cases that surprised you, like messages you got and people you treated were so incredible that even you were shocked?

If we can talk about the last few years here for a minute.

Let’s talk about the last few years.

Yeah, this pandemic thing. One of the many ways it continues to show up and surprise me, not surprise me, is, I would say, since January when I started to see this last pattern. It’s one thing that I love. I love to share the trends and patterns that I see.

For a while there, I made sure to get on Instagram every seven to ten days to share the most recent trends and patterns. I don’t always keep up with that, but it’s one of my favorite conversations. All day long, I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, you’re the sixth person today. You’re the 10th person this week. Here is this pattern that starts to erupt.” The beautiful thing is these people are not just in my zip code; they are across the nation or overseas, and I see the same things. What does that tell you?

One of the things that I started to see in June was the pattern very quickly presented as women who chose to get the jab a year and a half to two years previous. The other people who were impacted were people who didn’t get the jab but from more of a shedding perspective. What was happening is they swore up and down that they had a yeast infection. As I’m muscle testing them, again, I can’t treat, diagnose, and prescribe, but there’s no yeasty energy there. There’s no fungal energy there whatsoever. 

But what was showing up began with P-F-I-Z-E-R. What was showing up was what they had put in their bodies. Where it was pushing out, it was through the mucous membranes. Extremely uncomfortable, hot, itching, burning, stinging, and lots of discharge.

When you scale back and move intentionally, you can find the symphony of your confidence in the deliberate pace of your journey.

Women in their visits, black discharge, neon yellow discharge. This is the vaginal discharge we are talking about here. It’s horrible. To add insult to injury, when we would start testing said bodily fluids, I got a kick out of that. What would show up in the discharge, if you will, were childhood vaccines, most prominently the MMR vaccine.

I saw it, and then I saw it again, and then I saw it again. Then I’m like, “Ooh, this is now three.” You start to see these things unfold in threes or in groups. It was also taking a long time to resolve because it was uncomfortable over there. They were so convinced that it was a yeast infection that they kept going back to get more Monistat or more prescriptions from their MDs, who were saying this was a yeast infection and having zero success.

Is this curable?

It is manageable, it is handleable, but it does take some time, which is unfortunate because it’s super uncomfortable and high dosing of whatever support they’re asking for, but high inflammatory control products, and also the parasitic side of it is huge.

You said that people exposed to the shedding had the same symptoms. Just the severe?


That’s horrible.

At the end of the summer, I started seeing it in the little switch, which annoyed me unbelievably. In some ways, it’s pushing out in the skin. People have hot, itchy, scaly hands. Fingers are super itchy; they just peel, crack, bleed, peel, crack, bleed. It looks like eczema. Ears peeling, flaky, leaky, limpy ears, eyelids peeling, flaking, blowing up, turning bright red. Sores everywhere in the nostrils, sores in the mouth. You’re like, “Here’s the entrance, there’s the exit,” and it was happening everywhere.

That is the feeling, it’s fury. Feel the fury moving through the body, like these sweet little tender bodies who did not receive the job. I have one, and she’s three. She’s three, and she’s in agony trying to self-soothe to get that feeling out of her crotch. The things I started to see are just awful.

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It does get my goat because what I’ve observed from muscle testing over the past three years is this thing that we’ve called COVID. We’re a highly toxic society, and then toxins happen to rain down us from the sky. It’s in the water we drink. We all have parasites, so this is very energetically parasitically charged. But then these deep toxins wake up the parasitic loads in our body and exponentially multiply.

Right. That’s another long topic I want to talk to you about. Do you feel like people are still shedding?


That’s awful. 

That seems to go in spurts, and we’re in a spurt now.

Is there any way to be protected?

I don’t know. I think that’s arguable from the mindset perspective. If you have the mindset that it will bug you and glom onto you like a monkey on your back, then I think, “Well, welcome to the invitation.”

Yes. When I think about three-year-olds, I don’t think they have that mindset, yet they get it.

Right. There’s something to me about our young people’s raw, vulnerable innocence, too. That is a draw right for the energetic parasite. It’s like an energy suck.

Wow, yes. I think I saw somebody’s blood sample, and they showed a parasite after the jab. It’s called Hydra or something like that. What an interesting thing. Parasites, we are all exposed to them. I lived in Japan for three and a half years, and sushi is my favorite.

Muscle testing really gets at the subtle nuances and the energetics so you can pick up on things you otherwise couldn’t.

I spoke to a friend of mine a few months ago, and she’s like, “Do you know how many parasite eggs are in this little piece of salmon?” It disgusts me. Every time I buy sushi, even at Whole Foods, I’m like, “We love you so much, but we can’t have a relationship.”

We’re going to keep our distance.

What’s the deal with parasites?  How can we do a parasite cleanse? Does everybody need a parasite to cleanse? How do you test for parasites?

I think muscle testing is the most effective way of testing for parasites because stool samples are terrible. The labs are not great for it. Muscle testing really gets at the subtle nuances and the energetics so you can pick up on things you otherwise couldn’t.

