Episode 23 | August 23, 2022

Stellar Conversations: Unlock the Mysteries Stored in Your Akashic Records with Anne Marie Pizarro

A Personal Note from Orion

The Universe is full of mysteries; what we are experiencing right now is just 1% of reality. In today’s episode, Anne Marie Pizarro and I will dive into the world of Akasha. 

According to Anne Marie, Akasha is the Source’s essence, and Akashic Records is the Source’s way of collecting information through each soul’s consciousness. Anne Marie gives us a glimpse of how to access the universal Google. She also explains how everything your soul has experienced over time affects your past, present, and future.

Anne Marie is a holistic practitioner specializing in helping entrepreneurs, creative agents, and healers receive answers and tools for their life’s most pressing questions through the Akashic Records and the Human Energy Field. She also offers live classes, digital courses, and private sessions.

And now, without further ado, on with the show!



To get the transcript for the episode, including some great tips and quotes, click here.

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