Yes, we all have them. They’re probably not off-scale in everybody, but it doesn’t take much. It just takes toxicity, and that could be in the form of stress. That could be in the form of a relationship. That could be whatever it is.

That is a big question we get. “Should I do a parasite cleanse? How often should I do a parasite cleanse?” I think a common conversation is if you’re going to do a parasite cleanse, you’re going to want to do it for a full eight weeks to just really make sure you’re getting full life cycles as much as possible, and then make sure you’re doing that a couple of times a year.

I guess this is a two-fold answer. If you launch into parasite cleansing without doing the preemptive work, some things make a parasite cleanse more tolerable, more effective, and a little easier to welcome into your life. That is boosting your mitochondrial function, keeping your drainage pathways open, and having a binder in there to mop up the debris already there, but then anything that they happen to release.

Those are the things that I find people go like, “Okay, check.” I did that, and now I’m going just to go check and done versus, “This is all cyclical.” Do you see what I mean? Everything happens in cycles.

When working with someone one-on-one, I’m a little like, “Oh, okay, where are we entering? Where are we entering into their cycle, phases, and rhythms of life?” Ride that train with them because touching on drainage, stress support, binding, and mitochondrial function has to be an ever-living conversation. It has to move along with someone.

If you take your eyes off of that for a second and they lose one of those things, particularly in a more chronic or degenerative state, you do lose your footing. You’re backtracking, and that’s no fun for anyone. That work needs to be done upfront.

Leave your baggage behind and travel back to sweet innocence, unaware of the roads ahead. Embrace your journey and leave your past behind.

The second part is the benefit of that supervision or the one-on-one because, in my work with clients, I’m not like, “So, hey, we’re going to do a parasite cleanse.” I know they’re there, and they’re going to show their face at some time, their little antenna-sucking face. They’re going to show up in the muscle testing at some point in time.

Even though we know they’re priorities and want to get rid of them first, I’m more interested in boosting the bandwidth, like creating a solid baseline with people. They’re strong because we’ve got these super tired bodies, and then we’re expecting a lot from them in these functional medicine programs people throw at them.

No joke. Even just taking a binder, it’s very weak because it sucks everything out of you, so definitely getting into a very strong baseline to take that cleanse. Can you teach us how to do a muscle test? Let’s do the small one with the fingers.

Sure. I call them just self-testing methods. You can make little rings, but take your little pincher, detach it, and attach it so you can pull. This would be a lock. To keep it simple and fundamental, this would be considered strong or a yes. My nervous system is strong, and this would be weak. You can even think of a negative thought and have that go weak. That’s just something you could play with.

Okay. I got a yes to that.

To what?

To I’m cute.

Of course, you did. So flattering. Try all of the flattering statements and see where that gets you. Another one that’s easy is, again, making that hole. We call it a “hole in one.” There’s your lock muscle, and there’s your unlock. When people are like, “I can’t get it to unlock,” it’s like they’re in an arm-wrestling conversation with themselves. It’s not about trying to wear out your fingers. You have to find that space where you can find that ease.

It takes some practice, but here’s what I find. People learn the self-testing methods way faster than they learn the lock and the unlock. That’s after just years of teaching muscle testing. 

I’m more interested in boosting the bandwidth, like creating a solid baseline with people.

It was a year ago. It’s been a year and a half since we started filming and recording. What I teach is called the method of intentional inquiry because in the world of the pandemic and who knows what’s happening next, we wanted to create virtual muscle testing courses. People like, “I don’t want to travel, I don’t feel safe traveling,” whatever their conversation is, can purchase this program and guide themselves at home through learning muscle testing.

We have a basic muscle testing course and then an advanced one. The advanced level is where we get into the self-testing methods because moms want to be empowered with information. Practitioners, for sure, want more information. I hate to say the word quickly or move faster, but it’s about efficiency. If we can get to root cause issues, if we just know them faster than taking three months to get there, even if we can’t start working with them for whatever reason, we know it’s there.

We know you’re there mold, mycotoxins, or whatever. And we know the body’s saying, “I’m too tired to start working on you, but you’re sitting on the shelf. We’re coming. We’re going to get there.” As the body gets stronger, you can take on those deeper conversations.

I sometimes do a sway test. I know I sway back and forth, but for me, it’s right or left, where right is the right answer and left is not. Sometimes, the sway test feels clearer to me and sometimes in muscle tests, I’ll get different answers. I’ll start doubting myself, and then I’ll get different answers.

It’s really about the question and the clarity, like being very clear about what you’re asking. Are you asking a question, or are you making a statement? Because a lot of times, we’re one step ahead of ourselves.

If I’m teaching a group of practitioners, and they’re like, “I can’t get this in. Will you check it for me?” It’s like, “I’m not as interested in doing it for you as I am in watching you do what you’re doing because I’ll see the breakdown. Like, “Oh, the elbow is not locked in place. You have a vial in your hand. You’re bringing the vial toward the body, but you haven’t even touched the person’s head with the vial, and you’re already getting an unlock.”

You’re not even asking the question before you’re seeking the answer. They just get in their own way because they’re moving quickly. I’m always like, “Go back to kindergarten. Scale it back and move slowly and intentionally because that’s where your confidence will come from. You’ll just be more confident.” Your confidence will grow faster by you going more slowly, I guess, if that makes sense.

Yes. Also, I want to talk to you about frequency. I see you’re wearing the Healy, a frequency device. How do we raise our frequency?

We can ground, we can be in nature, we can put the morning sun on our eyes, and we can drink spring water. We can do these things. I love the Healy because I use it in my follow-up visits, so everybody gets a little bit of frequency therapy during their follow-up visit.

Right now, I have it on a coherence program because it’s the goal to have this beautiful coherence, not just with you, but where is this rippling out to? What is that intention? And who is all in that community in that space?

I should have worn mine. I got the Healy, and I probably used it three times. It’s just awful.

It’s literally my best friend. I live a very exciting life over here. It is amazing, the way, the number. There’s just a million ways that you can use a Healy. I love teaching practitioners. I have a practitioner mentorship group, and I love teaching them how to use it in their muscle testing practice.

I love educating the moms, my clients, and like, “Go to that first.” It’s an easy button for mom, and it just takes the angst out of everything. Like I was saying, with mitochondrial function, it’s a 500x mitochondrial function boost. It takes a lot of supplementation to get there. If we want to do that smoothly, easily, and effectively, particularly in a really electro sensitive case, someone who’s like really sensitive, it will move their program along more quickly and gracefully by providing that frequency therapy.

What are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

Be willing to be vulnerable.

My favorite is authenticity. Be the authenticity that you wish to receive a hundred percent, which also then leads to vulnerability. Be willing to be vulnerable. And then it’s just having that awareness. Being mindful and having that wherewithal.

I’m always trying to ask myself, “What is the other person’s occurring, whoever I’m talking to or whoever I’m with at the moment.” It’s not like we’re reading minds or anything, but it’s just like, “How is the impact of whatever we’re talking about, whatever the circumstance is? How is that occurring to them?”

Yes. I had to learn that. I feel like life helps you.

Life helps you along.

Yeah, life helps you along. As you grow up, you’re becoming more caring, or most people do. Amazing. Where can people find you?

Myhealthybeginning.com. We’re on Instagram @myhealthybeginning. You can find my personal Instagram, @nicholehirschkuechle

This was probably after I last connected with you. I wrote an at-home health care manual. I took my practitioner hat off, and it was like, “Mom to mom, if I can empower you and have you fill your at-home toolkit.”

I want it.

I actually tell the moms, my clients. I was like, “Don’t keep it. Don’t keep the link on your phone.” Literally print it out. Tuck it in your kitchen cabinet because that’s where you are when you’re running your family’s health and having this palpable like, “What are the go-to homeopathic remedies?” Anyway, it’s a fun, free little tool that we share.

One of my hobbies is sometimes I mix a special chest rub with some essential oils for David. I’m curious about supplements and homeopathic. I have a lot of things that I collected throughout the years and really work, but then I forget about them. He’s sick again, and now I’m like, “What am I supposed to do?”

I know. “Where did I put that thing? Did I even label it? Which one is the salve?”

Yeah, almost like amnesia. This is amazing.

Thank you. There’s so much to talk about. 

I appreciate you.

Cool. Thanks. It’s so fun.

Thank you so much for being here, talking to me, and sharing your beautiful wisdom. I highly appreciate it. Thank you so much, Nichole.

You’re welcome.

Thank you. Thank you, listeners. Remember to be authentic, be willing to be vulnerable, be mindful of the people around you, and have a stellar life. This is Orion. Till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Practice soul retrieval to heal your inner child. Explore, acknowledge, and embrace past traumas to foster deep emotional healing.

{✓}Create a vision board to manifest your desires. This reinforces positive intentions and keeps your focus aligned with your aspirations.

{✓}Share intuitive messages you receive even when you feel vulnerable. Trust in the authenticity of your insights. Recognize that vulnerability is strength.

{✓}Develop muscle testing to tap into your body’s wisdom. Start with simple self-testing methods. Gradually build confidence to read your body’s responses.

{✓}Boost your mitochondrial function before a parasite cleanse. Support cellular energy production with targeted supplements. Ensure your body is adequately prepared for the detoxification process. 

{✓}Frame clear questions for muscle testing. Intentionally move slowly to ensure accuracy and build your confidence.

{✓}Create a strong baseline before cleanses. Assess and address your nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle factors, and stressors to fortify your overall well-being.

{✓}Use frequency devices like the Healy to raise your frequency. Integrate frequency therapy seamlessly into your routine. Cultivate your body’s energetic balance and resilience.

{✓}Practice authenticity, vulnerability, and awareness with others. Embrace vulnerability as a pathway to personal growth and deeper connections with others.

{✓}Visit Nichole Hirsch Kuechle on her website to grab a free at-home health care manual, learn more about her services and how to optimize your health, and shop for products. You can also connect with her on Instagram.  

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